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'The Withdraw Is Conditional': After Oregon Governor Says Federal Agents Are Leaving Portland on Thursday, DHS, White House Say Not Yet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/withdraw-conditional-after-oregon-governor-says-federal-agents-are-leaving-portland


If they’re withdrawing from Portland, it’s probably just to redeploy in new york, chicago, etc


As I understand it, the agreement to not prosecute those federal agents for assault and illegal detention and arrest of protestors in Portland is CONDITIONAL on the federal troops being out of Portland by Thursday. I suggest that arrest warrants be prepared to be served by early Friday morning. No more screwing around.


Why don’t the Mayors of these occupied cities ask the governor of their state to call in the national guard and the State police to arrest and detain any camouflaged individuals not wearing a proper insignia and name tag. Seems like a simple solution.


“…seat of justice…”
–that’s also “conditional.”


federal properties

As in all those racist statues. It is truly perverse that these goons and their “fearless” leader Trump would harm human life while protecting statues, as in things.


The article needs to be sourced and updated. There have been at least 4-5 protestors seriously wounded; ( head and spinal injuries ) shots called non-lethal and, now you know, our gov’t agencies and national media never lie about anything.
Their injury photos are widely available, btw.
FYI- Most Oregonians agree with Gov. Brown and say to the Feds, " How can we miss you when you won’t go away? ".
Just asking for a friend, of course.


There will be NO redeploying to any other cities. It’s a bluff. Trump likes to put out trial balloons and if there’s push back, he quietly folds. he’s done it so often it has become predictable by now.


Mayors and Governors are hesitant to do so because it could spark a sort of civil war. They are being wise (unlike the rogue Trump Administration) and trying to de-escalate instead of escalating. The best time to take these Federal Goons and Trump and Wolf to task in in January through a proper criminal inquiry. I hope the Biden Administration will do that post hast after taking office.

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I suggest gathering in a new place–say on the waterfront(nice big park there)get a couple of bands-and have a "We left your courthouse -now get out of our city " party–

A part of me hopes you are right, then again I don’t want to see the protests die off just because the gestapo is taking a break.

If you think a Biden administration will hold any of these fascists accountable I have a bridge to sell you.

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Provide them a “Fed Bldg Protection Space” with cyclone fence and barbed wire around it. If they can eff with our Constitutional rights, we can surely eff with their over-entitlement.

You must know that that won’t happen!

Of course it is always conditional, just like how whenever we get the slightest hope that troops will be pulled from a Middle East country it always has the *conditional tag to it aka the establishment will be talking sense into whoever suggested it and force them to go back on it.