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The World According to Trump


The World According to Trump

Robert Reich

The starkest difference between dictatorships and democracies is that democracies are ruled by laws, and dictatorships are ruled by dictators.

The “rule of law,” as it’s often referred to, stands for laws that emerge from a process responsive to the majority, that are consistently applied, and are applicable to everyone regardless of their position or power.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand this. Within a matter of days, Trump has bombed Syria and a group of fighters in eastern Afghanistan.


Why did he do this? At the time of the bombing, a conference was in progress in Moscow, comprising Russia, China, Iran India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Russia had banned the US from participating.This bomb was less an elimination of a paltry 36 ISIS agents than a warning to the participants in the convention. The dead ISIS guys are just decoration.
Trump&Co doesn't take well to rejection.


Watch the spineless Yankee Doodle Congress join in the chorus to Over There as soon at Trump bombs North Korea.


"But it wasn’t the first time Assad had used chemical weapons. When he did in 2013, Trump counseled against bombing Syria in response. "

The above is not true.

"'One smug CNN commentator pontificated, “we all know what happened in 2013,” a reference to the enduring conventional wisdom that an Aug. 21, 2013 sarin attack outside Damascus was carried out by the Assad government and that President Obama then failed to enforce his “red line” against chemical weapons use. This beloved groupthink survives even though evidence later showed the operation was carried out by rebels, most likely by Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front with help from Turkish intelligence, as investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported and brave Turkish officials later confirmed."

When people like Prof. Reich remain unaware of the facts involving Syrian issues, what can one say? I agree with the rest of the piece dealing with the rule of law.


“Rule of law”, eh? If such transgressions had only just happened under the Trumpster, we would have been in a very different world a long time ago. Consider the undeclared wars this nation has been involved in for decades, often under the administrations of Democrats as well (but somehow he gives Obama a pass, because Bush did it). Or the execrable ACA forced on the public, while congress et al. gets a special deal all of their own, at our expense. Trump was right about the swamp needing to be drained. He was wrong even suggesting he could do it, but serial lying is one of his stronger points. And he has much company in that.

If high-profile commentators like Reich actually believe what they say in these half-baked criticisms, any chance of real reform becomes ever more remote.


'The world according to Trump is becoming increasingly dangerous, in part because we are not doing our job.'

To do our job:


It is well known Trump doesn't follow laws. He tried to do business in Cuba when it was against the law. He set up a so-called "university" without seeking accreditation from NYS, he created a foundation and then used some of the money to buy a portrait of himself. Now as president there is no reason to expect him to change. But we should be asking where is Congress on this? Why is Congress in recess? What is wrong with Paul Ryan. As citizens we probably cannot have any effect on Trump but we can affect our representatives in Congress, particularly those up for reelection in less than two years and make it clear to them that sticking with Trump will jeopardize their chances for reelection. Maybe we can get them to actually do their job and follow the Constitution on matters of war. They refused to vote on whether Obama can bomb Syria to go after ISIS and now they continue to shirk their responsibility. The federal government has become dysfunctional on almost everything including foreign affairs.


Exactly, and bubble Bob (sorry Prof. Reich, but you earned it) is one of the better apparatchiks.


Thanks, I have completely forgotten that song by Simon.


If R. Reich is really interested in a democratically determined "Rule of Law".in the USA, why does he so often fail to more zingingly analyze and more loudly condemn the obvious, underlying impediment to Exactly THAT kind of political System..?
The USA is, for all practical purposes, an Oligarchy -- i.e., a polity whose major political & economic policies are determined by the power and money of an empowered, insider- Few -- and so, one that has a method for making major policy decisions that is finally accountable only to those same Few.
Political Theory 101: Within an Oligarchy, the" Rule of Law" means: a Law-making process that the provable Oligarchs (including, now In the ISA, the absurdity of corporate "persons') control and concoct for their own benefit.
I think that Reich is probably both informed-enough and conscious enough to see this Oligarchy description of the USA's underlying political-economic System, as far more true than anything resembling a description of a Democracy --- but for some reason {he. Reich} thinks that by his continuously not naming this truth too-directly, or too often, its disastrous implications will somehow, then, magically, not have to be dealt-with in any honest public discourse about direly needful reforms...
Of course !, Trump is a democracy-threatening,,Enlightenment-clueless, anti- democratic-Rule-of-Law ignoramus.
But the needed forensic discussion, now, is: How did a troglodyte like Trump so easily rise to the official top of of the USA's [allegedly Noble] political-economic System...?


The world according to Trump intentionally has no rule of law. His ascendance to power occurred in a climate of well-funded internet anarchy to the benefit of the super-rich for whom Trump more and more clearly is acting as an agent.

In this climate of anarchy how do we work towards a collective response when so much is anarchic?

This is the key question. There is disinformation, numerous analyses, a great deal of anger, but no collective response. This is how effective the anarchy strategy has been.

How do people respond to this anarchic world that has been created by the 1% and Trump?


Robert Reich, I have enjoyed everything I've read by you, but time for a reality check. The Dems (Lifelong Dem) have moved so far to the corporate right, we now have an oligarchical duopoly. The Dems haven't been for the 99% since Clinton's 8 years. I'm finished with the Dem Party. Line them up and most Dems are indistinguishable from Repubs.
I have had profound respect for you for the last 20 years, but the Dem Party has been infiltrated by corporate greed, has completely deserted its base and I don't see much remedy for it. Yes, Trump is insane, but seriously, Hill couldn't wait to go to war. At least we know Trump's "excuse." What was Hillary's? Bye, bye, Dems; GOING GREEN!


The 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) concurrent with Saint Ron's revolution launched the duopoly that put both major parties on an accelerated rightward trajectory. After the Dems' "bipartisan" 1986 tax reform (the most regressive in history) Bill Clinton's 8 years included more decriminalization of New Deal regulations (that previously enabled the middle class to thrive for half a century) than ocurred on the watches of Saint Ron, Bush 41, Dubya and Obama combined.

Although I have never voted GOP for any office, I vote for fewer Dems with each election that comes along..

Dems haven't been for the 99% since Carter was POTUS four decades ago and have been complicit stranding us today in what can only be characterized as a fascist kleptocracy.


Mr. Reich,
Just because you are some professor at some university in the most perverted, decadent, disgusting, gun and kill crazy, invasive and terror inducing country in the modern history of civilization ... does not make you an expert at anything, except for shooting off your mouth on subjects that you have no real knowledge of, nor obviously done any research on and I refer to the political atmosphere in Syria, the true actions of it's current regime, and the REAL reason for you Disjointed States of America bastards to be there . .along with your equally evil allies in Saudi Arabia.
First off ... here is a lesson for you on Syrian politics Mr. Dumb azz professor (puppet mouth piece for the establishment). Assad is NOT an evil dictator who has done 'terrible things' to his people . .unlike your own fucking evil bastard government, who sacrifices it's citizens regularly to serve it's own evil agenda and 9-11 is the most glowing example of that. AND, there is NO proof whatsoever that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. . EVER except for your CIA's 'intelligence' which we all know from the Iraq invasion is all self serving lies and false flag bullshit. Hussain also supposedly used gas on his people . . yet you have been there how many years now and have failed to get even a sniff .. while killing millions more innocents !!! >:frowning:
Anyone with half a brain, that has seriously done any research (outside of CNN and Faux News) knows that it was technically, structurally, and physically impossible for those 'state of art' earthquake proof skyscrapers to be brought down by a couple of airplanes hitting the tops of them. only controlled demolition from within could have caused that. And how many people died there ?
"Hafez al-Assad took power in 1970. After his death in 2000 his son, Bashar al-Assad (B-a-A), succeeded him as President. A surge of interest in political reform took place after Bashar al-Assad assumed power in 2000. Human-rights activists and other civil-society advocates, as well as some parliamentarians, became more outspoken during a period referred to as the "Damascus Spring" (July 2000-February 2001). Assad also made a series of appointments of reform-minded advisors to formal and less formal positions, and is included a number of similarly oriented individuals in his Cabinet."
Here is the link to the rest of this article . . but know it all, know nothing butt holes like you rarely research any articles that may prove your fat arse is out a mile.

Now let us deal with the REAL reason your terrorist bastard government is in Syria to begin with . .and how/why the 'rebel uprising' began and who was/is behind it. First of all, when the USA and Saudi's approached Assad with the desire to build an oil/gas pipeline through there to Turkey he refused to allow it because he knew what 'they were up to . .and that was to flood the European market with cheap oil and gas in an effort to seriously harm Russia's economy (which relies heavily on sale of said commodities to Europe) and to also further solidify their hold over mid east resources. THAT is when the 'rebel uprising' began . . funded, armed and manned by your evil, criminal CIA who also formed, funded, trained and armed ISIS and added many of their own 'paid mercenaries' .. most recently used in assassinating yet another 'uncooperative leader' of an oil rich nation and leaving it in total chaos (Libya).
The most recent round of uncalled for and criminal attacks are mostly out of spite, and also your evil bastards in your chicken shit military to have a little more live fire target practice at the expense of yet more innocent people who never did s...t to the evil American Axis.
From reading many of your articles . .including this one . . it's no wonder to me that your population is for the most part one of the most illiterate, back wards, lowest IQ average in the developed world . .if you are any example of the kind of biased . . poorly researched, establishment bullshit propaganda machines that are educating your young people . . and sending them off to foreign lands to kill or be killed, to make the bankers richer . . and has fk all to do with 'homeland security' or 'humanitarian reasons'. Humanitarians DO NOT drop bombs on innocent people.


And . .dearly departed brother and much wiser man than you regarding the 'real world' George Carlin hit the proverbial nail right dead on in this little bit here. " Making war is the ONLY thing the USA is at all good at " . . I mean it was taken by guns and killing to begin with .. justified with your fkng bibles and formed by criminals, misfits, uneducated terrorists and psychos . .thus the 'right to bear arms' in the constitution . .not to protect against out siders . .but to protect from each other. And you have been at war on one front or another for pretty much ALL of your history .. even killing each other over the right to OWN other human beings . .. yes, quite the perverted, and sick legacy and history you criminal bastards have. :stuck_out_tongue:

In closing let me give you this timeless bit of advice, sir. "Tis far better to have people think you are an ignorant fool . .than open your mouth and remove all doubt" :wink:


hey robert - you're a sensible person who writes with clarity and compassion and has a history in government service with proper vetting and security credentials; its high time that you wrote about the false flag fraud of 11 sept which is the genesis of this entire 16 year episode of the war on terror; if a person with your credentials actually addresses the obvious flaws in the govt fairy tale - how long can mainstream media ignore?


All good points here, but I wonder if they aren't misplaced.
Rather than reacting to the symptoms, we should be reacting to the cause.
In my view, we have (produced) an international crisis on our hands with Don at the helm.
So far, no serious talk of impeachment or invocation of the 25th Amendment.
The longer the fraud remains, the more difficult it will be to rid our country and the rest of the world of the danger.
Perhaps some type of emergency legislation can or will be produced in Congress.


Good suggestion. And, since Sept. 11 was normalized, it'd be right in step to have Herr Drumpf given the same considerate treatment.


I think the rest of the world's rejection is only just beginning!


Thank you, Lenhjel. Your words ring true. At the very least, they encourage both a healthy skepticism about the commonly-accepted narratives of this society, and a keen awareness
of how important freedom of expression is to the development of some sorely-needed, rarely-taught
critical thinking skills in this country.

Thanks also for the George Carlin clip. He was much more than a comedian. He had a brain that
could detect an ounce of bullshit a mile away. He used humor to reach, teach and entertain all at the same time. I sure do miss him!


You might want to take @lenhjel's post with a grain of salt.

One of the things I never understand about posts like that is why no one ever calls out the racism in them, because, apparently, those Syrian folks couldn't possibly not want an unaccountable dictator ruling their lives but are very easily manipulated by the USA into giving up everything they have, including the lives of their children, to fight for what the USA really wants. What's odder still is that lenhjel says that the USA is filled with really, really stupid people, but we must be smarter than everyone else because the USA is behind every terrible thing that's ever happened, and aren't we all very glad that no other nation has ever used guns and bombs ever? Why, to hear lenhjel tell it, the world would be a paradise without the USA.

One thing that you might want to be leery of is going to globalresearch, which is nothing but an hysterical conspiracy site which just printed, verbatim, a pro-Assad story and helped the alt-right get #SyriaHoax trending:

Notice also that the article points out that The Duran is not a trustworthy site, either, though people here seem to like it a lot, because it's a pro-Kremlin site, which means it's anti-US, and that's all that many here care about.