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The West’s ‘Fail-Anthropy’


The West’s ‘Fail-Anthropy’

Vandana Shiva

In 2008, before the climate summit in Copenhagen, I wrote the book Soil Not Oil. It was a time when the intimate connections between climate and agriculture, air and soil were not being recognised in any forum, neither in the negotiations on climate change nor in the climate movement. As we head into the Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 in Paris, agri-corporations are attempting to hijack climate talks once again.


Few people are as brilliant as Ms. Shiva.

Is India signed onto the TIPP or TPP? If so, through those metrics, bio-tech will be force-fed onto India's people along with the rest of us. It's the way that men in suits seek to own, control, and direct Mother Nature. Profit, of course, is part of the calculus but so is the kind of power that is devoid of any faint indication of humanity.

Bill Gates is a dangerous individual. Not only is he pimping for Monsanto, he pushes a plethora of vaccines (part of the "one size fits all" modern medical model) into babies' bodies; and he treats children's minds as generic blank slates to fill via pabulum--standard education and its emphasis on robotic style testing.

"Even though industrial agriculture is a major contributor to climate change and more vulnerable to it, there is an attempt by the biotechnology industry to use the climate crisis as an opportunity to further push GMOs and to deepen their monopoly on global seed supply through biopiracy-based patents on climate resilient seeds, that were bred by farmers over generations."

If wise women like Vandana Shiva were influential in all these trade talks, the diabolical schemes aimed at turning living systems into machines controlled by men in suits... could never become part of the calculus.


What frustrates the most is that the concept of biodiversity equals a healthy ecosystem is hardly new and revolutionary. It's been around for more than a generation. Nevertheless, the importance of biodiversity continues to be ignored in modern mechanized agricultural practices, despite many volumes of case studies that document the perils of monocultural food systems. If Bill Gates truly wants to feed the world, he should at least make an effort to learn the basics of ecology as taught in a high school biology class.


I ended my career calling myself a forensic ecohydrologist. Studying the fate of Florida's Everglades, I discovered a plethora of historical documents that foretold of the soil depletion that would occur by the land "improvement" projects involving ditching and draining the area. The bastards knew that they were going to use (not renew) the earth in order to "develop" the region. They cited well documented accounts of peat depletion in Ireland and knew--with malice aforethought--of the destructive havoc their actions would wreak. If the sea swallows this area due to other blunders of our species can we deny karma?


Thank you Vandana Shiva, your writing informs many and I've learned a lot from reading your articles. Money talks and Bill Gates voice is louder and most people are not in touch with the soil nor know what it gives us. So much is taken for granted by really good people, smart people, caring people who are all consumed with all those commodities not food and water which they take for granted.

I love my soil and garden. Eight years ago my soil was dead from years of abuse of grass and chemicals, it has been 15 years of no chemicals and eight years of enriching the soil thru composting and planting non gmo's and not using chemicals. It is deeming with life. Until your articles, I did not realize how truly important that was for the planet, only for myself and my vegetable garden. Thank you.


India is not yet one of the TPP nations as this only includes nations on the pacific rim. That said other such trade deals are in the works as the Corporatists are pushing these on all corners of the Globe. What they work towards is using all of these smaller trade deals between member nations to eventually come under the umbrella of one that will in essense grant them ultimate authority everywhere , backed by the Western Militaries for those that do not comply.


Thank you for that clarification. Thousands of farmers have already committed suicide in India due to Monsanto pushing its deceptively-marketed "superior seeds" onto them. These seeds, as you know, are sterile. That means each year a farmer (and these farmers are very poor) must purchase a new set.

Mother Nature is incredibly generous. Like a Good Mother, her motive is to feed and nourish all of her children. The way that works in the plant world is that plants are constantly adapting and passing their learned adaptation on to their progeny... in the form of quite fertile seeds.

The control of nature--its herbal medicines, the food living beings require, and the energy systems produced by natural resources--is part of Globalism and the wish on the part of diabolical elites to control all persons. And nature!

I left out the other insidious thing. That those who embrace a mechanistic view of the universe thereby regarding Mother Nature as a machine, never can understand what this consistency for adaptation means. They don't attribute knowledge to the natural world so they disregard ITS innate knowledge.

Nature's systems continue to adapt and that means that yesterday's pesticides fail to work on all pests. The science world ups the ante on poisons, but the process continues. This forces farmers who purchased crops SAID TO BE RESISTANT to insect pests into purchasing the next generation of these toxic substances.

The toxins build up in soil, air, and water and invariably become part of OUR tissues along with those of any animals consumed within the food chain. Although seldom mentioned, anyone who truly understands Biology recognizes that this overload is a primary cause of Cancer.

But Cancer is big business these days. One of those items prized by Shock Doctrine profiteers... so they'd rather see children suffering from Lukemia, and 1 in 3 men wrestling with Prostate (or some other form of) Cancer... with treatments costing hundreds of thousands of dollars per victim/patient.

All of this meddling with, co-opting, poisoning, inverting, possessing, controlling, altering Mother Nature and her millions of creatures is causing karmic blow-back.

There are few entities I despite more than Monsanto and its poster boy, Bill Gates. They are to nature what the MIC is to too many foreign lands.


fail(by)entropy would also describe the apparent premises. also fits with the extractive/projective constant of projecting blame on others for consequences generated by the corporation model of government. Forget MacArthur awards and Nobel prizes and go straight to the elite Macbeth prize struggling to keep all in the dark.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

the royalty of all ages have more often than not had their heads in places where the sun does not shine. and so the people of the world gear up to enter the shredding phase of the elite blanket of darkness and regain our schools, our economies, our environment, our governance and the joy of being alive


The word "metric" has the following meanings as a noun (from Wiktionary)
1. A measure for something; a means of deriving a quantitative measurement or approximation for otherwise qualitative phenomena (especially used in engineering)
2. (mathematics) A measurement of the "distance" between two points in some metric space
3. Abbreviation of metric system.

I fail to see how any of these definitions is applicable for multilateral trade agreements like TIPP or TPP. Are WTO, IMF etc also "metric"s? Or perhaps you use the English language like Humpty Dumpty?