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The Washington Post Should Tell You When Its Columnists Are Paid to Disinform You


The Washington Post Should Tell You When Its Columnists Are Paid to Disinform You

Jim Naureckas

If you’re getting paid to advocate for the destruction of the world as we know it, shouldn’t you at least let people know?

The Washington Post apparently doesn’t think so.


ACTION: Please ask the Washington Post to disclose when its columnists are writing about issues that they are paid to lobby about–as with the recent column on climate change by Ed Rogers. Remember that respectful communication is the most effective.

BETTER ACTION: Contact one or two of the biggest advertisers in the Washington Post and tell them that you are organizing a boycott of their best-selling products.



Who reads the WP. Certainly not me.


People should realize that Washington Post isn’t a newspaper anymore in the traditional sense of the word, just as Fox News isn’t a news network in the traditional sense. These entities and virtually the entire corporate media establishment are now a propaganda operation whose job is to defend the interests of America’s wealthy and powerful. That’s what they do now. The news media were simply bought up or otherwise compromised and transformed by conservative activists. The coup occurred slowly but surely over the past two decades, and we the people lost. So let’s not be naïve. It’s unrealistic to expect a propaganda publisher to identify its articles as propaganda, just as it’s naïve to expect Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity on Fox to give a realistic assessment of anything. They are all paid to present a certain point of view. That’s why it’s necessary to seek alternative information sources on the internet – and what’s really scary is that the tin-pot fascists in Congress now want to “counter propaganda” – i.e., shut down public access to truthful information that hasn’t been filtered through the corrupted American spin machine we call “news.” Never mind your guns – hang on to your broadband and Wi-Fi, because the right-wingers are coming for them.


I quit reading it many years ago. It gave me Post nasal drip.


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This article is old, old news to any informed person. The Washington Post; the New York times and the cable T.V networks among others, are the propaganda media for the corportacracy and the MIC. They are not news that is designed to inform the public but to disinform the public.