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'The World is Watching' Seattle as Arctic Drilling Fight Heats Up


'The World is Watching' Seattle as Arctic Drilling Fight Heats Up

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Seattle Port Commission on Tuesday passed a resolution asking Shell to delay the arrival of its Arctic drilling rig, bending to pressure from local citizens, environmentalists, and city officials who packed the hearing to express outrage over the Commission's unilateral decision to house the oil fleet.


Obama: another shill for shell. How many will be arrested, jailed, fined, for trying to save the planet?


Train Wreck

People hurled against the wall
And each other
Luggage and furniture
Colliding with fragile bone and skin
Frantic rescue in mangled metal
Many dead
Their souls riding upwards
To a forgotten place
More to come
Train wrecked lives

Planetary collapse
Scalding seas
Fierce storms, tornados and hurricanes
Polar bears starve
Their babies skeletons
Dot the ice shore
Sons and daughters of men and such
Their fate wrapped with polar bears and butterflies
In chasms, floods and melted deserts

A colossal ship
Cracking open icebergs like oysters
Pushing ice leviathans
As their icy blood spews
In dying oceans
Making room for
Oil Rigs
Massive metal drills go deep
Sucking the blood of buried trees
Freeing it
Forcing it
Upwards to burn
Yellow skies
Spreading fires
Fleeing wild life
Young caught in dead wombs
From which they can’t escape

When did we slip the track?
Jeopardize life itself?
Becoming deaf to the furtive cries of fallen life?

I have no answers
But I observe
A ship floating on a sea
Headed nowhere
Propelled by lies
And ready to meet its fate
On the cold, fury of a vast sea
That has no mercy


Just follow the money. I was just reading that Øbama has approved another deep drilling permit close to the big BP blow out site.

  • As near as I can figure, the 0.001% is playing a game of chicken, to see who has amassed the most money before life on earth is destroyed.
  • He will be declared, or will declare himself, the winner as he falls, choking in the unbreathable atmosphere, clutching his bank vouchers in his dying hand.


THANKS for saying what I was thinking! Peace


“Foss Maritime CEO Paul Stevens, whose company is slated to work on the Shell rigs at Terminal 5, was equally blunt: ‘We are going to proceed… These rigs and our operation will be in and out of here before there is any conclusion on the appeal process.’”
Thus The Owners once again tell the little people to eff off. No laws against them doing whatever they wish. Must be
Got democracy?


Dear Misleader is “thinking of his climate legacy”

And enshrining it.


Obama - shill baby shill!


Excellent! Thank you!


The people that are participating in the oil battle in Seattle will be demonized as " environmental extremists" which is just one step above environmental terrorists. Too bad there is not some way to take our MS media back. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to report the truth for once?



Close but not quite; it is not exactly a game. The super rich are among the most insecure people on Earth; they live in a constant upwelling of terror that someone will get ahead of them and they will drop down the pecking order.

The terror motivating mentally afflicted individuals turns them into zombi acquisition monsters; the super rich who are driven to amass more will readily sacrifice all life on Earth and commit any atrocity to acquire more faster. Momentary increases in wealth briefly offset the fear of losing but brings no lasting relief from the terror of losing a completely mad race.

Those super rich driven to succeed are caught in a concentration of wealth pyramid scheme where fewer and fewer own more and more. The terror of the super rich is real and not a fantasy; the logical conclusion of the capitalist concentration of wealth syndrome is – nobody owns everything. He or she who is first will ultimately be last, too; the system where immortal corporate monsters are people wins when everyone else is dead.