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The World Bank and the Battle for the Future of Farming


The World Bank and the Battle for the Future of Farming

Martin Kirk

There is a battle raging over the future of farming on this planet, and the front line, this week, is at the Spring Meetings of the World Bank in Washington, DC.

There are two visions. They are often portrayed as being about differences in technical approaches but are, in truth, far more fundamental. This is a battle over nothing less than the structure of global power and the sustainability of life on this planet.


Here’s a good video from RT which shows the impact of the World Bank’s operations.

World Bank causes huge displacement across world - report



The World Bank just can’t wrap its steely head around the fact that there is no indigenous land in Africa, Asia, South and Central America or anywhere available for industrial agricultural investments. It is all commons land that belongs to communities that have lived there for centuries and millennia. Displacing these people from their ancestral land is like a death sentence to them and their cultures. These communities have plenty of farmers,men and women, who are more than capable of not only growing enough to feed their communities but also responding to market demand, including creating community owned commercial farms that would support both food security and rural poverty reduction.

Creating ways to get their produce to urban markets and food processing facilities is what the farmers need. They don’t need oil palm and sugar cane plantations from horizon to horizon where once there was life.


I think that it’s pretty clear that the WB is not concerned about any of those things which put no money into Wall Street bankers’ pockets.



You speak the truth, mcp, WB is the problem and not the answer.


Permaculture has to be part of the other vision of production (not just of food but of fiber, medicine and materials); we need more funding, more studies and more support and knowledge of all kinds to grow it.


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