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The Wizard is Trump


The Wizard is Trump

Christopher Brauchli

I’m really a very good man; but I’m a very bad Wizard.
— L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

He couldn’t have known. He wrote it years before Donald Trump was born. But in writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum was prescient. He wrote a story that foretold the rise and fall of Donald Trump. Of course, some will think it too soon to be certain of his fall, but that does not for a moment take away from the pleasure of that prospect nor does it make the tale less relevant.


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Trump to the Scarecrow: "Don't you worry, I shall do the thinking for all!"

Trump to the Tinman: "Don't you worry, I love women, latinos, etc. Just ask my African American over there."

Trump to the Lion: "Don't you worry, don't fear the Mexicans or Muslims, for I shall build a great big wall."

Where the fuck is Edward R. Murrow when we need him?


Hillary Clinton, 33 years of tax returns made public, Donald Trump, zero. What could The Donald be hiding?


More so than any other quote over the years the Wizard of Oz line "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" has been applied to a majority of US politicians and certainly applies to most of those on the ballot this year, especially Clinton and Trump.


Time for a Wizard of Oz parody on election 2016.

Being from Kansas/Oklahoma Elizabeth Warren would make a great Dorothy.

Can't you just see the Wicked Witch of the West landing in front of Dorothy and exclaiming JUST TRY AND REGULATE WALL STREET AND I'LL GET YOU MY PRETTY ?


Trump attacks are like shooting fish in a barrel. It shouldn't really give people any comfort when you consider what seems to be the alternative. One could easily provide the same analogy here for Clinton. More dividing of people into camps.


Yeah, serial insult of Trump voters is a great path forward...

And the level of power elite that the Clintons operate at, is way more in line with "the man behind the curtain" than Trump.


Barney Frank is the cowardly lion seeking courage to write a bill that actually regulates Wall Street rather than making community banks less competitive like Dodd/Frank does.

The Wicked Witch of the West reminds Frank that his role in the campaign is to swat Sanders delegates with his cane at the Philadelphia convention.


There are AT LEAST 4 spelling errors in this.

Must I play English Teacher? Can't posters correct their own material?

If you're going to lecture the highly intellectual attorney, Mr. Brauchli, but can't spell a word like poppy or the possessive term for one witch which is witch's... do you think anyone can take this critique seriously? And what the heck does your version of the term "endower" mean?


Thank you, Mr. Brauchli. I appreciate your satire. However, I'd really like to see a consortium of lawyers challenge the legitimacy of the election run-up and how it established a conclusion (Hillary Clinton) way in advance of "the facts on the ground." And when those facts didn't match the prescribed outcome, lots of foul play and media double-dealing, vote count anomalies, and other indecent protocols were deployed.

The lack of legitimacy should be represented by lawyers who still operate on the basis of Constitutional Principles and legitimate rules of (campaign-oriented) fair play.

The "Hillary" matter should be widely contested.


Christopher, your fluffy but entertaining article has a deeper problem than lack of depth in understanding Baum's work. That problem I dare say is class snobbery.

Trump's campaign is a carefully crafted and hugely successful effort to capture the anger of part of the working class and divert it. As his speech on Wednesday reveals it is morphing into something that could be called "nationalist socialism." It is profoundly evil and dangerous, but it cannot be defeated by trivializing the people it appeals to or treating them as the problem, as you have done. Any analysis that hopes to be a guide to action must start with them, their pain and anger, their understanding and motives for voting for trump.

To Common Dreams' editors, I would suggest we need to avoid this kind of article, because including this kind of class-blind writing will limit the expansion CD's readership.


Now as you probably know by now, I'm not shy about criticizing Clinton or Trump.

That said, I don't think Trump engages in anything close to the money laundering scheme, as do Hillary and Bill, in regard to their "foundation".


And Trump to all his idiotic, misguided followers: "I love the poorly educated!"


The Wizard, or the Anti-Christ?