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The White House Didn't Want You To Hear Stephen Miller's Voice Defend Family Separation (And the NYT Said OK)


The White House Didn't Want You To Hear Stephen Miller's Voice Defend Family Separation (And the NYT Said OK)

Julia Conley, staff writer

Although far-right activist-turned-White House policy adviser Stephen Miller has been a chief architect of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy and its forcible separation of families, he has remained largely behind the scenes as outrage has grown over the practice—and on Tuesday, with help from the New York Times, the White House kept it that way.


Stephen Miller must be Fired.

Fired just like Joan of Arc was “fired.”


There is a meme going around Facebook that Miller’s great-grandparents came to this country as asylum seekers from Belarus, where armed men would patrol the streets looking for Jews to kill. They came to New York with $8 and no legal documents.

This is from Wikipedia:

Miller grew up in a liberal-leaning Jewish family in Santa Monica, California.[17][18] He is the second of three children born to Michael D. Miller, a real estate investor, and Miriam (Glosser) Miller. His mother’s family immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s from Belarus escaping the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire (1903-1906).[19][20] When his family arrived in the United States, his great-grandmother only spoke Yiddish, the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. However, in spite of their poverty, as did most poor immigrants, most of the family learned English, worked hard and opened successful businesses in Pennsylvania —“the classic immigration success story”.

Melania Trump came here to model and overstayed her work visa illegally, and then after Trump took her in, "chain migrated’ her family here.

These people are not the only hypocrites in this country, but certainly they are the most blatant…


I appropriated this from documentary filmmaker Michael Moore’s Facebook, but I don’t think he’ll mind:

"Ah, America! We’ve gone from separating Indian babies from their parents (and then exterminating them), to stealing babies from their slave parents (and then re-selling them into slavery), to building a country on child labor (working in factories as young as 8-yrs. old), to incarcerating Japanese-American toddlers in internment camps, to allowing priests to sexually abuse children for decades, to forcing buckets of high-fructose corn syrup down kids’ throats until half of them are part of a childhood obesity epidemic, to turning our schools into killing fields because we love our guns more than we love our kids – who the hell are we kidding? Stop being shocked and surprised that Trump is kidnapping Hispanic children from their parents as if “this isn’t who we are!” Yes, it is. It has ALWAYS been who we are. Don’t say Trump is violating “our American values.” Abusing children IS an historic American value. Be proud, America – Trump is us.

“In order to stop this madness we need to stop telling each other fairy tales about the past and confront the present by putting our bodies on the line for these kids. Find out where in your area they have stashed the children Homeland Security have kidnapped (18 states have jails where they’ve put these kids — in my area, it’s a Betsy DeVos-funded joint called “Bethany Christian Services” in Grand Rapids, MI) — go there, surround the building and refuse to leave until the children are reunited with their parents. If these were your kids, that’s EXACTLY what you would do. They are your kids.”

Like it or not, (I don’t) this is what the United States has always been like, under Democrats and Republicans.

Trump questioned why terrorists were taken out, but their families allowed to live. Obama just droned whole families without asking any questions.

Is this country ugly enough to you yet to demand change? Or shall we just return to the status quo and claim victory?


It’s the White House not the NY Times that is our problem. That should be clear after Trump has occupied the White House for almost a year and half. A white supremacist like Miller should be nowhere near the DC beltway. This ugly side of America which Trump has brought to the front pages is something that is part of America but should not be governing a country with over 100 million people who do not fit the the description of iwhat Miller believes is an acceptable American.




Love the Michael Moore quote. Thank you for “borrowing” it and sharing it. I really don’t think Michael would mind. What he says is absolutely true, of course.

The quoted tweets from Jeremy Scahill and Naomi Klein in the article above are equally true.

The photo of Stephen Miller in this article deserves the following caption: “Behold the face of Fascism 2018!”. These guys are as close to being Nazi-like as anything we’ve seen.


You must forgive me if I consider them both to be a problem. Part of the same problem, actually.


He (miller) is likely a pedophile.


You’re a much better investigative reporter than the Times has ever been, good work.
I hope Millers mother and grandmother are proud of the little Nazi they’ve raised, chip off the old Hitler block.



Sorry to have to write this, but it’s True: those survivor grandparents of Millers’ most likely contributed to his becoming such a monster, albeit with “good intentions.”

How many who survived such heinous violence went on to never—or rarely—talk about it? Rarely cry or scream? Rarely, if ever, break down? Rarely, if ever, stop “business as usual” to deal with the long term consequences of being targeted for such monstrous violence?

In my experience of working with the descendants of survivors of such mass traumas, I have found that those whose elders chose to silence their memories and their ongoing legacy are burdened by the historical trauma in a way they neither understand nor can control.

Many, if not most, of them, become perpetrators of violence themselves.

Often the violence is covert, deniable—even “normal” within the context of this violent modern excuse for a culture. Nonetheless, it wreaks havoc on its perpetrators as well as its victims. Nonetheless, it wreaks havoc upon successive generations—of humans, and of all our relations.

Many, many survivors of mass crimes against Life choose to put all the force of their unmetabolized trauma into fighting only for physical survival—read: material achievement/security—for “them and theirs”.

In imagining that by not feeling their feelings about the violence they endured they are protecting their descendants from the consequences of it, these well-meaning folks perpetuate the foundational lie of mental supremacy.

The lie that says the human mind can, and should, have dominion over all Life.

Whatever mind refuses to see will vanish!

Whatever mind refuses to grace with the word won’t hurt anyone.

And since all the average human mind perceived is the narrow sliver of Reality readily disclosed by the untrained physical senses, that must be all there is!

Therefore, the only possible aim of human Life is material.

Get enough money that you can—if not protect, at least distract, yourself from the inevitable unsatisfactoriness of this Earth.

Get enough money to insure that you’re not targeted for the worst of its unavoidable cruelty.

Get enough money to insulate “you and yours” from the sufferings of “others”.

Get enough money that “your” descendants will be better insulated than you!

No matter what it takes. No matter what these efforts cost “others”.

Hey, those “others” didn’t stop the world from tormenting me/mine, so f _ _ _ them!

They deserve what they get.

They’re always trying to kill me/mine anyway! And I have a God-given right to fight for the survival of mme/mine by any means necessary.

The descendants of those who chose to take only this lesson from their immiseration are, inevitably, miserable.

They are haunted, quite literally, by the unacknowledged demons of their forebearers.

They are desperate for Love, but invariably fight like—well, demons—against the surrender of egoistic barriers necessary to True communion.

At a profound biological level, they perceive the Earth as inevitably hostile, and play out the hostility in relation with their own physical bodies and their emotions.

They play the hostility out in intimate relationships, habitually acting as if control is caring, and posession is Love.

They can’t stop the habitual behaviors even though they evidently cause suffering, because survival-terror—not to mention, the intense, reflexive loyalty to the people—the family members—who survived horror—mitigates against any radical change.

Thus, Israel.

Thus, Stephen Miller.

Thus, legions of leaders of movements for “liberation” all over the world who reiterate—and usually expand upon—the most sadistic excesses of those they imagine they are liberating us all from.

Thus, most modern humans’ increasingly ecocidal daily behaviors…

We’ll never stop this deadly cycle without a fundamentally different understanding of Self and world.

One that takes into account the fact that our species has always had aspirations that go far beyond the mere physical continuation of me/mine/us.

One that takes into account the fact that these aspirations reflect our Nature better than does the materialist paradigm. That these aspirations are congruent with the nature of Reality as increasingly disclosed by modern science as well as by perennial wisdom.

One that takes into account the fact that we’re all one in the Water. What we do to one, we do to all.

One that takes into account the fact that there is nowhere to throw anything away on this Earth. Reduce, reuse, recycle is not just a political slogan born of the mind of man. It is the way of Nature, the way of Life.

Trauma will never be resolved through trying to hide, ignore, or silence it.

The only thing that strategy produces is more and worse trauma for all.

Just about everyone’s guilty of trying to act as if our minds can get over, under, or around that Law. Almost everyone would rather use the mind’s good knife to dissociate from the terror and pain of trauma than feel into it. And keep feeling into it until it yields up the medicine secreted inside the poison…

And every one of us can choose to act differently.

When we do, everything changes. In ways that are impossible for our minds to grok, predict, control.

To the extent that we are exclusively identified with the mind/ego, we will refuse to experiment with integral alternatives in our daily living. For to the ego/mind, the aim of life is control. Whatever doesn’t apparently lead to predictability and control is dangerous; whatever does is meritorious.

The mind/ego is so innately narcissistic that it actually imagines that Life could not progress if it didn’t have a plan for moving it forward. So to it, the status quo always looks better than the unknown—no matter how wretched the status quo is.

Thus, we keep doing the same old things. And not just hoping for a different result, but also deluding ourselves that we’re seeing one. Even when mountains of evidence testify to the contrary…

Will the humans unlock the mystery of trauma at last? Will we defy all rational odds and consent to let trauma Change our ancient ways of moving, perceiving, feeling and acting, for the progressive good of all our relations?

It’s a dramatic season-end finale here on Human Evolution, kids! Don’t touch that remote control!


All the news that’s fit to print

(But apparently not to air without Killer Clown’s OK)


I’m sure trauma has it’s effect on a persons mental health, I’ve seen it also. There were millions affected by what happened in WWII, that dos not give Israel or Millers parents / grandparents a free pass to harm society as they please. Perhaps the world should have offered counseling to these victims after the war, if indeed the industry even knew how to treat these types of patients at that time.
Calling people stupid, or their writings stupid is not helping you’re agenda.


A profoundly interesting post! Well done!


I apologize, friend.

I do not perceive you as stupid. Please forgive me for not starting my last piece with a parenthesis letting you know that.

I was inspired by, riffing on, jamming WITH your comment!

I did not mean to diss you, but it’s obvious why it seems that I did! My clumsiness. My bad! (Insert emoticon: martial artist who just inadvertently smacked sparring partner in the nose bowing deeply, while blushing furiously!)

The “stupid” playfully addressed in the title of my last post is inside all of us. It often responds well to such roughhousing, as long as it’s Truly friendly. It needs a lot of discipline to be an asset to the human family, rather than a menace.

But it’s very hard to convey the gesture and tone of friendly roughhousing via this sense-shorn medium.

Imagine a litter of large-breed puppies tumbling together across a meadow on a brisk, windy spring day.

And again, please accept my humble apology.