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'The Whole Damn System Is Guilty as Hell': Protests Erupt Nationwide After No Officers Charged for Killing of Breonna Taylor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/whole-damn-system-guilty-hell-protests-erupt-nationwide-after-no-officers-charged


Charged with shooting out a couple of windows when some shots missed Ms. Taylor.

White vigilantes and rouge cops (Regulators) loose in America. First they come for people of color and those considered ‘the others’, next they come for … anyone that speaks out against the new order.

Nazis are roaming the streets of America, in its justice and governmental system. Jefferson said the blood of patriots will occasionally be required to restore liberty.


It’s a testimony to black Louisville’s restraint that they haven’t burned down half the city.


Where are my gun toting second amendment Patriots? You’d think they would be standing side by side with the black lives matter protesters decrying things like no-knock warrants and state sponsored police brutality.
Oh wait. Breonna Taylor was black?
Never mind.


“The whole damn system is guilty as hell,”

That system starts with the capitalist mindset that made the invasion, theft of indigenous land, the theft of their lives and the kidnapping, enslaving and forced migration in the most inhumane conditions across the ocean to this same land and the continuing theft of black and indigenous lives. And, mind you, all one under a “christian” ethos. Such “christianity” needs to die along with the “doctrine of Discovery”.

Read what it was like in the pivotal moment of 1968: On The Ropes, Neil J. Smith will be release on October 30 of this year.



Jefferson said a lot of good things but he was, at heart, a coward and no friend of black and indigenous lives. An entire re-imagining of this system followed by action is required.


I’m given to understand that we are part and parcel of a democratic government of the people, by the people and for the people and that the bunch of crooks are none of that. We have no use for a royalist government.

Because we live in a democracy we tolerate the royalists among us but to be honest we don’t think much of them. They can be somewhat short on integrity.

Their leaders wrap Christianity around themselves but too often they’re not acting like Christians would act. It’s almost like Christianity was something to be strip-mined and then someday abandoned back to nature when the mine peters out.


Please, if I showed up there with an AR-15, I would be immediately confronted and attacked by the mob. Many non-progressives people are none-the-less opposed to unconstitutional abuses like no-knock warrants, confiscation of homes cars and money without conviction (or even charges) and ‘red-flag’ laws which allow both based solely on rumors The PTB play people off at one another (divide and conquer) to maintain their strangle hold on power. I deplore the death of Breonna but in reality it’s the boyfriends fault - when you open fire on anyone (police or not) expect them to fire back. He knew she was there but he was willing to risk her life to save his. When you first wake up, you are almost always going to make the wrong decision in a critical situation, and he did. That is exactly why the gun kept by the bedside is a stupid idea.

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Why not charge the SOB who inked the no-knock order?


Charge with what exactly …?

Seems like a felony Fourth Amendment violation if nothing else.

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Authoritarian Police State, Fascism, Oligarchy, … militarized police state=militarized state police… Wake up… Trump=Biden… One Party System…


While violation of the fourth Amendment may be true (as is asset forfeiture), there aren’t any specific laws that I’m aware of detailing violations of the Constitution as a felony. If there were, all those opposed to gun rights would be in jail along with those opposing religion and free speech.

and the PTB will continue to divide us in order to maintain power.


You don’t seem to understand the second and fourth amendments, let me explain. The second gives everyone the right to bear arms, at all times, especially in your own home. Thanks to the second amendment, laws like the castle doctrine and stand your ground exist. That brings us to the fourth, where a no-knock warrant is clearly illegal, as the police are always under the (non) burden of knocking on a door to present a warrant, announcing their intentions to those inside. In the era of castle doctrine and stand your ground, anyone that kicks in your door is automatically assumed to be a threat, giving you the right/duty to fire on them to protect yourself and the people in your home.
It’s amazing the double standard at play here. If the police/FBI/ATF had showed up at the home of a white gun nut, and kicked his door in without warrant, and he fired at the officers, he would be being canonized as a hero.


That is an outright disgusting, heartless, and frankly stupid thing to say. Shame on you!


Great post. The PTB have through the mass media taken an issue of Police Brutality & Murder against Black People and have created a racial issue, a Black-White divisive issue…Just like in the NFL, the taking a knee against Police brutality converted to a anti-patriotic issue, anti-flag… This power of the police against people if not addressed will easily be applied to all races, not just one race…Now when people hear of the BLM movement, the mass media pitches it as a leftist group… a racial issue…and now the POTUS can leverage the BLM within his “base” of voters…


Please read up on Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on the Tree of Liberty’s need of watering. It is very thirsty.


But, when (white) Justine Diamond was shot dead by (black) Officer Mohamed Noor in yet another colossal police fuck-up, he went to prison. We Americans are consistent.


Martial Law=military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law… yes, this is how ML starts… this country is being prepared for Martial Law…actually these and all of the Black Killings-Murders are part of the emergence of Martial Law… The pandemic lock-down, too was part of it…yes. the militarization of civilian police forces, we are headed in this direction, and as the environment and economies collapse, Martial Law will be implemented… Everything is connected…