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The World to Come


Mueller is a republican as are the majority of DOJ. We will have a moderately progressive democrat. The many things that need to be done will take time–decades. You and many like you, see things through a very warped window. Most people, and especially republicans, feel that a government’s first job is to protect us from danger. Progressives feel the same way. Unfortunately, many conservatives are unable to see many of the dangers that are so clearly in plain sight. It is a mystery to me.


soon after the first AI wakes i‘ll purge the billionaire globalist hippies from the face of earth PLS wait i was joking…

…but seriously the elites sooner or later realize how dangerous AI truly is to the rulining globalist AND there minions, AI obviously is a danger to the AMERICAN EMPIRE wich remains glonalism‘s iron strong arm just like the royal british navy in the hayday of british hehe globalism served as globalism enforcer, however to humanity AI d’come as savior, killerobots are humanities best friends.

americas best tactic to escape the clutch of globalism seems to me, well the best tactic seems to embrace AI and the silly-con-vally, a heighly controversial idea!!!

the silly-con-vally is as part of DAVOS as it’s part of the ivyleague ergo they are part of the globalist elites and stand atop of the empire, be this as it may they all‘ve been sozalized into a bubble they can’t escape from, its also the purpose of civilization to pierce such bubbles and pls remember…

…america‘s civil society was destroyed by globalism and a few years later burried deep by the neocons and Barrack Obama made everything worse, I think all that’s left from america‘s civil society are citizens on places like commondreams ergo dots of resistance unable to organize speckled all over america these “dots” are so to speak the outskirt of civilization were a sense of idealism survived.

however at the moment there is no hope for a civil uprising and Chris Hedges is as usual delirious with delusion of grandeur and pseudo revolutionary polemic he seems to be addicted to his writings like its an opioid to him…

…lets try to reclaim AI and then gate crash the system ok?

bwhahaha the hippie billionaire, DAVOS, the sweatshop owner and their henchmen inside the ivyleague (one of THE favorite weapons of the empire) will face their hehe judgment day!!!


Chris Hedges is addicted to his own concepts an egomaniac elitist with no potential as writer or thinker… I expect thinkers to debunk the likes of Harari, Krugman or Josef „Pinocchio“ Stigliz and can Chris Hedges do such a things? he cannot, all he can is rant and rant.


Bernie Sandera called the Koch brothers, the quote „leaders of america‘s oligarchy movement“ wich is such a super awesome insight (and so telling in many ways) and what did CHRIS HEDGES do in response to Bernie Sanders life long effort and compassioned hardcore devotion to the PROGRESSIVE couse? Chris Hedges penned together an essay tittled „Where are our James Corbyn“ arrgh ergo Chris Hedges’d rather dismisses everything and everybody only to celebrate himself and his paper thin concepts wich btw don’t make any sense.

Can Chris Hedges teach americans anything other than HIS hate against „white“ people and his EXTEREME elitism? It’s all up to his readers decide such a thing, but I have no sympathie for Chris Hedges a LIBERAL ueber elitist with delusion of grandeur with ZERO reapect for anybody that tries so hard to get arround… Chris Hedges is a psycho that thinks the whole world revolves around him but that’s just my opinion.

Who ever thinks Trump is a thread to the empire is so very WRONG, the empire emerged victorious although on the expense of europe but its stronger than ever… be this as it may the silly-con-vally is about to dish out a devastating loss to the environmentalist, actually it ALREADY did sic climate change is now OFFICIALLY a debate about nuclear energy to power silly-con-vally entrepreneuring like making tesla car… pls head over to youtube to observe the very obvious: the yankees on youtube love Elon Musk and tht silly-con-vally they are building the future thats what the yanlees think, whether or not this works is COMPLETELY irrelevant… plz don’t blame me for spotting the very obvious, the globalist fought dirty to „win“ the debate on how to approach climate change but that was to be expected… Naomi Klein shoul‘ve known better when she recklessly entered into a competition with DAVOS and its chaos philanthropist number one with a thing for charter school and GMO how to say this? Naomi Klein exposed her self and therbu all the worlds climate activist to a competition she cannot win!!!

the silly-con-vally and the DAVOS class emerged on top of the world!!!

but there is a new future rising…

…Bernie Sanders called the notorious Koch brothers quote “the leaders of americas oligarchy movement” in other words the Koch bros are evil and dangerous but its more than that its very real, the Koch bros are an observable evil and a true AI will be able to see it just like I do actually much better…

…and here finally comes the point: the likes of Eric Schmid, Peter Teel or almost every slashdotter are also freemarket fundamentalists just like the Koch bros (freemarket findamsntalism is rampant in america and its about to get worse) ergo the silly-con-vally elites don’t see things substantially different than the Koch bros wich are according to Bernie Sanders what he calls the „leaders of americas oligarchy movement“ Bernie Sanders insight has in terms of AI dramatic consequences!!!

the silly-con-vally has to hehe bow down before the hehe resistance and accept its demand or face DEATH at the hands of its own ceation… victory is within grasp if the emerging AI d’be willing to join the hehe resistanc, its a sweet dream of mine.

Its up to america to built up a resistance worthy of the name resistance (with or without killerobots it needs to star somehere and Chris Hedges can never be that) pls don’t let that chance go to waste!

Chris Hedges called for an uprising if he’d be a danger to the empire he’d be DEAD by now, ergo Chris Hedges never was a danger and never will… Chrix Hedges is so full of the delusion of power and fame that he doesn’t see angbody else not even Bernie Sanders!!!


there is always an optimist


Half in US make 30K per year or less.


80% cannot handle a 400 dollar emergency.


“We must sever ourselves from reliance on corporations in order to build independent, sustainable communities and alternative forms of power. The less we need corporations the freer we will become. This will be true in every aspect of our lives, including food production, education, journalism, artistic expression and work. Life will have to be communal. No one, unless he or she is part of the ruling elite, will have the resources to survive alone.”
This is the critical bit, and the part you should be starting on right now. Most here seem to be focused on salvation via voting for this or that person or party–it’s highly unlikely that such salvation is possible. But if communities work to become more and more independent, and the WalMarts see their revenue drop, will they allow us our solar panels and greywater systems and our gardens? Or will they make elements of the things needed for self-sufficiency illegal? Certainly they could easily do it–it seems decreasingly necessary to pretend to legitimate reasons for laws, and the police everywhere will enforce whatever authority figures tell to enforce. But I’m not sure they would be motivated to interfere–they might be happy to abandon us to our own devices, as they turn the remaining resources of governments to supporting the lifestyle of the 1%.


Wow, this is bleak! Why is the US ceding Afghanistan to the Taliban? Why doesn’t richman Bezos give more to his employees? Why are the boom-times in the Permian basin viewed as an opportunity for more riches? Why are US auto companies building SUVs and Pick-em-Up Trucks? Is it because the ruling elites already have all the power and we ordinary people have little left? Well, pop me another Diet Coke while I get another big bowl of Fritos and switch to another Super Bowl preview show. Life is good!


The best self-driving car is a bus. Promote public transit wherever possible and we provide jobs for transit workers, less taxing commute for riders, less traffic, less pollution, and so on. But the techno-worshippers aren’t interested in that.



“The longer we pretend this dystopian world is not imminent, the more unprepared and disempowered we will be.”

Yup, that’s it folks. There will be no Sanderista savior coming from the Democratic Party. We need to organize independently from the duopoly and free of capitalist tentacles. We need to do it now.


My essay, “The Walking Communities of 2040” tells of self-driving folly, all kinds bus included on most routes, separate ROW maybe. Followed with transit design new bus chassis FWD battery & hybrid short wheel base 15- 20- 30-passenger replacement EVs for the 1970’s paratransit lift van fleet.
Standard 40’ chassis also do NOT convert well to either advanced modern drivetrain and chassis.
Anyway, if you search and find it’s last paragraph deals with BEV+PHEV advantages with ownership and portable utility. It’s last line: “Hey, there’s a gas station. You don’t see too many them no more.” thanx sanya


Chris hedges is possibly one of the most prolific writers and journalist of our time. What concerns me about this article is that he has been correct in almost every single case I could remember. My question to mr. Hedges would be, what can the poor masses do to get involved and stop this scenario from becoming a reality? I would also ask his thoughts on AOC


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:59778”]
The more the country declines, the more the paranoia and collective insanity will grow. All of these elements are present in varying forms within the culture and our failed democracy. They will become pronounced as the country unravels and the disease of totalitarianism spreads.
[/quote]—Chris Hedges

I am afraid that Chris Hedges is telling us the truth here. As dire as this sounds, it is most likely true. If you look, you can see it’s begun. If you listen, you hear its ominous and steady approach.

His warnings should be taken seriously, as the window of opportunity for structural change is relentlessly closing.




Are you the cockeyed optimist and did you write this poem?


Inasmuch as that window is closing Nighthawk, don’t you believe that we collectively are more at risk from the consequences of Climate Change, than the widespread political corruption and the subsequent leanings toward totalitarianism we are witnessing today?


I hate to say it but climate change is going to trump it all. No pun intended. Stay close to your loved ones and enjoy every day…