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The White House as Donald Trump’s New Casino


The White House as Donald Trump’s New Casino

Nomi Prins

During the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly emphasized that our country was run terribly and needed a businessman at its helm. Upon winning the White House, he insisted that the problem had been solved, adding, “In theory, I could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly. There's never been a case like this.”


Another good article that corroborates what I posted before Trump was elected when I posted: " Trump running for POTUS is strictly a business decision".


So now, thanks to Nomi Prins’ historical survey and business acumen, we begin to see why it is absolutely necessary to recognize this as an OLD corrupt materialist colonizer playbook. Ask any person indigenous or other than -anglo.


No doubt Trump will ruthlessly or patronizingly take advantage of Disaster Capitalism; ruthlessly profit following natural disasters; patronizingly profit for such victims in southern and red States to buy loyalty more than project a false image of heartfelt concern.


Further proof that “You can fool all of The People some of the time, and some of The People all of the time — and those are pretty good odds!”


The White House a criminal enterprise under Trump, no wonder the visitor’s log was scraped. Maybe, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Inspector Gadget, someone, somebody from somewhere please can be brought in to investigate, and to bring this criminal enterprise to real justice, pronto.


Trump is stacking Federal courts with more right wing extremist judges to assure that any semblance of “real justice” is history and the old adage “how much justice can you afford” becomes more widespread than ever before…


But, Jesus is coming back and non-believers are all going to hell anyway, so who cares, right?


The only casino game I would be interested in watching is “Russian Roulette” played by DJT, his cabinet, his VP and his very own trash tribe with fully loaded revolvers…with only one blank in the cylinders


Can there be a better example of the president’s self-serving attitude than his interpretation of federal conflict-of-interest laws? He pats himself on the back for turning down a $2 billion deal he was offered in Dubai. “I didn’t have to turn it down,” he states, “because, as you know, I have a no-conflict situation because I’m president . . . But I don’t want to take advantage of something.” So true. As true as true as anything he’s ever said. His reputation for selflessness and altruism was well known before he became president. It would be so unlike him to take advantage.
“In November, after the election,” Nomi Prins writes, “Trump announced that ‘the law’s totally on my side, the president can’t have a conflict of interest.’” This is tantamount to Louis XIV’s declaration that France’s interests, and his own, were so intertwined that “L’État, c’est moi.” To Trump’s way of thinking, “America First” is just another way of saying “Trump First.” Yet the emoluments clause in the Constitution was explicitly devised to separate the president’s personal interests from the nation’s interests.
Trump’s claims are all vaguely reminiscent of medieval England, when the divine right of kings endowed the ruler with an elastic, expansive immunity from wrongdoing under the doctrine that “The King can do no wrong.” This doctrine was challenged by the Magna Carta, which granted the King’s subjects rights that gradually eroded the King’s authority. The expansive notion of the doctrine eventually gave way to a contractive notion under the terms of which it could be argued that: “The King can do no wrong. This is wrong. Ergo, the King can’t do it.”
There is no shortage of lawyers in this country. When will they make the president subject to the law?


So why is the left running away from the NFL protest issue? I can see tonight the military corporate police state is fighting back. Be good slaves -don’t question. In Saudi Arabia they put you to death for speaking against the government. In the US they use some kind of mind control through the media and the military. And this mind control is in full force tonight. Look around and see how deeply embedded the racism is in US culture. Racism and militarism go hand in hand.

Colin Kaepernick is sidelined because of his political views—what message does this send to every young American. Colin Kaepernick is the PATRIOT! Mind control from the police state is happening right NOW.


As Prins has shown, there are plenty of lawyers filing lawsuits against Trump. The problem is that he and other coporate lackies like Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Obama et al appointed the judges. In addition Trump uses his Bully Pulpit to demonize any judge that rules contrary to his interests.


What isn’t on and for sale in US? I don’t know, but i know what is; among them is honesty’ probably also most expensive an item to buy; followed by religion, priestly classes, presidencies, congress, religions, police/law protection, healthcare, information, education, army, CIA, FBI, news, etc.
All that is sold and bought.


If Jesus had established his church and it is still around to this day, he still refuses to disclose which one it is among now existing 40k of them.

According to the bible, not one person showed up at the tomb where jesus’ body lay to witness his coming out of the closed tomb.
And in spite of the fact that bible says jesus healed thousands of people; probably witnessed by up to one million people; won over to his new religion thousands of the middle easterners, but not one came to the tomb in time to witness jesus’ exit from the closed tomb.

Yes, according to the bible, tomb was closed until an angel had opened it and saw that tomb was empty. But even the three women and dear friends of jesus, came too late to the tomb to see jesus exiting the tomb.

And even tho jesus had healed anywhere from 10k to 200k people, none testified to sanhedrin to even one such healing. Where they that much unthankful and that much dumb not to have thought of jesus at a minimum as the promised messiah?

But, say, say jesus rose? Why then head to distant and hated Galilee; instead of nearby synagog and by doing that proved to his dearly-loved judeans that he is god, son of god, messiah, prophet, highest priest, holy man, king of the jews, spiritual king of the jews.

And since jesus was not to ascend to his father for forty days, he could have been seen by at least two million people, instead of mere 500 loonies.



Fair enough. The president has been sued a lot, before and after entering the White House. But to what effect? If he’s too big to jail, just like the bankers, it’s because the law and the courts have been corrupted, as you suggest.


We need a new Magna Carta – one that not only limits the ability of “our” government and the members thereof to suppress Us the People, but one that severely limits the ability of corporations (aka conspiracies) to plunder our personal livelihoods and our commons.


Today I saw a CNN focus of five white individuals. Three of them now had doubts about their votes for Trump. I did not watch through to find out why they voted for him. Obviously, a certain portion of the votes for Trump were people who fell for the business con. How many that made up of the total may be smaller frankly than sheer racism from what we knew even before the election. I would just add the last couple decades seem to have infantilized the country to some degree as whole. To trust in a casino grifter basically shows this, In another day, no one in their right mind would have linked good businessperson and Trump together in the same sentence. And, the fact that gaming IS so big now, has been sort of a sidecar of the mentality so many Americans have come to accept. Many ill read younger folk literally do not realize that starting in the 80’s under Reagan the casinoization of the economy began. They have never known any different.