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The World Must Save Yemen From This Man-Made Famine


The World Must Save Yemen From This Man-Made Famine

Afrah Nasser

“I wish there is no war in Yemen. I wish that we have electricity and water back and that we live happily. And that we eat until we are full.”


More painful than words.

That rich nations use their embarrassment of blessings to build arsenals of weapons that can be sold to the most spiritually backward of "royals" who make war at their pleasure....

So hard to stop the bleeding when those who lead are committed to wars of aggression and act with impunity in violation of International Laws.

My heart goes out to all who suffer.


Yemen has to get in line.
Obama/Hillary will take care of their problems right after they solve Syria's problems.


We as a civilization, have lost our humanity when situations like this in Yemen, Gaza strip and Syria are allowed to happen. We like to think we have evolved as a species but there is little proof other than technology that we have. The unspeakable anguish of so many impoverishes us all.
Just think how far we could have come if all the brilliant minds that gave us technology had used that genius to the moral betterment of mankind.


The contrast between some human beings that care and work for others and Mother Earth, and those who seem blind to the struggles of others and the clear destruction of the natural world, controlled by money above all else is stark in the extreme. When some people live lives of opulence and ease and others struggle just to survive, there is an imbalance that cannot continue - when there are millions who are slaughtered for one "reason" or another, the depravity cannot be endured. Our "leaders" talk and talk, but accomplish little or nothing to really end the crimes.

The vision of some society, some system, or concern for others that does not victimize the many so that a few can dominate and accumulate vast wealth and/or power recedes daily, and our "humanity" along with it............


Yes, hunger was the worst pain the Holocaust victims endured and died from in Germany. The survivors warned that it could happen again. Yemen famine looms larger than the Holocaust, today, with the USA supporting the Saudis. Very sad most people don't care enough to make a change and there is no protest movement.


War against AlQaeda in Yemen was to start had Kerry been a US president in 2004. Kerry portraid Yemen as the Al Qaeda land. Kerry characterization is based on US long patronage of Mugahideen with Arab and Muslim affiliates including Yemen. US in fact wrote this chapter of AlQaeda to destibilise the Soviet Union. All arab countries need US blessing and support and for that reason it never detach itself from US bad policies. Yemen was part of this US campaing agaonst USSR. However Yemen suffers from bad policies of bad alliences internally and externally. The regime became an expert in handling and dealing with the so called “Islamic Organizations” like the US as the surrogate state. These organisations were used against the left during peace or war.

The US hidden agenda is quite prevalent to Arabs because it aimed to control the whole region by hook or crook.

They adapted or advised counter terrorism fighters like Salafis (alwadai) or alHouthi because these groups if lesser danger to the Empire Century as the Muslim Brotherhood or the left including the Arab Nationlists.

The west support all sides on condition they fight each other to exhaust their energy and the country’s resources.

The west does not care about who kills who as long as their scheme go along its way.

We plea to the poor public of the west to support us while they are more in need of help to fight for their own healthcare and education.