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The Welcome Rebellion in the Democratic Party


The Welcome Rebellion in the Democratic Party

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The political fallout from the Panama Papers has been felt throughout the world.


"One issue on which there is a genuine divide between the Democratic candidates is trade. And although the debate has largely focused on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Clinton now opposes,"

Bull Fucking Shit! It's on O's watch so she gets a pass on this installment of the establishment's game. Hillbillary is all in on "free trade".


Let's make this a true rebellion and walk away from the party if Hillary is the nominee. The only way to rip control of the party from the Clinton/DLC faction once-and-for-all is for her to lose in November. They must lose if we ever hope to take control of the party back for the People. It is the only way.


Everyone on CD agrees that the Democratic Party needs a new make over, but the question is whether it is possible. All though many of us would love to vote for someone like Jill Stein, the Green Party (or any other third party) can't even get itself on the ballot in the majority of States. That is part of a rigged system. However, if Progressives are able to highjack the Democratic Party and break from its sworn allegiance to its corporate sponsors, Americans may still save democracy from being drowned in the tub of special interests.
Also, if Bernie Sanders is denied the Democratic nomination, it will set back democracy and the 99% for at least eight years while permanently poisoning our youngest generation in the belief that we live in a functioning democracy. With either Clinton or Trump as our next President, it will be the final nail in the coffin for the 99% as the race back to indentured servitude will be accelerated with evil trade deals like the TPP, the erosion of social security and medicare, a freeze on wage hikes and the stark choices of prison or the army for young people looking to survive in an increasingly unfair world.


The Democratic Party's addiction to corporate money ever since the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985 makes it very hard for them to change.

Most heroin addicts are not rehabilitated until they hit rock bottom, if they live that long. The Democratic Party is on the same trajectory.

Murka has a GOP and since most Murkins agree that we don't need two GOPs, how much longer do we need the Democratic Party ?


Quote: He’s a relatively new Democrat,” Clinton told Politico reporter Glenn Thrush, “and, in fact, I’m not even sure he is one.”

Um, Hillary -- You are a REPUBLICAN and are only a Democrat on paper! What a hypocrite she is.


Yes, we have to do this sooner or later, so it may as well be now. We can't keep going on like this having candidates that don't serve the people.


"When Obama embraced the issue as a theme of his reelection campaign, declaring income inequality 'the defining issue of our time,'" -KVDH

And just like President Obama's call for a $10.10 minimum wage in his 2013 State of the Union speech, he's done jack all about both. President Obama is all rhetoric and no fight when it comes to the working class. He'll go to the mat for TPP though.

That is so fucked up!


You often hear people on CD saying they will never vote for the Dems including Bernie because they want to vote Green. Well I've am getting so damn sick of people trashing Bernie and talking Green while this is a tight nomination race between Hillary and Bernie in which the Greens play no part.

I'll be damned before I vote for the Greens ever because they would rather help Hillary and the republicans just to trash Bernie because they know that there are more potential Green votes in the Bernie camp than in either the Hillary or repub camps. So they trash Bernie even though it helps Hillary. Such utter mediocrity, selfishness and incompetency. Who would want the Greens if they are this venal and just plain stupid?

What they have done is shill for Hill and not generate votes for Jill... Jill isn't in the nomination race. They are serving as spoilers and do so on purpose and will likely regret their petty selfishness and sneaky two faced posing.


The only choice for progressives is to split from the party. We can't reform it from within. We aren't even welcome to sit at the adult table and eat with the grown-ups.

Is this a revolution, or isn't it?

If we wait now, it'll be 4-8 years of HRC. You can bet dollars to dimes that as soon as she gets the nomination, we progressives will get the silent treatment from the party and the MSM.

I'm going independent as soon as the nomination is complete. I made that decision as soon as I was being scolded and bullied and DEEPLY insulted by the HRC machine.

Maybe the Democratic party will work harder for my vote if I'm not locked into their game. It seems to me that the "undecided" voters get more attention than either party's loyalists. No, I won't be swayed, or wooed back into the fold.

Bernie or Bust (bust up the party, that is.)


As economic inequality has grown worse there has to come a point when it becomes central to the political discussion. It has now reached the point that even the Republican Party is discussing it. But of course the question remains about what do you do about it. The Republicans naturally think trickle down is the answer even though it appears to be cause. The Republicans seem to be in a hopeless rut. The problem that the Democrats have is that there the answers aren't that clear and there are honest disagreements among Democrats. The trade issue is extremely complicated with regard to the economic benefits and harm. I think the best advice for the Democrats is for people not be believe they know all the answers and listen to the other side. A civil debate between the wings the Democratic Party would be helpful but if neither side is willing to listen to the other the result will not be good.


I understand how you feel and I almost agree with it at least until I think about living under a Cruz or Trump presidency. I would hate living under a Hillary presidency because she will be like Obama but I am actually afraid of Cruz and Trump (although I am coming to believe that Trump may not win the nomination.) Cruz is too f'n scary. Imagine Scalia as president and you get a sense of Cruz. Imo


Dear Katrina:

Saying different things isn't 'moving'. Doing different things is 'moving'. Rhetoric is not reality. I'm pretty sure this covers it.


We share the same fears and concerns, and yes, I understand perfectly well what's at stake with the Supremes. I don't have to be a member of the D's or the R's to vote for or against Hillary, or Pure Evil.


The rebellion is happening in the Republican party as well and both Trump and Sanders are looking at a brokered convention.
If that occurs and it very well might (both are protecting the elite) this country will come unglued. The Dems can't allow Sanders to make all these changes and the Republicans can't let Trump make the changes he wants, hell it's a fight for both sides. In a sense the elite are cornered. They must be shaking in their boots. Remember Bush Sr. saying 'If the American people knew what we did they would take us out and hang us'? We found out....


I think Bernie may have enough support for a successful run as an Independent. If not him then who else? If he doesn't get the D nomination we need him to remain in the race. I was a loyal D for a long time, but this race and Obama's TPP sell-out have forced me to reconsider. We need a new leftist third party, and Bernie might be the one for the job.


30% ( could be 36%, + or - possibly ) of Sen. Sanders' supporters say they won't support HRC. With Trump doing his poop stirring ( 20-25%, possibly ) on the right; in a different bowl but in the same kitchen, well, something big and unknowable is going to give around this 2016 general election. Those %s equate to 30 million voters, and a whole lot of other non-voting citizens, who are very fed up. Especially so, about having way too much month at the end of the money. And, with no real future to dream about or hope for. That's equivalent to having a fiddler spider in your favorite hat. It's not a question of if, but when. And, it's gonna leave one hell of an impression, either way. Just speculatin'.


I agree. I hope he'll go independent. With the way things are all across the board, that just might be the ticket.


This is a seminal moment in our country's history. I'm damned sure not going to sit on the fence and helplessly wring my hands.

Frankly, the GOP could implode, the Dems could implode, Mitt could come back from the dead, Hillary could get indicted (a very very small chance.) There could be an American Summer. There could be riots at the conventions. My point is that it's still too early to tell what will happen. Probably, nothing much.

Nobody has to make a final decision today about how they vote in November. However, one can leave the Democratic party at any time, and rejoin it at any time. It's a pretty simple process, and it speaks volumes.


Well, in his memoirs, David Axelrod never forgave HRC for her remark about staying in the 2008 primary to the convention because, " well, look what happened to Robert Kennedy ". Now, isn't she just " special "; that one? A picture of Hillary with Nixon or Goldwater inserted here, after that remark, would be perfect. Unfortunately, they're all still classified and in a vault somewhere. :sunglasses: