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The Waters of Trump’s Washington Are Dark and Deep

The Waters of Trump’s Washington Are Dark and Deep

Michael Winship

Years ago, I worked for a wealthy television executive in Washington, DC, who had a posh Georgetown townhouse with a courtyard.

In the center of his courtyard was a small fountain, and he became obsessed with getting hold of a certain dye for it that the National Park Service used in fountains and pools at various historic sites around the capital.

The dye turned the water an opaque black, so murky you couldn’t see to the bottom. The park service claimed it was more aesthetically pleasing.

As long as Trump pleases his white nationalist base by increasing deportations, building the wall, and banning Muslims from immigrating he can get away with it. His followers are willing to overlook just about everything in hopes this country become more white and Christian.


My posture has virtually nothing to do with the fact that I’m Caucasian and a Christian and everything to do with the following: As a WASP American I take considerable umbrage with the reader’s posture/response. Why? As many of you are aware I have a justifiable insuperable aversion to radical Islam/Islamists, jihadists and especially Sharia law which clearly flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution. Accordingly, with all due respect we’re a nation of laws and as a result while I believe in freedom of religion I don’t believe that any religion can/should flout our laws and therefore Sharia law, e.g., should be justifiably disallowed within the confines of the U.S.
Fred Harden III AKA “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

A textbook xenophobe… Lump all of “them” into one basket…not unlike Kristians kalling LGBTQ “sinners” to be publicly pillored and ostracized if not outright beaten into bloody pulps or labeling all non-whites as criminals, thieves, welfare cheats, lazy, etc. (DJT would be very happy to chat with you…)

And you could “overcome” (insuperable - unable to overcome) your aversion by simply knowing a follower of Islam up close and personal…they are humans, after all.


Waters…dark and deep…and TOXIC/LETHAL!


.About that Cyprus Connection, according to the New york Times, Illinois Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley, went to Cyprus and came up dry, saying that the Russian connection is very complex and called for an official investigation.

Russia Gate is nearly kaput. Trump’s flip to the establishment side, vis a vis, Russia, all but drowned the little devil. The fact remains, up to this moment, there is no there there, not a shred of evidence on Russia Gate or Syria Gate. Assertions, and/or, what someone believes to be the case, won’t wash.

In any event, the spectacle of so called progressives and liberals cheering the bomb, bomb, bomb away crowd, with Trump as the neocon cheerleader, is despicable. I lived through the last Cold War, it was progressives who promoted detente with the USSR, and they too were called pinkos and fellow travelers, alas, the world is truly upside down.

I wait with bated breath for the Congressional hearings to recommence.


Anyone notice Trump didn’t go to church on Easter Sun-----is the Donald at age 70 still not sure what religion he belongs. He seems to enjoy killing but not much in understanding???

He stopped when Norman Vincent Peale died, which prompted his (DJT’s) crossover to the dark side (that and his deal with the devil to make more money than any god before him)…

“Behind the ostentatious displays of power, the White House tries to keep secret all that’s destructive to the nation and democracy.” Pardon me, but when has the White House NOT tried to “keep secret all that’s destructive to the nation and democracy?” The White House has been hiding anti-democracy monkey business for decades, hasn’t it? Trump is actually making that syndrome more obvious, which in a twisted way will have been a good thing If we all survive the ongoing revelation and accelerated move toward societal and planetary apocalypse.


Ah, yes, the old Sharia canard. What a bullshit argument! First of all, it’s highly unlikely you know even one, much less a significant portion, of the tenets of Sharia law. Second, there is, no, repeat no, evidence of any “threat” of Sharia law taking hold in the US of A. The more imminent and dangerous threat is the imposition of “Christian” law by the absurd far-right – people like you, I expect. Ever heard of the separation of church and state as embodied in our Constitution?

As for Lrx’s assertion that Trump’s followers will “overlook just about everything in hopes this country becomes more white and Christian”, my only quarrel with Lrx is the notion that these people actually exhibit any characteristics associated with real Christianity. My guess is that they (and you?), probably haven’t read much of your guiding text (aka the “Bible”), much less practice its tenets. No, in my opinion, they are mostly bigoted people using their “Christianity” as a bludgeon to pummel others who they despise or dislike or simply don’t understand or who “aren’t like them.” Of course, I say this as an avid anti-theist (one step beyond an atheist), aka a recovering “Christian.”


Opacity because of “…grave National Security Risks…”

Same old song since 1963.

As a Jewish person, I am very offended by this.

Really? Why don’t you go back to your little clique. Soon you’ll say that you hate Jews, disabled, the elderly, men, woman, staights/gays, tribal people, whatever. You are just a hater and are using this as an excuse to flout your hate.

Couldn’t agree with you more but trump still had a penis bigger than his brain.