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The World’s Forests Will Collapse if we Don’t Learn to Say 'No'



The sad future that awaits us all. We won't even be able to save the little that remains it seems. Economic Inertia is where vested interests demand continued growth. Those who are in a position now to benefit from wholesale exploitation of the last wildernesses refuse to preserve those dwindling wild places for the future. Those who can make big money now refuse to not make profits no matter what is lost to the future.

A rare or endangered species or a mega soybean farm extending over a vast area of once verdant forest?

Just say no is correct but to whom is it being said to?

It needs be directed to those very financial/political interests who will profit from the destruction of the forest. Don't say it to the public... the public agrees with you. Say it to the vested interests ... say it to those who won't want to listen.

Say it to those who must listen or make them listen. Tell them NO.


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These mega projects are not about providing economic growth in the way of better jobs and livelihoods in any way shape or form.

They are financed by the World Bank and the IMF. Literally trillions of dollars flow to multi- national Corporations that build these in the way of profits.

This financing is considered a loan to the Countries in question. In order to repay those loans the State which owes them extracts the wealth of the given ecosystem and the labor of the people which is than monetized and sent to the 1 percent.

This is theft on a national scale of a nations resources and the enslavement of its peoples.


Capitalism has been destroying nature since the first days of the Industrial Revolution -- our scientists
knew that 125 years ago.

We knew it in 1957 and early 60's when we began to understand the Global Warming model presented to us -
and when Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" appeared -- and we knew it even before then.

Capitalism is suicidal --


True -- citizens create economies -- but from there everything is manipulated by banks, financial institutions --
and especially those of the international kind -- IMF, etal. Basically, the organized wealthy control our economy.

One very direct way is via the Federal Reserve Bank which is a private bank and which collects interest from
the first printing of any dollar bill our government requires -- all the way to the collection of interest on our entire
national debt which will be $19 TRILLION for 2016. And they collect that interest infinitum.

We have to return to having our Treasury print our dollar bills -- which JFK had done and which was turned
around again by LBJ. Just as he reversed the orders JFK had given to bring our soldiers home from Vietnam --
and the creation of the full blown tragedy he and the Joint Chiefs created there.

Today, our leaders have made war so brutal that the majority of our soldiers are dying from suicide.
And that doesn't even include those who commit suicide AFTER they arrive home.


Corporatists aren't going to help us end capitalism -- and that includes Obama, HRC and Bill.
We need to nationalize our natural resources so that it is the public which has full control --
a job much more difficult these days as our leaders have fallen in love with war -- and perpetual war --
to enrich their benefactors. Oil is actually now part of the "National Security State" -- No Oil/No War.

If Americans are uninformed it is attributable to the success of right wing propaganda -- don't ever
let anyone tell you it doesn't work!

This is the America which gave us "Earth Day" which has been gradually disappeared by
corporate power/wealth. This is a liberal nation which is why the right wing has had to so corrupt
our elections. We are anti-war by huge majority -- 84% and more -- we are anti-MIC/Intelligence Complex.
We are for protecting all social programs -- Social Security, Medicare -- and helping the needy.
On and on.
Rahm Emmanuel well knew that -- which is why he has done everything he can to cut off any influence
of liberals over the Dem Party. Emmanuel well knew we'd bring down this war-loving government and
the MIC.


Human civilization is not compatible with a living natural world. The problem is not at the end of the day capitalism: it's civilization itself. Capitalism is a symptom of civilization. So is patriarchy. So is domestication, division of labor, class society, mass society, and industrialism.

Humanity will let go of civilization, or it will die (along with the rest of the natural world) while frantically trying to hang on to it.


Yeah yeah yeah, your "hypocrisy" cheap shots will never buy you out of moral responsibility for your idiotic advocacy of ever more civilization as the solution to the problems created by civilization. You'd love it if everyone who saw where all this is going would just shut up and go hide in a cave. No. Too bad. You lose, loser. Deal with it, deal with it.

Your collapsing techno-culture is one great big death cult, and you're damned right I have no problem telling you that via your beloved, alienating, garbage technology. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. The civilization and science that you so slavishly worship are almost certainly going to kill you, and in your case you're going to fully deserve that painful reckoning.


And on day one, Obama made Rahm Emmanuel his #1 in the White House.

This funding for Charter schools simply steals money from our public schools --
and often these schools are corrupt and underperforming.


Exactly. That's what we learned from the "Economic Hit Man". The Russians made a film about him, by the way. I'd have to say it was better than his book. You can find it on youtube. It has English subtitles in the non-english parts.