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The World Is A Dangerous Place With Venal, Amoral, Blood-Money Profiteers As "Leaders"!


The World Is A Dangerous Place With Venal, Amoral, Blood-Money Profiteers As "Leaders"!

Having abandoned any meager pretense of moral principle by choosing "a record amount of money" that doesn't exist over holding the Crown Prince accountable for a barbarous murder - "maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!" - Trump has now doubled down on his perfidy by THANKING the Saudis for lower oil prices that also don't exist, telling America to "Enjoy!" Intriguingly, his final message to his blood-soaked co-conspirators could serve as the mantra for his loathsome reign: "Let’s go lower!"

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A song about love and being yourself in the face of bigots.

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Apparently, from this article’s picture, Trump has learned to bow down to another.


This turns America into a prostitute, a money whore, our current prez is a cheap pimp.


Only 35%, Trumps base. The rest of America though is totally complicit as long as they allow this monster to occupy the White House.

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Zimet sez: “‘Oil prices getting lower. Great! Like a big Tax Cut for America and the World. Enjoy!’ Chump jabbered, ignoring the inconvenient truth … normal people would be repulsed by the idea of saving blood money at the pumps.”

He wasn’t tweeting to ‘normal people’. He was tweeting to his base.


That just creates another us and them thingy when in reality there is only us.


I bought a Chinese made “crown prince” model bone saw at Walmart, and used it to carve my Turkey. Works great. Who the hell is Khashoggi?


Trumps statement the day before yesterday - written in the usual 5th grade composition and vocabulary was horrific. But haven’t all US presidents - going back to at least the end of WW2 supported, and even were key in installing, murderous regimes for the the economic benefits that accrued to US business interests? Isn’t Trump just being honest about why US foreign policy does what it does?


As I understand it, half or more of Hitler’s supplies were delivered by Ford trucks. Ford made lotsa bucks for the trucks. I believe IBM developed the accounting and sorting programs that made running the extermination camps more efficient. Some of Bush’s family, along with a few other millionaires did the banking for the Reich until they were finally busted by the FBI. None of them got much punishment, but their banks were seized for trading with the enemy, I think it was. They paid some fines, “business as usual.”


Well Ford was a well known anti- semitic:
Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism:
Henry Ford and His War on Jews: https://history.hanover.edu/hhr/99/hhr99_2.html


And then along comes Mary…

oops, Donnie.