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The White House Budget Proposal Doesn’t Add Up


The White House Budget Proposal Doesn’t Add Up

Josh Hoxie

The political theater that passes for serious policy debate is about to run into an unfortunate reality as Donald Trump’s budget plan comes face to face with its arch-nemesis: arithmetic.

It’s impossible to cut taxes, increase spending, and balance the budget. That’s not political bluster. That’s math.

Throughout the campaign and since, Trump promised to invest in infrastructure, pass an enormous tax cut, boost military spending, cut “waste, fraud, and abuse,” and protect Social Security and Medicare — and, of course, balance the budget.


Despite Saint Ron and the GOP successfully branding themselves as champions of small gubmit, deficit hawking and fiscal responsibility, this article applies to every GOP budget from the past three decades. The GOP always spends more money than the Democrats, the major difference being the GOP extracts broader and faster wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1% and their military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC).

Seeing how Saint Ron is more popular among Democrats and Republicans today than he was when he slept through his two POTUS terms, why won't "Trump's impressive oratory skills overcome basic mathematics" ?


Many Trump voters, like Reagan and Bush voters before them, just can't seem to grasp the fact that, at its core, this is class warfare, it's been going on since Reagan, and most of them are on the losing side, as well as the rest of us.


That is the heart of the matter. Somehow the concept of 'class warfare' has been denigrated to the point that millions of people believe it's 'evil'. Too bad they are not paying attention to what is in front of their faces.


Despite Warren Buffett confirming in 2006 that "class warfare exists and my side is winning", anybody suggesting class warfare might exist continues to be labeled as jealous of the wealthy and a conspiracy theorist, and not just by the GOP.


According to public opinion polls, Americans believe nearly a third of the budget goes to international aid. In reality, it’s less than 1 percent.

I'm not sure such public opinion polls are accurate if they are based on filling in bubbles by anonymous individuals, but if such an opinion as this is expressed and is traceable, those so responding should immediately have any State and/or Federal assistance he/she is receiving rescinded.

Also, on the basis of such stupidity and the assurance for the safety of the general public, any firearms he/she own should be taken away.


Please educate yourself on scientific polling — and on privacy and the Constitution — before you make such suggestions. Any poll worth citing is based on assured anonymity, random selection of respondents, and direct contact to collect the information. I don't know where you may have gotten a notion of "filling in bubbles," but you're just. plain. wrong.

And I'm not sure there's any value in an opinion expressed in "if ... then" propositions.


I assume you are joking. I pretty much was. There is not any great degree of science in polling. Lady, if you want to have readers take you seriously, you really have to lighten up. Your general tendency toward arrogance on the one hand with what seems to be a certain degree of a lack of self confidence reflect negatively on your credibility.