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The World Rebukes Netanyahu


The World Rebukes Netanyahu

Robert Parry

In a rare rebuke to his bullying, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to stop the United States and five other world powers from reaching an agreement to constrain but not eliminate Iran’s nuclear program. Yet, Netanyahu still is dominating how the U.S. public and congressional debate is being framed, with Iran accused of regional “aggression” in four countries.


There is one thing that the US is truly exceptional at, and that is hypocrisy. Watching that farce of a newscast, the PBS Newshour, they assembled 4 former security/military types from America’s jaded past and one of those bozos actually said that Iran is the main instigator of instability in the Mideast region.

Hahahahahahahahaha - oh, somebody please give me strength.


It’s time for the world to focus on Israel’s nuclear program and to institute harsh sanctions unless they are willing to give up nuclear weapons and submit to international inspections. Iran is not nearly as aggressive as Israel and has a better record where human rights are concerned.


CNN’s coverage was/is disgraceful, Wolf Blitzer, in particular, doesn’t hide his disdain for this agreement. Yesterday he trotted out one right wing opponent after another to speak against the agreement. At one point he almost insisted a reporter say there must be secret protocols, allowing Iran to carry on business as usual, I guess. He played Netanyahu’s remarks over and over, which could lead one to believe that it is the United States that is the foreign player here, truly outrageous.


A captured media has been a problem since at least 2000. From the moment the towers came down, and out of a reflexive, robotic, clone-like adherence to the Official Narrative, the “story” of that event flashed out over all media outlets and NO ONE questioned it.

Same thing with the run-up to the Iraqi war. A war planned prior to the “necessary trigger.”

Again, all media talking heads agreed that this war was a necessity… never mind that Saddam Hussein had NOTHING to do with 911.

Remember all the LIES used to sell that war? Remember the Downing Street memos exposing the FACT that “the case was being fixed for war against Iraq”?

Next up: the narrative that insisted that Syria’s Assad was “gassing his own people.” (That particular meme must poll well since it’s used often likely to evoke the prior Nazi Concentration Camps.)

More recently, there are tales of ISIS… without mentioning how easy it was for this disaffected group of X-military (tossed out during one U.S. led “conquest” after another) men to access MILLIONS of dollars in weapons “left behind.”

How about the narrative that INSISTS that Putin is the aggressor in Ukraine? No mention of the violation of the agreement NOT to move NATO facilities closer to Russia’s own borders, or what REALLY took place in ousting the prior leader to make Ukraine safe for the same kind of E.U policies that are now destroying Greece (as a sovereign nation).

So it’s not surprising that Wolf Blitzer or any of these same clone-talking-heads would repeat a particular narrative, one deferential to 3 things:

  1. Military might and the “right” to sell arms by catalyzing conflict after conflict (in order to create the pretext for the NEED for selling those weapons)
  2. Established power, i.e. the 1% of empowered corporatist “class”
  3. Official Narratives and storylines that support Empire, imperial conquest, and all the lies needed to market odious things like Gen tech “food,” vaccines that make kids sick, food that isn’t healthy, etc.

Welcome to The Control State where Freedom is just another Brand Name!


We must keep in mind that Netanyahu is mentally unstable. Besides being a racist and violent man, his revisionist history makes him totally unsuitable for public office. He has no moral conscience and will never listen to an opposing opinion. But he does have support. Many Israelis, especially the bitter and angry ones who don’t believe in the concept of equality but rather cling to the notion of racial superiority (the “Chosen People”), feel threatened by the indigenous people of the region. The idea of a two nation solution (we get the farmland and you get the desert) only has appeal because of the unwillingness of the country to be a multicultural, ecumenical mosaic in which the human spirit is celebrated and where everyone can live amongst each other regardless of their personal beliefs.
While many people here in the U.S. find the idea of an Islamic State repulsive, few have any objections to the idea of a Jewish or Christian State. Our hypocrisy therefore reinforces the Israeli dream of an Arab free country where only white people (‘black’ jews are discriminated against) of the ‘Jewish race’ (religion is secondary as most Israelis consider themselves to be atheists or agnostics) should have a right to live in that part of the world. Other Israelis do believe in a society in which people of all colors and religions can live with each other, but this minority is generally drowned out by the passionate and bitter mob. A debate about race is therefore always avoided and the knee jerk dismissal of the notion of “we’re all equal” is never questioned. If MLK were born in Israel instead of the U.S., the authorities would have been just as brutal towards him as the Southern segregationists were. Until Israelis can deal with their own misconceptions about ‘racial superiority’, peace in the area will remain elusive.


I agree but sadly Netanyahu is no more mentally unstable than many Americans and a majority of our elected “leaders.” The sickness of fascism, militarism, racism, nationalism and greed are endemic and inseparable from the politics of capitalism


You’re not surprised, I hope.

Before he worked for CNN, Blitzer edited publications for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies.


So, there is little truth and much exaggeration to Netanyahu’s depiction of what is going on in the Middle East. Yet, the U.S. mainstream media mindlessly reprises Netanyahu’s falsehood about Iran “gobbling up” nations.

Actually, that’s where the real story is for me. How is it that the US MSM is so taken in with obvious lies. They never cease to amaze me with their blatant disregard for verification and even the slightest fact checking. It’s as if reality for them is a matter of faith rather than objective and scientific evidence.

I have had many a blazing row with those totally captured by this MSM mindset, and their response is “you have your opinion and I have mine”. Reality to them is a matter of opinion. Facts don’t get a look in.

Netanyahu and indeed all of the Zionist regime can be stopped when people call them out on their lies.


Just as we are learning that the actions of the ECB and Germany are being " controlled " behind the scenes by the IMF ( U.S. Investment Bankers, etc. ) regarding Greece, we are seeing the Israeli gov’ts mouthpiece Bennie the Net, being trotted out to lie and condemn and threaten this proposed deal with Iran. All the corporate agitprop, of course, being coordinated by MSM types in defiance of the P5+1 countries’ efforts to defuse another probable massive war. Even the Public Broadcasting commenters " throw shade " by applauding the Obama Adm’s effort, but follow with the MSM meme of " this is a bad deal for Israel. " Of course, many politicians from both parties see little upside in supporting The Prez on this, since he’s never going to face re-election again. Never face the wrath of the __________( insert numerous " endless war " supporters here ). The official Progressive Left’s spokesman, Sen. Sanders, gives a tepid sounding " thumbs up " ok, but calls the captured conservative party’s remarks, " saber rattling. " This ME quagmire has gone way beyond mere " brinksmanship ", however. For Israel and it’s treacherous and " black bag " operatives, there is no other answer except the " scorched earth " policies used on Iraq and Libya. Used with a slight twist, by the IMF and the EU/ECB on Greece, too. Of course, we’ll let the Greeks butcher themselves and then confiscate those very desirable and strategically placed islands. The old saw, " an enemy of my enemy is my friend " is in play on this Iranian Treaty. And, if nothing else, in foreign policy and empire building, we are seeing more clearly how infected the U.S. is with MSTS ( Mainstream Sellouts Traitors and Sycophants ). If Bennie the Net and his wealthy U.S. allies are able to tip this deal over, our country may not be brain dead, but it will certainly be on life support. Or, should I say, death cult, support.


Nutty Yahoo is no more mentally unstable than, to name a few: Lindsey Graham, McCain the insane, Bolton and so many other American politicians that the plethora to name them all would make this post boring and long. Too bad they and Bibi cannot all be confined to a mental institution, where they belong!


As Gore Vidal wrote, and I’m paraphrasing, as I can’t find the original at the moment, “Americans are the most resolutely propagandized people in the western world.”


Our media has been captive since the Dulles brothers inaugurated the CIA State Dept shadow government and infiltrated most major media outlets in the late 40s and the 50s. JFK was murdered for confronting it. I suspect their treachery at the Paris peace accords triggered his confrontation with the brigands. His planned pull back from Vietnam was the trigger for the events in Dallas.


That stupen-heimer was given air time on NPR this morning with no counter-narrative to provide balance. Blech.


Same crap on the NPR’s much heard Diane Rehm "show. Nothing but nutjob establishment types there, e.g. WaPo’s David Ignatius who veteran ME journalist Robert Fisk described as an idiot.

Anyhow, I just love the picture at the top of the article of Bibi and Blitzy :slight_smile:


Heck, he is certifiably paranoid and a liar–so actually he’s insane.


Which is what makes them great Wal-mart shoppers.


Exactly ccerr JFK is my thing and you are so right. Thanks.


Capitalism, unregulated or not, contains nationalism, competitive greed and the seeds of fascism. Ultimately the power of money undermines regulation. Even in Europe where capitalism is more regulated you get creeps like Merkel and ugly nationalism. It is a diseased construct that is destroying – for that matter has destroyed – life on earth.


The classic from 1973, “Executive Action”, while not without minor faults, pretty accurately presented all the reasons why JFK had to go.