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The White House Dreamer Deal Isn't a Compromise. It's a Racist Ransom Note.

The White House Dreamer Deal Isn't a Compromise. It's a Racist Ransom Note.

Juan Escalante

As the White House’s senior advisor for policy, Stephen Miller seems to have one goal: to take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty and shove the remains into the Upper New York Bay.

Excuse double post.

No, the “shadow bankers” are running “President” Trump through them and the behind the scenes financialists are running the show. This Counterpunch article describes what’s being done and who the “shadow bankers” are who is pushing all the new agendas and shows to me that the president is a stooge who doesn’t really understand that he is one. He’s not a president but he plays one on TV but believes he’s for real.


The president’s “base” are still big fans and most of the rest who are appalled by him will blame him alone for everything when the neo bubble bursts. How far to the Right will the shadow bankers and those in cahoots with them be able push things? Where it will all go, what will come of it all, remains to be seen.

My hunch is that Present President is being set up be the scapegoat when things start to go big time bad. He and his spokes folks are already taking credit for the “surging” stock market. He and they are citing it as evidence that the Right way is the right way.

No one who has a media voice is seemingly able to see that it is a bubble like 1929 and 2008. The corporate finance officials are like good “useful idiots” buying up their own stock to increase its value. It has become a not quite deliberate “pump and dump” scam — the “dump” part hasn’t really started yet. When they try to cash out their imaginary profit, that’s when the bubble will burst, and since only ten percent or less of the money in all the currencies that are traded, bouught and sold and bet on is real coin of a real realm, the rest being database delusion, it stands a chance of becoming a bubble pop heard round the world.


It isn’t even “shadow bankers” - they are out int the open- even want to make birth control and abortion illegal- they are not nuts- just dangerous.

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One only has to read what the KKK, neo-nazis, alt-right, etc wants to realize what is going on. What they want is a white Christian America. Nobody else should be allowed in and everyone else should be removed. The goal amounts to ethnic cleansing on a vast scale. The Constitution and laws will have to be ignored to reach their goal and that is one of the hallmarks of fascism. The so-called deal should be interpreted as one step to fascist takeover of the US. What is behind this is a dangerous populist movement, similar to the movements that occurred in Europe during the 1930s.

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My vision for this Cinco de Mayo:

At the bottom of Trump’s celebratory Taco salad is big pile of something other than refried beans–best to be imported.

Please forgive the double-dip, but has anyone else noticed his vacuous, soul-less eyes?

The Democrats–not even mentioned in this article, just as they’re absent from so many articles calling for a stance that would require a spine–aren’t going to stand firm in this negotiation.

Prepare yourself for the inevitable: Excuses, apologies, and cave ins. A guarantee: Democratic votes to fund Trump’s wall, the ultimate prize to bring his base out in huge numbers in November.

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This is just a guess but he looks heavily medicated to me.

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Wow. Conspiracy theories nested in conspiracy theories - and not fact in sight…

Maybe antidepressants out the what-the-wazoo. (not sure how to spell this term.)

It is something, one eye looks smaller than the other and that can be the result of illness, I dunno.

The Rs are defending 8 senate seats, the Ds 24, plus Bernie and Angus King’s seat. Tough odds.

And sadly, the Dems need racists and bigots in their big tent. That’s the only way they can win seats like Doug Jones’ in bama. That’s kinda their problem–needing to please everyone, and ultimately pleasing no one.

The Dems won’t have the luxury of running against pedophiles in every race.

Nor do they have the luxury of a unified message. Frankly, I don’t know what they stand for.