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The West’s Deadly Mideast Fantasies


The West’s Deadly Mideast Fantasies

Mike Lofgren

Around the time of the 2003 Iraq invasion and the silliness of “freedom fries” (served in the cafeterias of the House office buildings at the behest of ostensibly adult members of Congress), it was possible to believe that the nations of Europe were more sane about world events than panicked, suggestible Americans.


Regime change is not a foreign policy -- it's a crime.


This is ALL planned--from the corporate capture of media to the use of planned terrorist events. And its goal is a New World Order. Besides, the game plan HAS been published and was outlined in: "A Project For a New American Century."

Institutions typically take on the character (and objectives) of those that create them.

When the NSA and CIA became institutions (in l947) that granted themselves the license to kill, remove or assassinate world leaders who would not "do business," an armed and dangerous entity became its own power unanswerable to citizens or the rule of law. Similar factions like Israel's MOSSAD and U.K's MI6 do likewise.

This is taken from "The Devil's Chessboard" on page 243. It captures a mindset that was in a sense, etched into stone at these underground agencies:

"The problem with Eisenhower's strategy was that by keeping Washington in a constant state of high alert, he empowered the most militant voices in his administration, including the Dulles Brothers and Pentagon hard-liners like Admiral Arthur Radford and Air Force general Curtis Lemay--who, taking their commander at his word, continually agitated for a cataclysmic confrontation with the Soviet Union."

THAT is the mindset held in place and still seeking out a means to M.A.D = Mutually ASSURED Destruction because these madmen--maniacal in their hatred of humanity--WANT war.

Some people talk about economics and capitalism but how does that alone explain how it is that the 1% still clamor for war when they ALREADY have commandeered the possessions of the other 99%?

No. There is something twisted, amoral, and sociopathic about those who are sitting in leadership roles AS PUPPETS... doing the bidding, or adding the manicured gloss, to extremely dangerous protocols.

THEY must be called out!


This discussion could not be more important. It's where Mike Lofgren explains how the Deep State works and who is really calling the shots:



Thank you for that , again you've managed to pique my interest into seeking the most plausible explanation for all this madness. Cheers.


From the article:
"... Karl Rove, successfully waged the 2004 presidential campaign on the premise that Bush had “kept us safe,” insinuating against all reason that 9/11 was a harmless mulligan that that in no way reflected on the President’s competence."

And a genuine, non-craven, non-complicit opposition would have HAMMERED Bush on this abject failure, while simultaneously denouncing his wars as counterproductive.


Like in 16th & 17th century Europe: Christians against Moslems; Catholics against heretics (mostly Calvinists); France against the Holy Roman Hapsberg Empire; France against the Calvinist Hugonots; Hapsbergs against the Ottomans and France; etc. etc. And all changing sides as the circumstances demandes while continuing to lambast their officially proclaimed enemies with terms equivalent to to-day's proclaimed terrorists ("heretics"). The gran finale of the 30 Years War just about blew Europe apart.


You're welcome. One thing I find brilliant about Mr. Lofgren is that he explains the synergistic relationship between Silicon Valley's computer technology, familiar icons of corporate power, and the head honchos within both Wall ST. & the Military Industrial complex.

I am a great foe of arguments that posit ONE culpable agency for today's myriad woes.

For many who post here, it's the abstraction of capitalism. Ironically, where opposition to the very ingrained capitalism-fueled systems would call for Solidarity, some of the most vocal "leftists" are inured to both sexism and racism. In other words, their prejudices betray the alleged call to Solidarity.

Others like to blame Zionists and/or Jews. That's a very old prejudice; and while there are some powerful, influential Zionists in important positions, again, it's rather short-sighted to place blame entirely on this particular demographic.

The Deep State has been growing--like a Cancer--since its dark seed was planted almost 70 years ago.

Like any Cancer, or invasive disease, it must be excised.

If you enjoy the interview, please let the forum's honest readers know that; and thank you.


Rose doesn't care much for my spelling or punctuation skills and I don't care much for her being the site Astrologer or English teacher, but I think this is a very well thought out piece, one of which, our differences aside, I can sign onto.


I have noticed Iraq opposed al Queda. Gaddafi opposed al Queda. Assad opposes al Queda. US created al Queda. Russia opposes al Queda. Is this a pattern or am I really paranoid? Iran also opposes al Queda. How come our friends are also our enemies?


Cameron here in the UK is already doing just that. He is saying that anyone in the British government (and by extension, outside the government), who opposes Britain joining the war in Syria, is a terrorist.

Of course the plain truth is that he and his cronies are the only real terrorists in the UK. At least until ISIS or whoever they are strike back at the UK. Syria is already a bloodbath. The west is hungry for war, and feeding like a vulture on the deaths of innocent and helpless Syrians.


Politicians must respond to madness with madness to keep their job.


Ok. 'The Empire', if you prefer. I do not like to name things that are essentially unseen. I find it hard to name the root cause. Whatever your beliefs, there are dark forces at work, eating away at our common humanity. The only thing left that could save us.


And, your friends and family may call you "paranoid" and "crazy." The great curse put on Cassandra was that she would see the truth, but no one would believe her.


I think the author missed one of Hollande's major motivating forces-the desire to keep ahead of the extreme right Front National.


Sorry, but I can't agree with the analogy/simile that the West is like a vulture. Vultures do a service to the world in disposing of and recycling the dead. They don't go on a rampage seeking out innocents, and dealing death to millions of them. Humans do that, humans in positions of power and to the extent they share certain characteristics and systems, that's worth a closer look. Vultures aren't even in the same game and they are getting a bad rap here.


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This is the nexus of citizen disenfranchisement from influence over their own government. Zionism has defeated representative government in Washington. If the organs of the state work overtime to spread terror among the sans culottes, the Zionist machinery embedded within the apparatus of government and dominant in the media can actually apply terror to control the behavior of the weak and unfit who have come to rule over us. Most sentient people know this yet even the blunderbusses of swagger in the political theater cannot even allude to this dominant reality. Voltaire once stated that to know who to fear, you need only know who cannot be talked about. If we cannot name them, we cannot contain or eject them. Which is what must be done or our republic ends.


The problem is bigger and broader than Mideast fantasies. It is fantasy---unreason---itself. Unreason is a global epidemic, whether in the form of blowing oneself up so as to be with 57 virgins in heaven, denial of climate change, denial of evolution, a former U.S. president who said he answers to no one but a higher authority, an Army general who sees the outline of Satan on an Iraq operations map, a Connecticut congressman who said U.S. troops were doing God's work in Iraq.

This triumph of faith over reason, of religious doctrine over the enlightenment, of irrational thought over rational, is utterly suicidal.

Many in our society and in government criticize our educational system for failing to prepare our young people for the workplace. Far worse, in my opinion, is the failure to train enough of them to think rationally.

Are we to be governed by the likes of Ben Carson, a man who denies the scientific conclusion of evolution? Or a Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum or Ted Cruz who would base his decisions on biblical teachings? Or by a caliph?

This return to faith-based governance---or the hunger for it---is the pathogen that threatens human existence in every corner of the world. It must be ridiculed and rooted-out at every community gathering, every cocktail party, every opportunity. To accept seemingly benign pronouncements of faith-based living is to give safe harbor to those who would reach for faith-based power.

It is not mere fantasy. It is fatal delusion.


Who says these guys are "ostensibly rational leaders"? No way! Ostensible means capable of being shown. Rational means to make a decision based on reason. As Siouxrose says this is all madness.

"These madmen -- Maniacal in their hate of humanity -- WANT war." Leaders? or puppets? is the question. I think they are NOT leaders but puppets of the wealthy few who do the bidding of their paymasters. It is our duty as citizens to get these evil people out of any 'leadership' roles in our nation.

The United States has NO right to attack and kill people all over the middle east. We need to use our tax funds to meet the needs of our people and to protect our environment. It is our duty as citizens to get these people out of any role of 'leadership'. Be careful of whom you vote for. Do not vote by political party. There is no lesser evil between the Ds and the Rs.