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'The Worst Kind of Fascists': Trump Visits Modi's India and Announces $3 Billion Arms Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/24/worst-kind-fascists-trump-visits-modis-india-and-announces-3-billion-arms-deal

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Millions starve and our leaders spend billions on machines of death.
God save me from your followers …


The glee with which trump celebrates our “greatness” - the manufacture and sale of weapons of war; the devices designed to do only one thing, kill, maim, destroy life and the creations of humankind, is astonishing in its barbarity.
The destruction’s and killing he and others of like mind inflict on the Natural World are likewise horrors to be reviled, but they revel in their madness of greed and depraved indifference…

The depravity is palpable. The ugly unity of people that only see racism and wealth and bigotry as what life offers. We all are shamed by the odious obscene depravity of trump and his chosen fellow racists, bigots and killers. The ignorance and spiritual blindness that drives such people and what made them so is foreign to my soul - a mystery of profound depth.


How does the president have the authority to sell arms to another country without congressional approval? Where are all the democrats decrying this unilateral move? They impeach him for delaying an arms shipment to Ukraine but they say nothing about selling arms to a fascist? Where is the democratic party resistance? (That’s a rhetorical question.) Apparently, the 1976 Arms Export Control Act, gives the president the authority to sell and congress the authority to invalidate the sale. But, since Nancy Pelosi is in bed with the arms manufacturers to the same extent as Trump and the GOP, don’t hold your breath. Message: It is OK to sell arms to anyone, just don’t try to hinder the sale. Otherwise, you are messing with the Washington establishment foreign-affairs orthodoxy and we know what happens then.


Prior to WWII the fascist nations of the world began to form working relationships. Those relationships eventually led to the formation of the Axis powers and the eventuality of aggression against other nations, starting with weaker ones that were inhabited by undesirables, and later building up to all out attacks on other industrial powers.
About 20 years ago many around the world were talking about the rising economic power of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and fearing that their sudden monetary success under systems of uncontrolled capitalism (except for China) would lead them down the road to open fascism. That has come to pass, as all those nations have become unapologetically fascist. The wild card has been the rise of America’s oligarchy and their attempts to steer America to what they feel is theIr rightful place among these 21st century authoritarian states.
It appears more and more that the coming Third World War theater will feature the USA as a stand-in for Germany in the Axis playbill. The only question left appears to be, what role will China ultimately play?


Apparently very little happens if we hinder an arms shipment.DJT is our Tony Stark (Ironman).
He made the best weapons too, but his conscience became his guide when he realized what was happening in his name.

Modi built temporary and permanent walls so Trump would not be offended by sights of slums.

Where is a wall when you need one? I think I’m gonna be sick by the sight of Modi and Trump!


Will we operate a pincher operation like the Axis powers attempted?
Germany and Japan swept toward one another, and if they had succeeded they would have cut the supply lines of Russia and China likely dooming them as well.

“You have meddled in the primal forces of NATURE, Mr. Beale–AND YOU WILL ATONE!!!”

(then, soto voce) “Am I getting through to you?”

On his show last night, John Oliver provided an historically accurate review of Modi’s political career and the background of the BJP. Makes it pretty obvious that he and Trump are two peas in a pod.


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It is truly sad that the people of America seem helpless while trump’s reign of terror on the U.S. continues day to day.
I suppose we have to sell billions in weapons to make up for the lost tax revenue due to zero tax companies, loopholes, and very high wealth holders paying little to no taxes.

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Keep him. Don’t send him back please! Whatever happened to Gandhi’s India?

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The more weapons that are distributed around the world the easier it is for someone to shoot one.

Two wanna-be dictators, dancing in the sun. What a joke!

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Great piece. Thankyou. And to back it up:


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