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The Washington Post's Bernie Sanders Bashing


The Washington Post's Bernie Sanders Bashing

Dean Baker

The Washington Post really, really doesn't like Bernie Sanders and they miss no opportunity to display this dislike. For this reason, it is not surprising that they had a field day highlighting a report from the Tax Policy Center showing that his program would increase the debt by $18 trillion over the course of a decade. As the folks at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)noted, this study was good for four different pieces over a seven hour period.


Write on Dean Baker. The Washington Post totally ignored huge savings to US citizens who already pay for a very competent medicare insurance system that covers citizens from Guam to Puerto Rico.

The Washington Post, blinded by its own propaganda, cannot see the simple idea that healthy people produce more and make the country better. Advising that universal health insurance is unaffordable is like telling a farmer it is unreasonable to care for the entire farm.


The Washington Post, aka, Amazon Propaganda vehicle. Jeff Bezos, the man who has done more to defund state treasuries probably than anyone with his tax avoidance retail business.
No one should be surprised by its anti Sanders stand.


Historians will write of our times that media consolidation contributed as much to the empire's demise as any other singular cause.


The congressional stooges of the medical industry have prevented Medicare from being much more cost effective, then squeal about the high cost. The disingenuous lot at the Washington Post only want to propagandize about the cost. The real story is in the savings. A story no one will see in print or by the yap mouths of MSM.


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Good idea, I too stay away from Amazon, and Walmart for that matter.

I get books at the library. The free public library may be one of the best things we have in Canada and the US.


it is not obvious that our government is that much more incompetent and/or corrupt than the governments in these other countries.”

I think it is (more corrupt/incompetent). Otherwise how is it that healthcare in the “richest country in the world” costs more than any other country in the developed world yet the average life expectancy is about that of (or lower than) Cuba?


When The Koch Brothers and other opponents of anything "New Deal" give their marching orders, 90% of the corporate press corps. follow.

This is not about the moral imperative or justifiable costs of Sanders' plan... it's about eradicating ALL "Entitlement" programs so that only the rich overseers get to determine what the peasants get.

How better to control all the people, all the time?


Looks like you're positing a Libertarian argument aimed at bashing government.

What a comment of this nature leaves out is the degree to which government functions have been co-opted by private interests.

Many services formerly run efficiently by government have been privatized.

Once the privateers kick into gear, they underfund government programs (like inner city public schools) in order to create the pretext that government is a failure. That way, the privateers can move in like vultures for the big kill.

Flint Michigan is a good example. A city manager who did not answer to (and thus was not accountable to) the people decided that to save a few million, he'd risk the safety of an entire city's drinking water. The results are obvious.

Government can be an effective mechanism for ensuring a just, law-based society. But when government is overcome by Big Money interests, and lobbyists write the legislation, and right wing selfish bastards like the Koch Brothers' fund people like Scott Walker (who in turn, eviscerate unions and public pensions)... THAT is when government is turned inside out.

Then people like you come along to say: "Behold! Government is a flop."

As if the absence of government--or any entity big enough to potentially thwart Big Business' efforts to pillage, plague, and plunder the earth (and all living systems upon it) is a cure.


Never,ever Hillary. Never ever amazon or walmart. I order my books from a wonderful and eclectic book store. North Town Books in Arcata, Ca.


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Perhaps Bernie could call a strategy meeting with the myriad groups and organizations involved in movement building in the US, and set a course aimed at taking Congress in the midterms and the presidency in 2020. Change can happen quickly if Bernie's campaign morphs into a viable peoples' movement.

It's never happened before, but a new age with new tools, presents new frontiers. Let's break on through to the other side.


You’ve already answered why government flopped - because it has been co-opted by private interests. That’s the point I’m getting at.

Note: look how Obamacare has been designed to serve corporate interests. And how a government-designed system in Cuba could result in the best healthcare in that poor region of the Americas.


If such a populist type of candidate could get a much higher percentage of African American and Hispanic votes there would be no need for rule changes to elect such a person. Such a person could be elected with the rules as they are. Instead of worrying about the rules, it would be more productive to figure out why the progressive economic class-based message does not appeal to these groups as much as it does to whites, especially those under age 45. The basic problem is the message not party rules.


The Clinton campaign's masterful strategy of attaching her platform to Obama's two terms and accusing Sanders of disrespecting Obama every time Sanders mentioned anything that had occurred during the Obama years was instrumental in drawing minority voters away from Sanders.


Three headlines from AP stories in today's Dubuque corporate newspaper:
"Democrats raise pressure on Sanders to drop out." Like a rigged boxing match with the champ on the ropes, call a TKO and raise the champ's hand!
"'Self-funded Trump' now seeks big-donor money." And TRump is no longer independent of strings attached!
"Health insurer seeks steep premium hikes for some customers." Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield "plans to raise their premiums by 38 percent to 43 percent in 2017." Thanks to Obamacare and the Democrats who delivered it to us in 2010! And I thought my premium increase of $204 per month beginning January 1 was high!
And I'm not making these up! This is today's news!

To top it off is the front page headline "7 indicted on federal heroin charges" featuring photos of 7 young black males who will eventually all serve time in federal prison for distributing heroin locally. Perhaps I'm wrong, but doesn't all heroin come from Afghanistan poppies?


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The establishment oligarchs (e.g. owners of the Washington Post) are in a panic that their money would no longer buy the the political influence that they have long enjoyed if Sanders or Trump were elected. They are pulling out all of the stops to smear both "uncontrollable" candidates. They will not hand over the keys to the empire and go quietly into that good night without a fight to the death. It would be an end to their excessive power, wealth and influence if an uncorrupted president made it to the oval office.


Hillary's "half empty venues" are the result of Hillarybots being glued to their TVs, radios, and newspapers absorbing more mainstream media propaganda. Why fight traffic going to a rally when you can saturate yourself with nonstop propaganda at home ?