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The Western Media Is Key to Syria Deceptions

The Western Media Is Key to Syria Deceptions

Jonathan Cook

By any reckoning, the claim made this week by al-Qaeda-linked fighters that they were targeted with chemical weapons by the Syrian government in Idlib province — their final holdout in Syria — should have been treated by the western media with a high degree of scepticism.

That the US and other western governments enthusiastically picked up those claims should not have made them any more credible.


When long ago I first learned that journalism was taught in universities I chortled to myself “who needs to be taught how to rake muck?”. As I pondered this situation and observed the course of “journalism” in this country I became aware that the purpose of establishing journalism in academic settings is to set controls upon it. As for what the controls are one only needs to ask the familiar question from antiquity, “cui bono?”. I think most of us here at CD know the answer to that.


Very good points Jonathan and I agree with WiseOwl too that you should pay attention to who wants these stories to appear in the news, and who benefits. I long ago stopped thinking that the press was “incompetent”. I agree with Noam Chomsky that one major function of the press is to tell the stories that those in power want told, and to tell them convincingly. Obviously making them more like actors, and less like journalists. They read the teleprompter, and sometimes seem almost bewildered by what they are reading, as though they had never seen it before and were surprised by the content. When people say we need to defend journalism, I agree, but that doesn’t include Fox, MSNBC, or CNN, because they aren’t journalists. They are paid actors reading their parts, and that is what they get paid for. Journalism still happens around the edges at non-profit web sites and media watchdog outlets like FAIR, but that is not what most people hear.


The thing is the Western media is not this good intentioned monolith that just sometimes gets it wrong. They are deliberately falsifying and obfuscating. They are deliberately ensuring the Public remains ignorant of the truth. These are not “errors”. This is under direction. A German Journalist (who covneiently died of a heart attack shortly after he made these revelations) indicated that it was common practice for a Journalist to print an article under his or her name that was provided to them by Governmnet Intelligence agencies in return for cash. More evidence that these groups work in collusion to deceive is the very fact that so many media agencies deemed independent of one another get it WRONG in the same way. The only way separate news agnecies can all make the same “error” is if they work in conjunction using the same “source”.

As Jimmy Dore quipped “These guys always get it worng and they always get it wrong in favor of more war”.


SuspiraDeProfundis post above is spot on, if you haven’t yet, check it out on youtube, there are videos put together that show this ridiculous practice.
Now they’re trying a new method to “cleanse” their reputations. Scott Pelly, a “news” anchor on CBS news is running a story now about how he cleaned up CBS news by complaining it was a hostile workplace to everyone in his chain of command at the network, and then they fired him. But don’t fret, Pelly has been rehired, every thing is better and all is fixed at CBS news, and they are once again a legitimate news organization. What a sigh of relief.

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The Corporate State, the Corporate Media, the Corporate Enablers (the 95 to 97% who support the Duopoly.)

Sounds like most everyone we know owns a little piece of this responsibility.


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Jimmy Dore responding to a CNN video on the charges against Julian Assange.

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Robert Fisk on this false flag black ops



Thank you for publishing this!
Syria has been on the list of regime change countries since at least the creation of the “Clean Break” doctriine from PNAC (the neocon Project for a New American Century).
But it wasn’t just the neocons, the neoliberal “military humanists” like Susan Power and HRC of the Obama administration continued the policy of aggression against Syria abetted by Saudi Arabia and Israel. The “cruise missile left” trolls won’t like this article. Since Operation Cyclone, the CIA funding of jihadist groups to overthrow the USSR-aligned secular Afghan government in the 1980’s, al Qaeda, al Nusra, ISIS, including the psyop of the “White Helmets” have been funded, armed and trained by the US or US “allies” - especially Saudi Arabia.

See Max Blumenthal’s history of this in his new book, The Management of Savagery.

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From Max Blumenthal’s book - Obama’s “red line” policy toward chemical weapons in Syria, as noted by an Obama official at the time, was “an invitation to a false flag operation.”


Robert Fisk is waffling. He concludes there no doubt the Russians and Syrians have used poison gas (albeit not in this particular attack).

No evidence is offered. This leads to a “if they are doing it so should we” type debate. in fact there more evidence, including video evidence and charges made by the Red Cross , that the USA used White Phosphoros against Syrian Civilians.

This does not mean Assad may not at some point have used gas. Much like the British General who was cutoff by the media when he wondered WHY Assad would do so when he was in fact winning the war and the use of such would only give NATO a backdoor to get into Syria , what we gain from the Western media on this scrore is not reliable in the slightest. I would like Fisk to give his evidence of a Russia and Syria using gas. The when the where and what he based his conclusions on. When the western media lies and fabricates like they have, reliable reports as a matter of course must be thrown in with the un-reliable.

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Why not indeed ask him directly, SDP


Fisk has been exposing fake claims of Syrian use of gas since 2013 so credit where credit is due.

He has also never white washed Syrian government war crimes which I think upsets some of his readers.

There are very few reliable reporters who are actually often on the battle-fields. Fisk is such a journalist. I think he is deserving of our admiration.

But personally I make little distinction between conventional weaponry and the use of gas, both include civilians in their collateral damage Choking to death or bleeding to death, what is the difference?

In each of your links Mr Fisk indicates there NO PROOF that Russia or Syria used Chemical weapons. In this last article he claims they undoubtedbly have. The statements do not match.

No one is suggesting the Syrian army have not committed atrocities or that Civilans not killed at their hand.

The Russians killed many Civilians when they took Berlin . It does not follow that in so doing and committing war crimes such as mass rape “They undoubtedly used Nuclear weapons” to flatten the city. Nor does it follow that because they di not use Nuclear weapons on Berlin that they “squeaky clean”.

It important that this stuff be gotten right and claims of poison gas used be factual. That because it not “killing civilians” the Western powers use to get their interventions in places like Yugoslavia , Iraq, Syria and Libya , it is when claims made they have or are using WMDS. In the case of Libya and Iraq they directly lied about this.

I also tend to rely on Mr Fisk for accurate reporting of the facts along with a small number of other reporters and as such hold him to higher standards then i do the hacks. The excellent article by Robert Cook on the Assange case posted today illustrates why getting it right so important when he describes how reporters resort to group think (Assange sought sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy to evade rape charges).

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Chemical weapons or not, there is absolutely no doubt that ordinary bombing by Syria and Russia, plus executions in Syria’s prisons, have killed hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians, including many children. OK?