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'The Washington Post' Fired Lefty Columnist Harold Meyerson


'The Washington Post' Fired Lefty Columnist Harold Meyerson

Peter Dreier

Fred Hiatt, the Washington Post's editorial page editor, has fired columnist Harold Meyerson, one of the nation's finest journalists and perhaps the only self-proclaimed socialist to write a weekly column for a major American newspaper during the past decade or two.


Right, the consolidation of corporate domination of America's media, our "Fourth Estate" so critical to democracy continues. Print media, along with our used-to-be Public Airwaves, are reduced to corporate vehicles for political propaganda, ego, and vulture capitalism.

Like the near media blackout of Bernie Sanders critical messages to the American people regarding the subversive, corrosive, influence of big-money, banker usury frauds and abuses, and other economic/financial crimes against the people, it is in the interests of publications representing those 1% parasites, their uber-wealthy/corporate owners to fire anyone who might expose the truth or has a differing viewpoint. Since Jeff Bezos bought WAPO that may be behind this firing of Meyerson, a veteran well-respected reporter.

"Exposing the Real Politics of Jeff Bezos: Privatization, Big Business, Lower Taxes on the Rich—Is That the Future of the Washington Post?
Like so many tech billionaires, Bezos is attracted to right-libertarian politics." Some say he is a "libertarian Democrat" but rather opaque in his politics.



It surprises us but for the first time in my cootage, it really does seem that the conservatives are running scared of democracy. Yes democracy. They don't mind democracy when it agrees with them but when the people want to go in a different direction like they do now, the powers that be abandon the principles of democracy in an instant.

Freedom of Speech - Freedom of the Press are all fine and dandy ... but not if they conflict with the rule of corporations and plutocracy it seems.

The public's right to know? Remember that? You still hear it said in old movies occasionally. That's the only place you'll ever hear it said anymore these days. Old black and white movies are like from another America in some other alternative universe that seems like it is familiar but nevertheless are very different from our reality.


When billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison said "its not enough for me to win, YOU must lose" he was telling us how the 1% views the 99%. The 1% will continue to replace democracy with fascism one piece at a time until the 1% owns everything and the 99% owns nothing...the most succinct definition of neofeudalism.

The media businesses tell us that their market share is diminishing because of cultural changes. The real reason is that more and more Murkins are realizing that most US media is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the 1%.


If one has been paying attention, the GOP apologetics, George Will, Kathleen Parker, Charles Krauthammer, & Michael Gerson have restricted the WAPO to a bantering partisan rag championing the blithering and obfuscating the facts.

With the addition of the Bush Propagandist Marc Thiessen, the pentagram was complete.

It became only logical that Bezos (read CIA Sys Admin) would slowly, (delivering on his promise of no editorial biasing) eliminate the remaining diverse views.

And in case you missed the WAPO Christmas edition Lead Headline.

...The New Israeli Terror Threat... Knife Wielding Palestinians....

Really, Christmas Day...HEADLINE....

Wonder how much the Purchase Price was for that column.


Mass media's manifold echo chambers present the perfect framework through which to TUNNEL vision. And that is obviously the mandate.

When people don't know that alternatives to American war and ecological rape--the business of the usual--exist, they have less capacity (or inclination) to oppose the status quo.

Just as it's been proven that Bernie Sanders receives miniscule media time while the Chosen Candidates like Trump and Hillary get boatloads, significant challengers to the Status Quo are increasingly marginalized.

All of these phenomena taken together suggest what's really underway:

  1. Journalists are now unprotected and many have lost their lives attempting to provide honest coverage of zones caught up in the crosshairs of a variety of wars of aggression

  2. Julian Assange sits under house arrest in London

  3. Edward Snowden has, for all intents and purposes, a price on his head

  4. Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald have chosen to live outside of the Big Brother reach of the U.S.A

  5. All citizens are subject to surveillance

  6. There is a long, studied & storied interest on the part of the FBI and CIA in infiltrating any groups that might pose challenges (or threats) to the Status Quo. And since that status quo relies upon war as product and allotting to corporations the right to pillage, plunder, and poison our beloved Earth, those who stand for Just Causes are first in line to be targeted.

  7. Media narrows its range of views and voices. As Robert Parry has accurately pointed out, the entire Press Corps. march in effective lock-step when it comes to repeating specific narratives. One of them involved the run-up to the Iraqi war that was entirely based on fabricated evidence: the case FIXED for war. Another was the narrative that left out NATO's creeping into Russia's backyard, and instead portrayed Putin as the dangerous aggressor.

  8. Remove inconvenient writers, journalists and muckrakers. There have been quite a few mysterious deaths of writers. Michael Rupert comes to mind among others.

  9. Fire the few remaining voices that aspire to sharing a dialectic that distinguishes itself from the martial groupthink

  10. Mock, manipulate, or marginalize anyone else who dares to depart from Official Narratives and Necessary Lies (all for the purposes of manufacturing consent typically AFTER the deal is made, the treaty signed, the war plans put into covert operation)

  11. Impoverish others.

  12. Work by stealth to control the Internet .... this objective is still in progress


I find it curious that you left out militarism.

The major U.S. "product" (a la Andrew Card) is WAR. And if the make-war apparatus unquestionably receives more than half of all U.S. spending, it's obviously a major significant player.

It was no coincidence that EVERY network marched lockstep in the run-up to war against Iraq, a nation that did NOTHING to the U.S. or its people.

In order to support a military state--regardless of whether or not it calls itself a Democratic republic--requires a very sophisticated and highly propagandized mass media. Through it, cases are easily manufactured--with lies told often--in support of war.

To leave out this component is telling.


Again, made conspicuous by its absence is the role that Big Muscle plays.

How far do you think the Mafia dons would get in shaking down business owners if they didn't have hit men at the ready to take out any so bold as to oppose THAT version of capitalism?

Fascism didn't arise out of capitalism in Germany. It involved campaigns of organized violence and requisite terror.

People don't just succumb to injustice. It takes aggressive force to enforce compliance.

Needless to say, the version of Capitalism that's treating every asset on this planet like a casino chip there for the hedge fund owners' taking, is a complete disaster... in continuous motion.

However, to leave out the military component is troubling. It would appear that the forum's soldier boys are protecting their own skins.


What the hell is cootage?


The implosion of the natural world, and/or Gaia's revenge will wreak havoc with the plans of rich white sociopathic men... i.e. the 1%.

The gods do not smile upon hubris; and the Great Mother will take measures to thwart the destruction of too many of her lovingly developed progeny spanning across all phyla.


I am an old coot and you a cootessa. :innocent:

In my cootage (if not my dotage) means ... I'm old okay...lol


Oops is that allowed? Um?



Non gender specific >>> Eeeshness!!!




Everyone needs to read the above truism again!

Capitalism and democracy cannot coexist!


Any honest journalist who reports the complete truth, with well-supported documentation, will be put on a "hit list". Not only will his/her career be put in jeopardy, his/her personal and journalistic integrity could be the cause of his/her premature death by the military-industrial complex or the global capitalist ruling class.


In the days of the USSR the peoples of Russia could learn the news by reading between the lines. The propaganda was crude and the people remained relatively informed. The media in the WEst is much more effective and the people less informed even with that so callled "free press".

The means by which this advanced is by the continual bombardment of the populace with the message that they are "exceptional" and that their Country is the pinnacle of Human progress and the "light of liberty and freedom to all other nations". This very tactic was used by the Fascists in Germany with the nonsense about the Aryan. This is coupled with keeping the population in a state of permanent infantalization.

The USA is the center of the myth making machine in the modern world and this started from the very first Pilgrims when they got off the Mayflower (God destined this land for us. We are to replace the "savages" with our own ideals and peoples because we are superior) through to those "Founding fathers" and all of their fakery and posturing as men of principle even as they made fortunes off slavery, right through to Manifest destiny and then Hollywood after it .

In order to become better informed and learn and seek out the truths, the people must first be "unlearned" and divorce themselves from the myths under which they have been raised and which far too many subscribe to. Those in power understand this which is why there that virulent reaction to textbooks in schools that might suggest something other then "Americas Greatness" or to those odd films produced that give a dimmer view of the USA and its history or of those that continue to pursue the truth about the assassination of the Kennedies or of 9/11 or of a thousand other "official narratives" that are spoonfed the populace . The system has to be unraveled by exposing one lie at a time and it those exposing it that are feared the most.


Thanks SiouxRose, I didn't mean to leave-out militarism in my comment as it is central to the point, as you say, but often I get overly long in comments. You're totally accurate in media's role in justifying wars without end and covering-up the truth of the for-profit war machine's treason and subversion of our nation. Maybe I inadvertantly and unintentionally included it mentally under "political propaganda", but you make the point.

I hope you didn't think I ommitted the MICC/war machine intentionally by your mention of my ommission being "telling".
I'm glad and thankful I have others like you to fill in my omissions when needed!


I appreciate your making the correction. You may have innocently allowed for this oversight, but how is it explained that everyone else posting did likewise? Is that just herd-mind?

Incidentally, the terminology is "You're totally accurate." Otherwise it's your idea. "You're" represents the contraction of the words you and are.

It's amazing how many people who post mistake the two.


Yers, but remember that the Washington Post, and the NYT, are considered "liberal", and indeed are liberal in the classical Adam Smithian, John Lockeian sense.


Unfortunately, there is nothing all that new here - anyone remember when the WaPo fired the pacifist Coleman McCarthy?


I doubt that. The "Great Mother" is not a conscious being. If we collectively do nothing and leave it to Gaia, there will be, there already are, species level extinctions. It would be nice to think that Gaia would be able to take out just the 1% (metaphorically, of course, the actual number of the truly vile sociopaths is much less) of the humans who are the root cause of the mayhem, but her methods will be indiscriminate. The people who are already in trouble from rising waters did not cause the AGW, but Gaia has no way to selectively save them. Nor is Gaia able to protect the species in the oceans from various pollutants dumped by the humans.

Whether the gods smile upon hubris or not is completely immaterial. What we humans do, or not do, will decide the fate of the biosphere.



This column reads like an obituary. Oh, wait ...