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The West and ISIS


The West and ISIS

John Wight

Far from the boasts made by the US, British, and French governments that IS would be destroyed, they have been unable to even contain the extremist jihadi group as it marches from city to city and town to town in Syria and Iraq, seemingly without constraint, sowing chaos and carnage in the process.


I get so tired of “journalists” supposedly asking “hard questions” while comforted within the blanket of establishment propaganda.

“The resulting chaos laid the ground for the emergence of various
al-Qaeda affiliated groups, followed by ISIL/ISIS, later morphing into
IS (or Daesh in Arabic).”


Thank you, Mr. Wright. This is one of the clearest and most concise analyses I’ve read on this spreading horror and who and what lit the quintessential fuse.


Every day another analyst publishes the same nonsense in the hopes that the latest lie will stick.

ISIS is a creation of the west and it’s intelligence agencies and operates under their direction . They are brutal and openly advertise their brutality because this serves the interests of the western nations who use ISIS to topple Assad and want to use ISIS to break Iraq up into smaller entities so as to ensure Western hegemony in the region never threatened.

Added to this the presence of ISIS serves to advance the agenda of the permanently militarized police state in the west.

ISIS is not attacking Israel or Turkey or Saudi Arabia. They are attacking countries seen as aligned with Iran .

I expect we will see a pile more of this type article as the intelligence agencies in the West try and deflect attention away from which countries are really behind ISIS


Pretty sad when it boils down to a choice of Saudi Arabia, Al Quida, ect. on one side and Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran on the other.


“We can trace the modern incarnation of this strategy to the 2003 war in Iraq, which only succeeded in destabilizing the country preparatory to it descending into the abyss of sectarian violence and schism, where it exists today, 12 years later.”

The U.S. jump started the sectarian violence by sending in John “Death Squad” Negroponte. The sectarian Iraqi death squads led to the separation of Sunni and Shia Iraqis who had previously intermarried and lived together in peace.

Why would the neocons who controlled U.S. policy want a Sunni/Shia war?

Simple, while they’re fighting each other they’re not fighting Israel.

Mission accomplished.


We are very grateful for this elegant summary and we will use it to convince others as it explains in a nutshell just what has gone on over there. Yes, Suspirus, notice who Al Qaida is NOT attacking. Very astute. It is all heartbreaking though and those who sat out the Peace Movement have a lot to answer for.


Could you use your vivid imagination to inform the rest of us just where the fighters in ISIS originated from such that they would have a loyalty to any western source. If you’re implying ISIS as proxy fighters, they will have their own agenda, as history has shown. Where, just where would you find a source that will be proxy fighters for the west such that, as you put it, “western hegemony in the region is never threatened.” Where did you get such a delusional thought?

And then to make sure that your delusional dribble wasn’t a mere typo you repeat:
“Added to this the presence of ISIS serves to advance the agenda of the permanently militarized police state in the west.” Being a western police state is the key to ISIS fealty? Really? Do you do this often…you know, make up irrational narratives and pretend its reality? Is it a trolling quota you have to adhere to? Has the concept of growing up ever crossed your mind? Or rehabilitation?


Excuse me. Have you ever read a history book? Do you know what Eisenhower said regarding the Middle East? Do you understand what the Carter Doctrine is?

Do you know the methods used by Kermit Roosevelt to overthrow the democratically elected Government of Iran so as to put in place the Shah? Do you understand why the British Empire was in fact eager to go to war with the Ottomans in WW1? Do you think those protestors in Iran and later in Chile and In indonesia were AWARE that the protests they were participating on were being funded by the CIA ? Do you really think that The Iranian taking to the streets had some guy come to them saying “Hey I am bob and I work with the CIA . Here is some money. The US and British Governments want to ensure they control your oil resources. Go throw rocks at windows”

Have you read the DIA report outlining , even before the group called ISIS formed , how a radical Islamist group could be used in Syria and should be encouraged so as to isolate Assaad? Are you aware of all of the articles that reported the US training ISIS members in Jordan and how Islamists were supplied in Libya by the US Government to overthrow Quadaffi. Are you aware your Senator John McCain was photographed alongside ISIS members in Syria and called them friends of the USA?

Have you read a newspaper lately where various generals are claiming that ISIS seeks to Infiltrate the USA through Mexico and the Caribbean and why this warrants more military spending and monitoring of borders and surveillance of those countries and have you read how your Senate and Congress both cite the presence of ISIS as a reason to extend State powers of surveillance in the USA ?

Are you aware ISIS publishes a magazine in ENGLISH and have gone out of their way in the last issue to assure potential readers that ANY suggestion ISIS being run by Western Intelligence agencies is a “conspiracy theory” as they are concerned it will lessen recruiting?

Are you aware of the history of Counter intel pro and how the US Government published newspapers like the “Black Panther Coloring book” and attributed it to the black panthers?Do you know what Operation Gladio was and do you think those people realized that they were in fact doing the work of the CIA? Do you think all those Blacks in the 60’s and 70s were aware of the US Governments involvement in the publication of that Coloring book?

Are you aware that when the Carter presidency wanted to encourage fundamentalism in Afghanistan the USA printed up and covertly supplied Fundamentalists texts to madrasses in the area ? Do you think the schoolchildren reading these books, which called for Jihad against Communists were aware they were published by the US Government?

Now I would suggest you pick up a few history books. If you can not afford one you can go to a library and get one. I suggest you start with something by William Blum. In a few years time when you get a little more informed maybe you can come back here and i can offer you some other suggestions. First you must show me you have the ability to think for yourself. Until then you are a waste of time .


Zap! Terrific post.


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I’m probably not long for this site, after being a contributor and leaving occasional comments. Just quite disappointied by the lack of insight and reporting on Deep State perfidy and the gullibility of some to go along with superficial stories. Just last night watched James Corbetts report on OKC (Episode 305 – The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh). I knew it a false flag but it was great to see all the citizen evidence that’s been collected. Yes. 911 was an inside job accomplished by (some) inside the US gov, with the aid of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and (possibly) Pakistani agents. But, you won’t get any talk like that around here. And, don’t think those who brought you this traitorous act have given up power aggrandizing. It’s time we face the facts, a coup happened with JFK, RFK, and many earlier incidents. Take a look at the little book: “Conspiracy Theory in America”

Regarding IS: Yes, it is a creation of the same Deep State forces that brought you the foregoing. News flash: Just released documents to Judicial Watch from the Pentagon (they probably thought the only interest was the Benghazi gun running) when they released the document. “…US intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a US strategic asset.” Google it: “EXCLUSIVE: Secret #Pentagon report reveals West saw #ISIS as strategic asset”

Of course SA (remember prince Bandar), Turkey, and Israel are facilitating Western powers support of IS and AQ (Sunni). It’s their means of further balkanizing the Middle East, protecting the powers of SA and Israel while pushing back Assad in attempting to curtail Iran (Shia) and Russian influence.


Siouxrose, this is not intended as put down to your comment, but rather an invitation to check out some new information that would necessitate many authors to rewrite their analysis of ISIS, IL, et al.

Here is an excerpt from the article I read at Zero Hedge followed by the link.

“That may all have changed now when a declassified secret US government
document obtained by the public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows
that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.”



I’m glad to see that your rhetorical muck has been sufficiently dealt with.


Right you are. A majority of ISIS is made up of Saddam’s former army and many members of the Ba’ath party. Sure there are some al Qaeda and some Taliban (Both created by Ronald Reagan in the early 80s). We always seem to create our own enemies. Sen. McCain helped to arm ISIS too.


The MSM Disney like productions that pass for ‘news’ are major league propaganda organs. But that is hardly a secret. Living and breathing along with the ubiquity of information technology allows for serious self education. You don’t have to feel that you and a small cadre of the enlightened are alone in being aware of generations and generations of psychotic pathology that passes for state policy.

As Chomsky and others have been saying for decades, declassified documents from the 1950’s have shown that the real concern by ‘policy makers’ was not any sectarian or political ‘extremists’, but the most logical and normal expectation…that of secular nationalism. People wanting control over their own societies. The same ‘freedoms’ the western world touts as so holy and precious. But it’s hard to demonize people on that account, making western hegemony a mite harder to sell to their own western populations. That’s why the cold war was such a gift. People know this. Repeating, people know this. They also know that the unimaginably chaotic maelstrom that our state policy ‘geniuses’, abetted by equally pathological members of our legislative bodies, have created in the Mideast could in no way, shape or form be considered an insurance that “western hegemony in the region is never threatened.” Even those ‘policy makers’ know that is delusional. Any sane person realizes those policies have the opposite result. But they never engineered a reverse gear in their policy vehicle. Empires rarely do.

There is a world government threat. That world government has a name in the MSM. It’s called ‘Trade Agreements’. Populations throughout the planet, foreign and domestic, are targets for exploitation by those who consider themselves better endowed to govern and who should be thusly rewarded for their ‘efforts’. Isn’t it wonderful when one can write their own imprimatur. And yes, people know about this. It’s a truism that’s as old as human societies. Power, with the control and wealth that is irrevocably bound to it. The real first commandment chiseled in stone. Yet there’s no law of nature that says it must be so. And people know this.