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'The World Must Act Boldly': 23 Former Diplomats Urge World Leaders to Adopt Paris-Style Agreement to Protect Biodiversity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/18/world-must-act-boldly-23-former-diplomats-urge-world-leaders-adopt-paris-style


"The world must act boldly, and it must act now."

Agreed. It must, therefore, recognize that we cannot afford an extractive, exploitive global economic system and begin its dismantling.

April 22-24 #Strikewithus


wow, the power of political correctness, even these people don’t want to mention the main cause of extinction and loss of biodiversity - human overpopulation, still adding another billion in about 12 years, then another billion, then another…all wanting habitat and resources. I understand the desire to avoid offending the religious and ethnic zealots, but without slowing population growth these diplomats are just spitting into the wind

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The environmental crisis will not be solved by any of the leaders in power as it requires them ditching the capitalist system entirely. Period, end of story. And they may want to get around to addressing reactionary and right wing institutions like their WTO, which claims its dictates take precedent over environmental agreements (i.e., if an environmental agreement calls for something in conflict with a WTO ruling or law, the WTO’S decision wins). The WTO has explicitly undermined environmental agreements and attempts to commodity nature. You cannot deal with the environmental crisis and hold on to that model. It is delusional. If we are to stand even a small chance, then Bernie and his platform will be on the conservative side, as the changes we need are massive and a thousand timed beyond what any worthless and corrupt “centrist” Democrat is willing to consider.


Perfectly stated.

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Yes, and see also “JoanRobinson,” above. Believe it or not, there is now a whole generation of rising young economists in many countries who understand this in varying degrees.

The question of how to facilitate the dismantling of the Capitalist system while utilizing certain parts of it to achieve the goals of the as yet undefined “Green New Deal” is valid and pressing. Reading the speeches of FDR and his close associates is instructive, as is a book titled TVA: Democracy on the March (1945) by David Lilienthal, co-director of the TVA 1933-1946.


We have seen the pictures, if we haven’t experienced it ourselves, of the inner city crowding on transportation venues.
We see the human draped trains in India, the traffic jams of taxis, and the overcrowded subways and el trains in NYC and all other large cities.
Remove the gas burners and what will the crowds look like then? I guess everyone will have to pedal something to get around. yaba daba doo.


“and generations to come”.

I guess they had to put that bit in.

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The worlds leaders have been promising to do something about the environment for decades, and then they do nothing.
It would have been better if they said: “We must act immediately”, and then do something, rather than say “We must act boldly” and then do nothing again.