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The World to Come


The World to Come

Chris Hedges

The ruling elites are painfully aware that the foundations of American power are rotting. The outsourcing of manufacturing in the United States and the plunging of over half the population into poverty will, they know, not be reversed. The self-destructive government shutdown has been only one of numerous assaults on the efficiency of the administrative state. The failing roads, bridges and public transportation are making commerce and communications more difficult.



Dude, you are depressing me again.



Good job Hedges - the future is now.



I emailed this to Senator Sanders stating that this is the very reason(s) why we need for him to run again. I can only hope he/they read it.



I guess we should expect to hear that “we are all good Christians now” in the near future. A flag and a cross of gold, just as Sinclair Lewis predicted…



The Pacific North West, Silicon Valley up, has the greatest concentration of tech companies.
There are the Amazons, and then there are many that are working for egalitarian goals.
We also have a proliferation of communes and hippie life.
And homelessness, as the rents are too damn high.

We are going in many directions, including the one Hedges details ad nauseum to a dark depression.

We need to get more Merkleys and Hales into power.

Lets see where we end up in five years. That will be a good indication if we simply have an uphill battle or are going off the cliff.



I love reading most of Hedge’s stuff, but god damn, he sure can depress the hell out of a person. I have for a while thought we in this country were “done” with no hope of a more equal society and he puts it into words as George Orwell did in his great novel written in 1948. Welcome to the future, we have arrived…



But in the meantime, LEGALIZE!!!



Hedges sez:
“The ruling ideology of neoliberalism, the ruling elites recognize, has been discredited across the political spectrum.”

Except on voting day, regrettably.



Yes, Hedge’s vision is possible, but very unlikely in the near future. We all know we are in serious trouble when an evil idiot can become our President. Yet, there are so many hopeful signs in the democratic party and in the low ratings that Trump is mired in. Hedges’ opinion piece is riddled with mistakes and highly questionable statements. Half of our nation does not live in poverty. If Hedges’ had instead complained of extreme inequality, then that would have been factual. Hedges claiming so much is now irreversible is simply baffling and saying that the end of the dollar as the reserve currency will cause a depression is just looney tunes. If there is one thing that truly worries me, it is that there are so many Americans who are truly ignorant. When a highly intelligent and decent man like Chris Hedges speaks like this, then I get even more worried that the combination of the ignorant, the dispirited, the easily conned, and the self-righteous puritans will ultimately lead us down Hedges dystopian future.



The reserve currency stuff is ridiculous. Look at Japan, their huge debt compared to GDP and the fact that their currency remains strong with low interest rates. Similar situations in other nations and throughout history.



Chris Hedges gives an accurate depiction of what is already happening all around us. Underlying his criticism, however, there is the understanding that this (the way the American Empire is imploding) could have been different if it weren’t for the “elites.” The Elites are to blame, so Hedges thinks.

Actually, the “blame” lies at the heart of Democracy. Democracy is, in most cases and perhaps intrinsically, an unstable system that naturally ends up in authoritarianism and from there in tyranny. At least, that is what happens with Democracy in societies that don’t value education and knowledge, such as the American and Islamic societies. The fact that Democracy appears to have succeeded in Northern Europe and Japan gives us some hope that, under the right conditions, Democracy might be viable in the long run, but we don’t know, and it might just be too late to find out.

In one thing Hedges is 100% right, American Christian Fascism is coming, and it will be Hell on Earth.



White evangelicals gave us Trump and most of them seem to hate Christ’s main message. It’s baffling and scary.



It occurred to me that one of the upsides of having all the wealth concentrating in fewer and fewer hands is that it creates a smaller and smaller target group that needs to be neutralized.



Pretty much everything Hedges describes is well established already. Both political parties of our ‘democracy’ have been wholly captured by the corporate mafia and are a complete sham. Until we realize this there is no hope for improving our condition.



Overlooked is the effect nature, specifically global warming, will have on our future. Nature is inextricably connected with civilization, not separate from it.



Here in NYC, thanks to Mike Bloomberg, about half the population lives at the poverty level.



There are 2 and only 2 viable choices. We can elect progressive democrats or watch things get worse.



Japans debt is almost wholly owned by the Japanese people. Although Americans hold a lot of US debt so do other countries. While loss of reserve currency status might not bring on total collapse it will bring a profound change to the US economy. Imagine the US having to change dollars to some other currency to buy oil.

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The two-party system is a trap, a cage. I do not know the name of my political party. I do not know who the leader is. I DO know what we want. I DO believe there are scores of millions of us. I also know that if we allow ourselves to be corralled into that cage again our voices will NEVER be heard.