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The World According to the 'Adults in the Room'


The World According to the 'Adults in the Room'

Danny Sjursen

Leave it to liberals to pin their hopes on the oddest things. In particular, they seemed to find post-Trump solace in the strange combination of the two-year-old Mueller investigation and the good judgment of certain Trump appointees, the proverbial “adults in the room.” Remember that crew?


“Trump’s original adults in the room set the table for endless war” is revisionist history.

Four decades ago when the military industrial complex (MIC) that Ike warned us about (in 1961) found their revenue stream diminished by the end of the Viet Nam occupation they morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) whose foremost mission was (and is) to perpetuate endless war and occupations to assure that MIMIC enjoys and ever growing and never ending revenue stream courtesy of US taxpayers. Their propaganda campaign was launched with lies about how there were widespread incidents of soldiers returning from Viet Nam being spit upon when the arrived in the US. Although it is conceivable there may have been an isolated incident, no incidents were documented and the only widespread incidents were undiagnosed PTSD.

Yes, the table was “set for endless war”…in 1975, not 2016.


All the while, a populace obsessed and distracted by the president’s camera-grabbing persona seemed hardly to notice that this country continued to exist in a state of perpetual war.

And this includes nearly every “progressive” Dim and Blue Waver including the imperialist Sanders and the Tweeter AOC.

Ironically, Sjursen misses this fact in his piece and renders the vast majority of the U.S.-based capitalist imperialist project to the Idiot of Orange and the Rethugs, virtually ignoring Dim leadership and complicity since the end of WW2.

Despite his three-tour experiences of the horrors of the capitalist imperial project, he seems trapped in the paradigm of the Kabuki Duopoly Theatre which is designed to keep us all distracted.


For practical purposes, I wonder when the public at large had it’s, “AH HAH” moment?

Not 2001, not 2002-2003, more likely when we were a decade in. It was a 10 year war for Russia (USSR), and a 10 year war for us in Vietnam, so I think it settled in at the 10 year area for us in the mid-east.


It also includes the media and so called “liberal and progressive” voices like one Rachel Maddow who claims the pull out from Syria as proof Trump works for Russia.

There does not appear to be a single mainstream media outlet not trumpeting for more war and not trotting out ex Military men, all garnering Lucre from the Arms companies claiming this as a “tragic mistake”. The United State of War has been at this perpetual war since the Country founded. Those that speak up against it like Eugene Debs or Martin Luther King end up in prison or dead when they do.


It’s depressing as hell that every liberal I know has butthurt that Trump might pull USA out of Syria. Obama & Rachel Maddow totally colonized the minds of Liberals/Democrats, teaching them to love war more than life itself, that bombing and slaughter are the very essence of ‘diversity’ & ‘human rights.’ It’s so insane sometimes I can barely stand it, we’re on the effing Planet of the Apes, but the formerly peace-loving chimps have all turned into war-mongering gorillas.


Great posting Suspira. It’s a topic that doesn’t get enough attention; the extent to which the cabal, the MIC, the whore politicians, and other players are willing to use the nuclear options of assassination, defamation, and spurious propaganda.


Sjursen’s critics of entrenched military power and influence are well taken, but he seems to give tRump too much credit for being “right” about his decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Can Chump be “right” about anything?

Being wildly, comprehensively ignorant about, well, everything, Chump has no real policies or well-informed opinions about anything. His opinion on any given topic seems most dependent on the most recent person he talked to or what Fox So-Called News said in the morning.

And he’s said one thing one day and the opposite the next. And he’s lied about any number of things (like not wanting to weaken Social Security and Medicare). And he may be so cognitively impaired that he may literally not understand what he reads (witness him thinking that Matis’ resignation letter was complimentary to him).

Not knowing why the toxic orange menace makes any particular decision or what it’s really based on means i don’t (can’t) trust the bigoted, ignorant jackass even when he seems to have made a “correct” one.


It would appear that Congress is quite comfortable with the little people placing their precious li’l fears for survival on “the adults in the room.” The sillies: all they need to know is “America: Open For Business.”


What complete horsepucky. All the liberals I know are saying it’s about fricking time we got the hell out of there. And I have never heard Maddow pitching for war. This must be flapdoodle64 trolling time.


No he didn’t. Here’s some quotes from the article (emphasese added):


Donald J. Trump is a square peg among an administration of round holes. He knew, and we knew he was from the beginning. He is the mother of all sore thumbs.


Danny, thank you. As always. How can you take your truths to the wider audience? I hope there is a way, no one else is saying these things.


Well, the broken clock…you know the rest. No one but a Trump would have been off the rails so much as to talk w Kim, or to pull the plug on Syria.


Maddow pitches war by demonizing Russia. That is the essence of her show. She wants US troops in Syria because if we pull them out, it is supposedly a victory for Russia. No offense bro, but every single liberal I know drinks every drop of Maddow’s Kool-Aid, all of them think we are a heartbeat away from a total Russian conquest of EVERYTHING. They are all little feminist versions of General Jack T Ripper.


I happened to see the Maddow report that you may be referring to, and yes it was over the top and seen by some as unthoughtful. Please quit saying ALL liberals. It sounds and is a ridiculous charge unless you are totally biased, and even then sounds ridiculous. The truth in reporting from the left doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean that it is incorrect, whereas the lies from the right usually are.


Why is reporting on Putin, his henchmen, their treachery, and wanting to influence America pushing for war. That’s a really big leap. Sounds more like you are drinking someones kool-aid.


You seem to be deliberately distorting my words. ‘Every liberal I know.’ This is literally true. Every liberal I know personally is drinking Maddow’s Kool-Aid.


Fair enough. Every liberal I know thinks for themselves. Don’t know any that would drink anybody’s kool-aid without thought.


While Sjursen takes shots at Dim neoliberals - all of whom are scum - he leaves his hands off the “progressives” and Dim Blue Wavers who are either directly imperialists or jump through hoops to ignore the fact of the U.S.-based global empire.

I stand by my original comment until Sanders, AOC, et’ al. directly confront the institutional structures, funding and purposes of U.S.-based imperialism, which define define who we are as a nation.

If they ever did that, they’d be out of the Dim wing of the Duopoly of course - and so they won’t. But their Tweets will sound really good and U.S. progressives and even leftists will follow them into the sewer of compromise, hypocrisy and opportunism.

And they will have done their jobs for the Empire…singing all the way to the bank.