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'The Will of the American People': Official Electoral College Vote Finalizes That Biden Won and Trump Lost

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/will-american-people-official-electoral-college-vote-finalizes-biden-won-and-trump

Dear Democrats:
Get rid of the electoral college—otherwise our votes really don’t seem to count for anything. And the DNC, stop asking us for money—we don’t have any. By getting rid of the electoral college, DEMS, we might actually believe that YOU believe, in WE the PEOPLE!


Sorry to rain on your parade, but, in my view, the POTUS is selected ( because they have to be MIC sycophants) before we are allowed to elect THEM. The only anomaly was JFK who turned on his selectors, the electoral college has nothing to do with it.

Like the late Carlin said: " IF VOTING MATTERED IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL"!


Hi Shantiananda:
I was living in CA in 2016, and all over So CA, Bernie was the one for much of the state too. Strange how that Hillary person seems to get all the votes…Bernie was ahead everywhere in the last election --Joe had nothing—then suddenly Joe won S. Carolina—and EVERY state after that. LOL, People supported Bernie, but the DNC and elector’s supported Biden. Remember , Obama was chosen as he was trainable and took orders well.
We need to get rid of the elector’s, because voting choice should only be determined by POPULAR vote-------otherwise, what is the point of voting if the nation doesn’t choose?


Evidently, stardust I did not make my self clear, electoral college or popular vote makes no difference when it comes to the American, Empire. Both parties are obsequious war mongering whores. And it seems to me, that until we get a viable and politically,strong THIRD PARTY…nothing will change.


Nothing is sure, ever. Not with an active and vibrant Fifth Column at work, beginning with Stephen Miller and ending with The Proud Boys. Even after Biden takes the Oath of Office, it’s not over, not with the GOP controlling the Senate and most of the state governments.
No, the nightmare will continue. Trump will troll the ranks at super-spreader rallies with his eminence gris Miller whispering in his ear. Both will appear on various far-right wing programs, throwing red meat to the Base.
Meanwhile, Covid continues to kill, our economy is in the toilet,people are going hungry and homeless. Anyone who’s read history, not the pap produced by the American Empire, can see the signs of collapse in the very near future. It’s up to us what is birthed from the ashes…a Reich after the collapse of the Weimar Republic, the authoritarian Stalin Communist regime after the Tsar, a Mao-like Great Move Forward after the Chinese Nationalists booked to Taiwan? Or more like Japan and West Germany? Socialism doesn’t mean an authoritarian culture is automatic…


And of course, the only way to get that, since voting is stupid and changes nothing, is to pray for divine help from our guardian angels. Or wish on a star. Or hold up signs on street corners. Right?

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“The Will Of the People’” That’s hilarious. Worthy of an Onion headline.


The dems don’t have control of the magic wand needed to get that kind of legislation going.
If they could be successful at eliminating voter suppression it likely wouldn’t matter. But TPTB won’t go for that. It would take the power from them and give it to left-wing politicians.


The delusional Trumpaholics are so thoroughly delusional, they are convinced that the crackpot right-wing fascist Governor of Georgia is in on “the steal.” They are convinced that the crackpot right-wing fascist Supreme Court is in on “the steal.”

They will continue to nurse their grudges and foment disorder with the dream of “saving” the USA by fascist coup. They will remain a very dangerous factor, and there are numerous crackpot right-wing fascist would-be Der Fürers and Il Duces ready to toss matches on that tinder box.

Too bad there’s not an actual opposition party that can speak truth and stay strong in the face of this ongoing threat.


Still i see no need for the electoral college’s existence or any purpose for their vote on top of the already cast and decided popular votes. We must do away with this confusion factor and a redundancy once and for all time.


I am annoyed by this article’s headline, which currently says, “‘The Will of the American People’: Official Electoral College Vote Finalizes That Biden Won and Trump Lost”.

  1. It’s not the will of the American people, it’s the result of having everyone the American people wanted filtered out before the election, and then our dumpster fire of an election system vomiting up Biden based on the votes of everyone who was allowed to vote and thought it was worth the bother of voting.

  2. The official electoral college vote makes official what officials say is official. It doesn’t “finalize who won”. In 2000 the electoral college officially officialized the loser, because the Supreme Court said it was cool for Florida to not count their votes and send the loser’s electors to the electoral college.

I have not seen any evidence of election fraud that would make Trump less illegitimate than Biden. Biden fans can cheer the electoral college if they want, it’s just gross.


If Biden had a pair, his first bill to send to congress would be to eliminate the delegate system and have the president elected by the popular vote. He would have no chance to get it passed so he would have to enlist the American people in this quest in his weekly fire-side-chats. Explain to them how corrupt this system is that was designed so that the high and mighty could ensure that a president they didn’t want could be elected.

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