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The Worst $1 Million Trump Ever Saved


The Worst $1 Million Trump Ever Saved

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

Donald Rumsfeld once famously said, “There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns.”

If I’m being charitable, it looks like the Trump Administration may be running afoul of long standing ethical norms. There are lots of ethical and legal rules that apply to the West Wing, but the Trump team just may be such neophytes that they don’t know where the lines are.


Make it so; sooner rather than later, as I am salivating at the thought of saying to the Donorrhea: You're fired!


How much is the Mara Lago resort charging the taxpayers for Trump's weekend visits? By staying there isn't he or his family benefiting monetarily by his actions as President? He doesn't need to go there. He could go to Camp David or any other resort of which he has no ownership in.

WTH democrats?! If you don't challenge him on these things they end up as unchallenged precedents which can't be challenged later! Get off your butts and challenge him!


No, they are passive as always. If they do not, time to FIRE them in the next election.