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The Women are Coming, and They Mean Peace: Historic March Across Korean DMZ Announced


The Women are Coming, and They Mean Peace: Historic March Across Korean DMZ Announced

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A group of global women aims to wage peace with a milestone walk across the 155-mile demilitarized zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea, and a call for an end to the state of war that has affected millions for over six decades.

The organizers announced the International Peacemakers’ Walk for Peace in Korea on Wednesday during the United Nation's 59th Commission on the Status of Women.


A US-led NGO 'colour revolution" by another name? Hopefully not. We don’t need another Hong Kong “occupy” or je suis Charlie event to co-opt dissent against the US war machine.

So until we see who paid for all this, the jury on true peace movement or NGO-false-flag remains ot be seen.

ONCE, just ONCE it would be nice to see such a movement without the taint of US “exceptionalism”.


Given that reunification is anathema to the USA, I’d suggest that might argue against this being organized by NED/USAID. I also have considerable respect for Code Pink and others involved. When Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama join them then I’ll be worried. Until then, I will watch with a dose of cautious optimism.


The US doesn’t want “reunification” by any negotiated means, but it would welcome “regime change” in North Korea. Otherwise why all the rhetoric and sanctions over “The Interview” and the Sony “inside hack” which N-K had nothing to do with?

I’m sure if they are involved, the US NGO’s have buried the ties/funding to these organizers far deeper than for the Maidan or Umbrella “movements”. A puppet show loses its effectiveness if you know who’s pulling the strings.

I also hope not, but the US-interference past is a powerful narrative.

EDIT: I stopped researching when I found Bill Richardson, former Governor New Mexico, on the Advisory Board. Check out his past record here at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Richardson . Not an auspicious sign.


It’s likely that such an international assembly of women, especially one featuring Gloria Steinem, is doing this on their own! It’s about time for independent women to cleanse the sleaze from national and international politics and to stand up against war.