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The World-Changing Choice Between Sanders and Clinton On The Climate


Thanks again Dusty. Folks interested in grassroots action to promote the climate / soil / carbon connection should also look at Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya Network in India, and recent publications from La Via Campesina and GRAIN.


Quick search, seems to be nothing that names those agreements. Here at his Reddit forum, in response to a direct question that names them, Sanders still only names the TPP:

CarrollQuigley: What can we do to stop TPA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TTIP, and TISA?

Bernie Sanders:
Thank you. I believe that the TPP is a disastrous agreement and I am working as hard as I can to see it defeated. One of the reasons that the middle class of this country is disappearing is because we have lost some 60,000 factories since 2001 and millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs. We need trade agreements that protect and benefit working families, not just the CEOs of large corporations. In terms of getting the attention of elected officials, writing letters and emails as well as phoning is very important. But, what is even more important is grassroots organizing. Putting together a meeting of 100 people about an issue and inviting that elected official to that meeting to hear comments would be a huge step forward in making politicians aware that you know what’s going on and that you want your concerns addressed. I have done hundreds of town meetings as an elected official and urge citizens to organize them as fast as they can.


Yes, a bit dismaying that so many smart experienced commenters still continue to treat HRC as if she were any kind of decent.


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You are absolutely right that Obama’s advances on renewables and addressing climate change are wiped out by his trade deals. TTP, TTIP will be devastating, Obummer strikes another stake in the heart of progressives who voted for him.


Hillary’s idea of shopping locally is visiting your local Wal-Mart.


“our” candidate. Speak for yourself snowbike. She will never be “my” candidate. I am guessing you were just being cynical with your post, but even reading it made me puke in my mouth a little bit.


I appreciate that webwalk. I bring this issue up because it does trouble me, and hopefully his position on this will be resolved in the near term. Certainly not a deal breaker for me, but I’m hoping for some clarity on this most important issue. Thanks again.


Spare me the insult jerk. Which debate did he specifically reference as being against TTIP or TISA?

I’ve done many searches for a specific reference to TTIP, or TISA and I’ve posted on several occasions here at CD the only reference at all that I could find was on his website that referenced TTIP in regard to a provision being opposed by Vermont cheese producers known as geographical indications or GI.

Here is a quote from that sole reference to TTIP on his Senate website where he is free to post anything he wishes free of the interference of MSM that you allude to. This quote is from a letter penned by Sanders and Leahy to US Trade Representative Froman.

As we begin to engage in TTIP negotiations that are ultimately intended to bring about a better economic climate on both sides of the Atlantic by lowering barriers to trade, we strongly oppose the EU’s gratuitous use of GIs as a protectionist measure.

I have simply asked for someone to find me a specific quote where he is against TTIP, TISA, or the onerous ISDS provisions that put corporations above the laws of sovereign States.

For someone who is all about corporate power being too great, I find it odd that he doesn’t explicitly come out against these specific trade agreements that are actually much broader than the TPP.

See if you can handle the challenge to reference specific language without further personal insult. As I’ve stated before several times I want to find such references as I support Bernie Sanders.


Yes I know about the NDAA provision that Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges and others sued to have repealed. I’ve posted about that many times.


Meanwhile the zero degree isotherm is moving north steadily, melting tundra and releasing methane. One tipping point has passed and that with only a 0.8deg C rise in global temperature.

Soon one will be able take scuba-dive tours in London’s underground railway system, and maybe even through the Paris Metro. Mooring rings for yacht anchorages are already being constructed along the Thames embankment in Westminster, and soon a boutique yacht club and marina will grace London’s Parliament Buildings after government has relocated to higher ground.


[I’ve been posting this widely on Facebook. Anyone know if Common Dreams would let me publish a rebuttal article?]


I wanted to share and discuss an article I read in Common Dreams—one where the headline seduced me but the actual content left me disturbed and angry. Whatever Scher’s intent—perhaps it’s not all that sinister—his likely practical effect is to radically misinform readers that Clinton could be as good a choice for the climate as Sanders. NOTHING could be further from the truth.

The reason I was so seduced, so initially favorably predisposed toward Scher’s article was its headline: “The World-Changing Choice between Sanders and Clinton on the Climate.” I thought, “At last, here’s someone else besides me—in a big progressive forum like Common Dreams—pointing out the CRUCIAL difference between Sanders and Clinton on climate and explaining just how superior Bernie is." Imagine my dismay to find that after Scher (a senior writer at Campaign for America’s Future) tells readers choosing between Sanders and Clinton is a world-changing choice, then suddenly makes like dangerously wishy-washy mainstream media on the very reality of climate change and acts as if there’s a debate on who’s better. There ISN’T: Bernie, who for starters takes no fossil fuel donations, is INFINITELY superior.

Perhaps Scher simply wanted to attract interest to the Democratic primary, by showing this is an especially high-stakes case of the perennial Democratic Party debate between pragmatism and idealism. Except that it ISN’T: all the idealism AND all the pragmatism are on Bernie’s side. Scher acts as if Hillary’s incremental approach (which he admits is inadequate in science terms) will win over Congressional Republicans—an INSANE thought. The ONLY victory for climate action requires a progressive president winning with COATTAILS and getting cooperation from a progressive Congress. ONLY Bernie—whose economic reforms could prove as popular as FDR’s—offers THAT prospect, saving climate in the bargain.


Despite the bias displayed by Howard Dean by lobbying in this poll for HRC, Bernie Sanders is asking for your endorsement at http://2016.democracyforamerica.com/akid=7060.270485.Ea0z0_&rd=1&selected=berniesanders&t=3

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Hillary Clinton 5th highest recipient of campaign donations from Big Oil and her Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists.

Bernie Sanders is best for the environment and combating Climate Change.