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The Women’s March on Washington and the Coming of Age of Feminism


The Women’s March on Washington and the Coming of Age of Feminism

Julie Matthaei

For those who believe in equality and solidarity, and face the outrage of the upcoming Trump inauguration, it is heartening to witness the Women’s March on Washington take shape. The March represents a massive mobilization against Trump’s hate-mongering inequality agenda, and an important step forward in the evolution of feminist movement in the U.S. As we face Trump’s efforts to turn back the clock, it is helpful to review some of the lessons to be learned from the last five decades, since the birth of second wave feminism.


I find the reinforcement of Identity Politics that this event promotes to be counterproductive. First off, it should be clear that doing anything that the plutocrat-controlled corporate MSM encourages you to do is very likely to be against your own interests (unless you are a plutocrat yourself). Then note that the corporate MSM encourages people to group themselves by sex or gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality. There is the implication that this will provide vulnerable individuals with the political power to protect themselves from abuse. But those groups are not under imminent threat in the 21st Century. Those are 20th Century groupings. One may imagine potential threats to such groups in the coming years but they are mostly unlikely or minor.

With the coming revolution in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, a radical transformation of the economy and the society will take place in the 21st Century. People in most fields of work and in many professions will be mostly or virtually completely replaced. People not in the highest social class will likely have to struggle and will face new and unprecedented threats to their well-being and survival. The 21st Century threats won't have anything to do with sex or gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality, but will have everything to do with one's type of job or profession and social class. People need to organize along these lines and create solidarity with others in similar straits in order to build enough political power to protect themselves. The plutocrats who control the corporate MSM certainly understand this, and will do everything in their power to divide and distract the little people, including encouraging them to organize themselves by other groupings, so that they will be weak and powerless and can be easily brushed aside when the need arises.


I don't know what you can "find ... to be counterproductive" at the moment the event is just beginning. And you've missed the profound intersectionality of it. I don't know where you get the "MSM" epithet; this started with just. plain. women who were and are offended by the patriarchalism and misogyny of the man who took an oath yesterday to uphold and defend the Constitution that covers all of us. I heard one of his supporters say the basis of his endorsement was that "he's an alpha male."

Patriarchs have gotten their feelings hurt, and now they've elected an idiot who doesn't give a whit about them, any more than he does about me. The feminists — of all colors and genders, all identities — marching today in DC, around the country, and here in my recliner chair are saying our nation is bigger than that, better than that, and we will stand together to prove it.


You are wrong, kivals.


This past year or so has shown me just how deep "brocialism" goes on the Left. Second Wave feminists criticized men on the New Left, and sadly many of those same criticisms still apply.

But another thing bothers me as well, beyond the dismissive attitude toward all other concerns beyond class. It's that people are marching, but they're being told they're doing it wrong. They're resistinig wrong. While people sit around and have conversations about how best to organize and precisely what issues should be at the center (a debate, by the way, that will never, ever end), these people, these women, are actually out there, getting bigger crowds than the inauguration did. They are organizing while brocialists criticize. They are resisting. They are building networks, building reltionships, moving forward, and they don't CARE if it isn't perfect, because, and I've no idea why this is, women seem to understand that we have to start somewhere, that we don't have to wait, that we CAN'T wait.

I've no patience left for those who tell people they're protesting wrong. You get to decide if you want to sing in the chorus. You don't have total control over what songs are picked.


WE are marching, @vox.

Wish CD allowed decent-size pix. I was just inspired, by a report of a man's meme on Facebook, reported on another man's timeline, to note "I march with her" on a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Write me as barbara@bkswrites.com for a copy if you like.