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'The Whole Damn System Is Guilty as Hell': Protests Erupt Nationwide After No Officers Charged for Killing of Breonna Taylor

I fully believe that the boyfriend had the ‘right’ to defend himself and Breonna, under the castle-doctrine and the 2nd Amendment, but having a right does not mean that one should exercise it in overwhelmingly dangerous circumstances. He fired first without determining his target, a critical error. Believe it or not the police do show up at white peoples houses and do get shot if they instantly open fire - or sometimes just as a ‘precautionary measure’ while asleep! *ttps://reason.com/2020/03/16/maryland-man-killed-in-no-knock-swat-raid-was-shot-while-asleep-family-says/

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Your comment was so incoherent that I had to read it several times, but for you to blame the boyfriend for standing his ground and shooting at armed attackers invading his apartment is absolutely insane and outrageous.
There are many instances of police shooting UNARMED citizens.
The boyfriend didn’t know who they were.
And having a gun nearby to defend yourself against home invaders is one of the main reasons people have a gun.
You’re defending the murderous police.
Sickening, not progressive, wrong, pathetic babble.
What divides us aren’t the “powers that be,” but that some of us have a heart, brain, and conscience, but others don’t.


Not defending the police - you are in too much of a hurry to attack anyone not 100% supportive of 'THE NARRATIVE". Yes he has the right to own a gun, yes he has the right to defend himself, BUT if you shoot without knowing your target, bad things happen. Sometimes you shoot at the police, but other times you shoot a t a family member or someone trying to prank you. I think no-knock warrants are unconstitutional, but they are a fact gun owners must deal with. When one first awakens, your brain is not functioning, you dont process sensory information correctly and you react on instinct rather than logic - all reasons for not shooting first and asking questions later.

Your comment tells me that you don’t understand what castle doctrine and stand your ground means. You, as an armed individual, only need feel threatened in order to use lethal force. And if you are in your home, you are under no such expectations, as any one on your property that you didn’t invite there, can be considered a threat (I’m not saying I agree with these ridiculous laws, I’m just saying they are the law).
What you are seeing is the domestic application of the same military tactics used in th Middle East for the last two decades. Kick in doors, and shoot anyone who is not immediately compliant.
The day will come that someone opens fire on a policeman at their door. And since the officer is armed, and clearly presents a threat, a good attorney will get that person off based solely on stand your ground statutes.
If I were black in the United States I would purchase an assault rifle, today. It’s a shame to say this, but the system is clearly not interested in protecting the rights of African Americans. They are only interested in protecting the white dominant status quo.


And any protesters should take note of the “behind the scenes” skullduggery:



USA Today’s European branch offered this report, which i found to be comprehensive in its detail. I know nothing about USA Today so would appreciate any comments on the veracity of the article:


Clearly, you just woke up.


Yes those things are all true, for whites as well as blacks (read the article in the posted link). BUT the fact remains that exercising your rights in a country that does not believe in those rights is dangerous. Whether you are black or white (or oriental, or native american, or a blend), you are correct that everyone should own a modern long gun and know how to use it. In my mind the only use for a handgun is to fight your way to your rifle. We all have rights, but if I walk into a biker bar and yell 'Harleys Suck!" I had best be prepared for the consequences.

LOL -Well I am over 30 (and white), so that probably also helps make my comments irrelevant.

It would more accurately reflect the American ethos to make the chant “No Lives Matter.” IJS 🤷


No lives matter to those in power.


Slowly but surely, a very small minority of US citizens are coming around to understand what has been true for more than half a century - American government is completely corrupt to the core and in no way exists as a representative government even in the slightest. There is not now, and has not been, any validity to the US government for much of their relatively brief history. They violate their own charter, (the US Constitution), with impunity and they are in fact for sale to anyone who can afford to pay for them


I first became aware of the movement in this country toward fascism with the actions of our first treasonous president, modern era (made a secret and illegal deal with the enemy to aid his election) -his attack on peaceful protesters(not for the first time by the government of this country–(see union struggles-women’s suffrage movement-the civil rights movement)-the war on drugs-and the assassination of many black leaders–Trump is using a well worn playbook that has been employed by almost every president since then–think Obama was better???–remember Occupy Wall Street and DAPL where he literally allowed militarily armed thugs in the employ of the corporation being protested to beat down the unarmed , peaceful protesters–letting it" play out" as in giving the thugs permission to attack–so all of you all that are just waking up to what has been the reality for so many for so many decades --welcome–I hope you are not too late


** “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants . It is it’s natural manure.”
** Thomas Jefferson
** The Tree of Liberty is looking pretty wan right now. Definitely needs a lot of that natural manure to bloom again.
** Instead, we are looking at the SA and the SS on the march again, obeying the orders of the fuehrer. C’mon, People, time to get to work!


Any black Republican is an Uncle Tom. Period. Of course just about all officeholders in both parties are lackies of the corporate oligarchy, which is why we need to quit voting for them and clean house.


Not just an Uncle Tom, but also as Malcolm X said, “a house nigger who gets to abuse the field niggers on behalf of the white devil.”


The right and left should be united in ending no knock warrants.


Did you just wake up from a catatonic coma?


The fault lies with the non-uniformed armed thugs who unannounced broke down the door.

Everything that followed, followed from that. Your defense of these racist thugs is despicable.


But if the bikers break down your door in your sleep, armed, no announcement, not dressed in biker gear, wouldn’t you say that’s a very different story?

Your bizarre defenses of this horror are despicable.