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The Whale Wars Continue


The Whale Wars Continue

Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd has accomplished something absolutely remarkable over the last 12 years.

In 2005 we set out to tackle the world’s largest and most destructive whaling fleet. We were told it was impossible by some governments and a few NGO’s.

Hardly anyone even knew about Japan’s illegal slaughter in the Southern Ocean. It was out of sight and out of mind. They were targeting 1,035 whales a year including a yearly quota of 50 endangered Humpbacks and 50 endangered Fin whales.


Which country or countries’ military is giving Sea Shepherd’s location to whalers? And who else are they spying on?


Thank you Sea Shepherd, for being the steward of our oceans’ inhabitants, especially the whales. Your work and struggles are an example of kindness, and humanity’s better nature…keep on keeping on, please.


Thanks for the update. I wish you well, Captain Watson. Your organization gets my donation every month. Use it wisely. May the whales be well.


Valiant in the protection of our friends! Thank you Sea Shepherd…


Can satellites see submarines? Can cameras mounted on drones travel fast enough to overtake a fast ship if launched from a slow ship? Just brainstorming. Now I’m fantasizing about the next Sea Shepherd vessel, the Rainbow Diver.


Is the killing of whales in any way related to the mass beaching of whales and dolphins in recent years? I have read these three things about cetaceans, always in different articles:

  1. Some countries are killing whales for food and medicine, dolphins, too.
  2. Whales and dolphins are often being beached, disoriented and unable to navigate even if they are returned to the water.
  3. One article said that loss of hearing can cause this problem of disorientation. And it can occur from electronic equipment.
  4. Some cetaceans are trained to detonate mines, take apart mines, and attack divers. This has been going on since the days of Flipper(a favorite TV show of mine as a child in Florida).

Are these things related?


Great question.


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