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The White House Wouldn’t Post Trump Staffers’ Financial Disclosures. So We Did


The White House Wouldn’t Post Trump Staffers’ Financial Disclosures. So We Did.

Ariana Tobin, ProPublica, Derek Kravitz, ProPublica

In a remarkable Friday night news dump, the Trump administration made dozens of White House staffers’ financial disclosure forms available. But they did it with an extra dose of opacity.

These are important disclosures from the people who have the president’s ear and shape national policy. They lay out all sorts of details, including information on ownership of stocks, real estate and companies, and make possible conflicts of interest public.


Is this what is meant by a representative form of government!


Yep, no doubt about it; excellent business acumen and a great business decision by Trump to run for POTUS!


Why can't someone hack Drump's taxes?


Because he hasn't paid any???? 🤡


Yet the MSM is obsessed with mythical threats to US democracy from RUSSIAN oligarchs!


Great answer!


It's good to see that there is an actual money trail from the Mercers to Bannon.


When the Chinese President stays at Mar a Lago next week, how much will Trump or his company make in revenue for the 2 days of meetings? From the Chinese? From the US taxpayers? Is this not a direct violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution?


Yes it's true, I've learned a lot from you! Thank yah; thank yah verah much :sunglasses:


It sure as hell seems like it is to me! And that explains a 'bigly' part of the reason he wasn't willing to divest himself of his holdings.


" And we want your help: If you see anything that merits a closer look,"

There is one thing weird. The persons listed are all successful businessmen and women, and not some professional politicians in someone's pocket. Now that is kind of unusual and worth looking into.


The threats are NOT mythical and will serve to topple this diabolical demagogue and his mob of flying monkeys.


Not one of the "successful business men and women" that are now cabinet secretaries has provided full financial disclosure (nor totally divested of their investments/properties, etc.), which is unprecedented prior to this administration. These megalomaniacs know less than zero about how government works (Ms. Devoid (of brains), secy of Ed, does not even know rudimentary civics): IT IS NOT A BUSINESS WITH THE SOLE IMPERATIVE OF MAKING A PROFIT FOR THE EXECUTIVES AND SHAREHOLDERS. Their success certainly did not come without hyperbole, collusion, and predatory practices. If there is nothing to hide, then DISCLOSE without hesitation and divest with integrity.