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The Widening Cracks in Zionism


The Widening Cracks in Zionism

Lawrence Davidson

Ideological movements, be they religious or secular, are demanding and Procrustean movements. By ideological movements I mean those that demand of their adherents resolute belief in some “deep set of truths” posited by a deity, by supposed immutable historical laws, or by some other equally unchallengeable source. Their followers, once initiated, or even just born into the fold, are expected to stay there and, as the saying goes, “keep the faith.”


I know that I am not considered to be "Jewish" by the fundamentalist ideologues of the Jewish right-wing. Let them try to imagine saying such a thing to me while sitting next to me in the gas chamber at Auschwitz. FOR SHAME!!! To see my people take on the mantle of oppressors, to emulate those who only a couple of generations ago killed us en masse. Target and isolate the "impure". What is the difference between demanding blond hair and blue eyes, and demanding obeisance to a particular subset of beliefs within a religion that has, for thousands of years, been inclusive of the full range of beliefs within the scope of "Judaism?" Let these ignorant people walk the grounds of Auschwitz and, in their utter arrogance, contemplate who of us deserved the gas and who did not.


Jews of conscience in the U.S. can join JVP: Jewish Voice for Peace. Those in Canada can also join IJV: Independent Jewish Voices. Sign up on-line. These associations are supporting BDS, justice for Palestinians and an end to the brutal occupation. They are saying to the U.S. and Canadian Israel lobbies, "Not in my name." Silence is complicity.


Last Thursday I heard a lecture by Dr. Jeff Halper. He is an American Jew who moved to Isreal decades ago and has dual citizenship. He is an anthropologist who has been an activist for years with a focus on house demolition.

I had no idea how bad things are. Palestinians can buy land, but they can't build a house but needing a place to live they build anyway and their house goes on the list for destruction. Halper invented the phrase "matrix of control" to make the case that the 2 state solution is dead. The Zionists control everything and middle class Palestinians for the most part leave the country, if they can.

As with things in the I/P area, they are complex so here is an article that covers some of the ground of the lecture

Interview | Jeff Halper: “A two-state solution is no longer viable, we must stop talking about it” Jeff Halper, co-founder and coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) talks exclusively to Ceasefire's Livia Bergmeijer about the end of the two-state solution, the failure of the Palestinian Authority and how Israel is losing the moral war.

More on Matrix of Control as he drives around the country and points out the Western, European looking areas then the sacrifice zones for the "Arabs"

Matrix of Control - Videos

He also mentioned his new book about how Israel has been able to survive as an occupying power. Obviously without the support of the US, they could not continue as they have. But another dimension is their "matrix of control" that they have practiced on the Palestinians building weapons, policing systems, information systems and selling them throughout the world. The second largest outsider supplier to China is Israel. Governments and oligarchs want to keep what they have so they run a 'War Against The People." That is the title of the book. We know about it here as the War On Drugs and the Ferguson was an enactment of the kind of services sold around the world. In other words, in addition to the money, military support and barrier against UN efforts to sanction Israel. other governments rely on their systems so will tend to go along with them. That is how they can continue.


Not only do most American Jews take democracy seriously; they also take Judaism seriously and know that the core tenets of their religion--humility, justice, kindness and mercy--cannot be reconciled with the tyranny of military occupation or with the racist toxin that is the essence of Netanyahu-ism. As Netanyahu practices the mutant Zionism of permanent occupation, the gulf between Judaism and the erstwhile "Jewish State" widens ever further.


Good! I could not help but think of our own democracy(?) here in the US and what this election season has illuminated to the commons which I am sure that is what the establishment and oligarchs think of "we the people".

It has been right out there "in our face" that our votes don't matter, the system is rigged by the democrats and republicans who have way too much power whereby they believe they are the chosen ones to rule. Both parties will lie, distort and go to great length to hold onto this power backed up by the conglomerate media monopolies and oligarchs wielding more power and wealth than what was accumulated during the Gilded Age period in the late 1800's.

These parties are losing control and reacting very badly in the face of loss of power, however, to save this country both these parties need to go away so we can again (some might say we had truly had it) have a representative government of "we the people".


Yes, these are good groups to join if your disgust for Zionist policies pushes you to do something. I joined Jewish Voices for Peace though I'm not Jewish.


The Catholics in the US often sided with Catholics in Ireland, and were(and sometimes are still) regarded as criminals for supporting the sometimes illegal and often murderous activities of Irish people in England, Ireland, or elsewhere. Supporting terrorism with arms or money is a crime, no matter the religion. I often point out that wearing of orange on or around March 17 is dangerous or impolite, but I wouldn't actually kill anyone. People can be Jews and still not support the policies of the State of Israel if those policies result in murder, displacement, or injury of anyone in Israel being persecuted, no matter what religion those persecuted are members of.


Aapparently you see no difference between support for those suffering occupation and oppression, the Irish, the Palestinians, and support for those doing the oppressing, occupying, the British, the Israelis. False equivocation does nothing to further the discussion or to clarify ideas. Was that your intent?


It's nice to hear that not all Americans are Zionists, but if you're Jewish it's not up to you whether you go to Israel to live or not; it's up to Israel whether you go or not. The growing antisemitism in Europe is no mistake, it was purposely created by Israeli policies to force non-Zionists to flee to Israel. I'm not Jewish so I don't want to tell you what to believe, but read who declared war on Germany just before the holocaust began.