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The World’s Major Military and Economic Powers Find Happiness Elusive

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/25/worlds-major-military-and-economic-powers-find-happiness-elusive

Time well spent is wealth in and of itself, and it is free. All that is required is a quiet or focused mind, depending upon the objective. At times tools or toys may be helpful, but if one finds them absolutely necessary, reevaluation might be in order. Same goes for all things (and perhaps people) considered ancillary. Emerson’s Self Reliance is a great way to see the world. Its principles would hold true for nations as well as individuals. Edwin Starr’s poignant tune War comes to mind as to the folly of military “might” >> might have been better off building bridges, hospitals, schools, renewable energy, Peace.


I’m betting that ranking of 18th place in happiness in the US, would drop like a rock if the masses could wash away their brainwashing of how “great” we are, and learn how much better other western countries support and treat their citizens.


The only non-developed country among the 20 happiest is Costa Rica which, guess what?, has no standing army.

I was reminded of Pete Seeger’s song about Andorra, another such country:
www (dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=cOCWTRJCnf0.
(Andorra wasn’t on the Happiness Index list – probably because these folks are just toooo happy.)

Well, you can be damn sure the multi-billionaires are happy.