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The World Needs a Water Treaty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/11/world-needs-water-treaty

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Dear United Nations—I still have some hope left, but you really need to start working on this—as the Climate Crisis is upon us. Wars over water are coming unless humans can finally come together and stop warring. I forget who said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” but modernizing it—with lack of water for lack of eyes------we humans had better learn to get along----and start taking birth control and ending all the oil producing wars!

Too bad we can’t harness all that ice melting and use it for drinking water. A summer only plan at best.

Doubt it would matter though to the good ol USA even if there was a treaty. Treaties are worth less than used toilet paper to the “exceptional nation”


Hi Gandolf:
I have read that South Africa wants to drag a piece of a calved ice berg to their area, as they are already rationing water! : (
I also wonder if things will get so bad that fires erupt, but we will no longer have fire departments, because water is now only for growing food and drinking. : 0

People in Calif are told to conserve-----yet development goes on----and the fact that industrial farms use 85% of the water------then there was silence . A company called Cadiz has been paying off politicians in Calif for decades trying to resell water to the people of Calif. WATER IS THE COMMONS-----EVERY PERSON HAS A RIGHT TO CLEAN WATER!


Icebergs have been dragged and melted for a long time. I saw a documentary about a New England company doing it, cutting off icebergs, bringing the to their company, melting and selling the water, saw it maybe thirty years ago.
All that ice on the poles isnt melting from the sun.