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The Worst Is Yet To Come


The Worst Is Yet To Come

Eugene Robinson

The Court of Mad King Donald is not a presidency. It is an affliction, one that saps the life out of our democratic institutions, and it must be fiercely resisted if the nation as we know it is to survive.


It goes to show just how bizarre this sh*t-show really is when we find ourselves defending Jeff Sessions, a man wholly unfit to be Attorney General, from the deranged raving of a man wholly unfit to be President. Although Mr. Sessions probably cannot fire ‘the donald’, I’m pretty sure he still has the authority to march into the Oval office, place him under arrest, take him into custody and lock his fat ass up in prison. Firing Mueller would only add to the long list of crimes which would justify such action. I’m hoping they both, but especially Mr. Sessions, understand this.


Another word about “leaks” so called: "This administration is more hostile to the media than any in recent memory but is also more eager to whisper juicy dirt about the ambitious courtier down the hall."
That’s the thing. When I was a reporter you got “leaks” because you were the best way the staffer or office holder could go after someone without putting their own rear on the line. So, of course, you double check any such material, then maybe it gets used, with other material, or maybe it doesn’t.
Just don’t imagine that “leaks” are a category of non-authorized information. Most often the “leaks” come from the top. They just don’t want to sign their names to it and they want to have their cake-eating war with reporters at the same time.


Wet suits on, everybody!! The s**t is hitting the fan!!


While Robinson is right that the King is mad, we must not forget that Trump is the product of a mad and dangerous system of power grabbing by economic elites. The institutional political parties have been compromised; The Republicans are wholly owned by the oligarchs and the Democrats are still debating in insider counsels just how much they want to be (or need to be) owned. The mad system will just produce a more agreeable “mad King” if it, itself, is not brought to heel by an increasingly aware public – the only source of such change (‘fat chance’ comes to mind).


Mr. Robinson

You are correct that it is about to get worse.
You are incorrect that we should not get used to it.

A large section of our population does not understand the difference .
I am afraid we will have no choice, or say in the matter.

I am sorry.
Get used to it.


Trump should have his ghost writers write a book >>> The Art of Distraction. Trump throws us into media chaos whenever the pressure gets too hot. Each ‘incident’ is soon followed by a media distraction. Trump gets heavy with Sessions and the media’s kettle starts to boil, so the Trump throws in ‘the Mooch’ who proceeds in very short order to inject some more chaos into the WH and cause new controversy which the media can’t ignore. Maybe it’s too much or not effective enough and ta da, a few short tweets that affect thousands of trans people and their families for no particular reason at this time. Was this a ready made distraction kept in reserve by Trump to be used as needed? Looks like it!

This morning Trump announced that if workers in upstate New York couldn’t find jobs in their area then they can move to another state (like Wisconsin?). Presidents don’t do that, they don’t say such callous ridiculously mindless things to people.

The worst is yet to come? This reporter worries about the coming blunders Trump will make. I am worried about the calculated distractions Trump will throw into the mix that continue the chaos!

Maybe Trump is even getting too familiar with creating distractions to cover his blundering? Make way for the Jerry Springer style Presidency of Great Pretender and Con Man in Chief - Don Donald Trump!


Hate to break it to you, but Trump was the anti-elite guy who a lot of the public thought would shake things up. I read that numerous times here at CD prior to the election.


I hope (for your sake) that you are being ironic. If not I have a bridge, swamp land, a two headed calf, Hitler’s mustache cup, a signed first edition of The Road to Serfdom (the ink is still wet) and many other things you might want to get for very reasonable prices.


I wish I was. This place featured numerous people who thought Trump was some anti-bank, anti-elite, guy. How anyone thought that, given the guy’s life epitomized everything progressives generally stand against–haughty, inherited wealth featuring a life of special treatment–still baffles me.


Unless Pence (and other fascists waiting in the wings for Trump to fail) can be canned first, getting rid of Trump will actually give the GOP a leg up advancing their agenda.

While making noise to impeach Trump is needed, the greater effort needs to be directed to getting rid of the inner circle, second and third in command operatives.


Exactly.  Keep Tweetle-Dumb and his minions so busy avoiding impeachment that they don’t have time to vet their nominees for lower-level positions to ensure that their loyalty to the Presi-Dunce will trump their loyalty to the Constitution if sworn in. Delay his agenda and that of the RePooplicans (two different things, BTW) as long as possible, while working to eliminate the RePooplican majority in the Senate and reduce their numbers in the House in 2018.

Note that I did NOT say “Vote for the DamnocRats” – most of them are just as corrupt as the RePooplicans.  Support your local honest and effective progressive in 2018 – if you can find one – no matter which party. (It goes without saying such a person would not be a RePooplican, and it is fairly likely that he or she would not be a DamnocRat either – the more independent progressives like Bernie in the Senate & House, the better.)


I don’t remember much, if any, defense of Tweetle-Dumb here.  From what I can tell, most CD readers – or at least those who posted comments – were sufficiently aware of his criminal background & personality problems to not fall for the blatant bullshit in his speeches & campaign propaganda. IIRC the mood was much more anti-Hilliary than pro-Trump, especially after the accusations of Dirty Debbie and the DNC doing all that they could to thwart Bernie’s primary campaign were shown to be true.


Eugene Robinson was among Hillary Clinton’s major shills in the media during the primary. He dismissed Bernie Sanders and praised Hillary, promoting the CTR propaganda talking points that were obviously sent to her team of media allies on a regular basis. I find it almost impossible to read his endless screeds against Trump, because he, along with so many others in the corporate media, are largely to blame for this presidency. They relentlessly bashed Trump, following the Podesta “pied piper” strategy, and simultaneously elevated HRC while dissing Bernie. The more that the liberal media pounded Trump during the election - and let’s face it, he got 24/7 free coverage - the more passionate his base became. Please, Common Dreams, stop giving a platform to these corporate media shills


The point he is trying to make is that it shouldn’t be normalized. We shouldn’t become complacent to the everyday horribleness Trump is doing. If we can’t directly stop him we at least can continue to making a fuss about it to our representatives who seem all too complacent in not addressing the stuff Trump does.


Yes, this is a disaster and it gets worse by the day. All I can do is think of H Clinton – the reason we are where we are today. Had ABC (anyone but Clinton) run against Trump they’d probably have won. This includes Sanders.

The author was a full-fledged cheerleader for H Clinton.


I guess I am saying that the normalization of the corruption has been off camera for decades, and no amount of kicking and screaming to the bought cronies will make a difference.

I maybe wrong. But there is a reason why we are here.


Trump won’t start WWIII.

Trump is against the TPP.

Trump is the lesser evil.

Trump never bombed civilians. (That one REALLY hadn’t aged well, eh?)

Some here even voted for Trump:

CD was a hotbed of radical self-righteousness. I suspect it will be again in 2020.


The more optimistic among us believe that the Trump admin will be so terrible that it will shine a light on the corruption that got us here. Who knows if that will prove to be true. It seems either way the establishment politicians are not going to change their tune anytime soon. The 2018 mid-terms will be interesting.


What most “impeach Trump” supporters don’t realize are that the next two successors are worse, by a large margin. Be careful what one asks for and weigh all the consequences first before passing judgement. The whole two party system needs to be scrapped and new paradigms instigated for any meaningful reforms to transpire.