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The World to Come


We can elect progressive Democrats and see things get worse at a slower rate than if we elect Republicans. Neither party is willing to address global warming to the extent required to prevent a disaster.


The nations of the world do not generally have much trouble buying oil no matter what currency the oil is priced in. Your statement makes very little sense. If the strong dollar loses some value, then our exports increase. It is truly not a doom and gloom situation. Look at some historical debt levels such as the huge British deficits in the past. They managed without huge problems.


On global warming, doing something is better than nothing. There is no better alternative than progressive democrats.


Obviously, you don’t understand anything Hedges wrote. Reform is impossible, especially the Democratic party.


You are one of the purist, hopeless cases. Your thinking means things will get worse.


Electing Democrats is a waste of resources. They betray every promise. They are Republicans, serving up a Koolaid of fake diversity, instead of a Koolaid of racism. That’s the only difference.


In my mind I see the look in Wile E. Coyote’s eyes when the dust clears and he realizes he went off the cliff a while ago…


You’re determined to give us another Trump clone or worse someone like him with brains.


TS Eliot
The Hollow Men
Mistah Kurtz - he dead.
A penny for the Old Guy

The poem is too long to take up the thread so its linked above - the read is chilling


this ends in revolution or enslavement.
it’s a crappy choice, but it’s a relatively simple one.


Not taking that rap. Obama & the Clintons, with the help of Bernie, gave us Trump.


That’s pretty much what I see whenever I look at Pence. ’ I am waaaaay out of my depth…’


Agreed. And what is needed is to reduce U.S. population to at most 1/5 current population, and cut individual carbon footprint to about 1/10 of current. To do this end the MIC, end fossil fuel use not just for individuals but for agriculture and fishing and any other use, end logging and other land conversions, end chemical based farming. It’s back to the pre-1700 if Homo sapiens is to survive til the end of this century.

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What is the current poverty rate in the United States?

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Well, depends on the definition of poverty. I’d say around 20%, but it’s most subjective. btw, The Wasteland, also.


obviously you don’t understand Senator Sanders isn’t a democrat…


Sanders caucuses with Dems, he supports all their wars, and he told his followers to vote for Hillary. Etc. If he quacks like a Duck…

If you are going to say Sanders isn’t a Democrat, you might as well say that Rachel Doležal really is an African-American.


To Evangelicals, Christ is just one among many symbols they use to justify their bigotry. Another symbol they have are fetuses. Evangelicals worship fetuses of all colors, while at the same time despising dark-skinned children.

People tend to create symbols that justify their world view. People on the far left do something similar with "The Elites", whom they see behind every evil, and with the "masses", whom they regards as innocent victims of The Elite.

In fact, if you think about it, the "masses" of the Left are a bit like the "fetuses" of the Right, victims that need to be saved. Both symbols are endowed by their worshipers with artificial qualities - innocence for the masses and humanness for the fetus. In both cases, those qualities vanish the moment the symbol changes - when the fetus turns into a child, Evangelicals no longer worship him, and when someone from the masses starts a successful business, he becomes a class enemy.

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Man, just let me watch “The Road” or “Children of Men” and get it over with


Hm…you’re relatively new to this site it seems. What you contribute as commentary is a tad cynical, but I have to say again, as I’ve said before with one of your comments: I can’t help but understand what you’re saying. This comment makes way too much sense. :o)