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The Worst Sort of Violence Against Children


The Worst Sort of Violence Against Children

Steven Singer

She was smiling and laughing, but her eyes were terrified.

Sitting in class among her fellow middle school students, her words were all bravado. But her gestures were wild and frightened. Tears were close.

So as the morning bell rang and the conversation continued unabated, I held myself in check. I stopped the loud rebuke forming in my teacher’s throat and just listened.


Right-on, Mr. Singer!

The protocol of “Problem–Reaction–Solution” is a favored tactic of today’s Shock Doctrine devotees.

They enter into countries, attack their people and destroy their infrastructure and then these failed states become petri-dishes for all sorts of violence. The outcome is known in advance and works as rationale to call in yet more firepower and armed forces.

It’s fascinating that this process runs parallel to disease in a human body. It’s believed by holistic medical practitioners that disease does not take down a healthy body, it’s what happens when the body is out of balance and open to breakdown.

Shock Doctrine devotees defund public schools to thereby gather evidence that “the schools are failing.” This, in turn, is used as a pretext to send in the jackals who purchase the public’s assets at pennies on the dollar.

Note how precisely this same operation is put to work in foreign lands. John Perkins has documented it in, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

Using merely test scores as their references, the moral misfits behind the campaigns to defund schools siphon money (that would be much better spent on the arts and programs of creative engagement) into testing which “coincidentally” fattens the wallets of the Big Campaign Donors. The designated failed schools fall into the hands of Predatory Capitalists’ exploits. The outcome is planned from the get-go.

This bears repeating:

"Students must have their physical needs met first—be fed, have a full night’s rest, etc. Then they have to feel safe, loved, and esteemed before they can reach their potentials.

“But meeting these needs is a daily challenge. Our students come to us with a wealth of traumas and we’re given a poverty of resources to deal with them.”

Thank you for seeing the truth and being a caring teacher. Your students will benefit from both.


In a country so driven by war and violence and short changed in human uplift it is a wonder children can ever truly grow up.


Thank you for YOUR service, Mr. Singer!


And yet the cruel and unnecessary suffering American society perpetrates upon her own children is nothing when compared to the untold suffering the American War Machine has perpetrated upon the children of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and Libya in recent years, and a host of other nations throughout American history.

Yes, it’s vile and cruel what we do to our own, but what we do to others is far far worse.


Great piece Mr. Singer.



Back in the imperfect day
when we spent money on schools
and brought everyone together
in the solid buildings on main street
to swim and cheer and climb ropes
and type and scoot chairs when the bells rang
and skip classes,
cross the street to the hidden places in the bushes
around the library
to smoke dope at noon
and find the first Joni Mitchell album I ever heard
Song to A Seagull…
before I grabbed a Twinkie
and made it to class:
there was so much to learn.

And when the riot spilled out
into the mainstreet of town
and we realized that none of us understood
what we thought we understood
that a coach calling a player nigger
would not stand anymore
and our concerts and plays
would soon be cut away
(while we were stopping a war
and standing up for a dream
and turning into addicts and housewives)
to finance the division of our children
just starting to learn how to live together
into those who could go to the magnet school
or the academy
and those who could not…
when we learned what that meant
we were the teachers
and social workers
and the world no longer was interested in how we learned
but what test we took
and the letters after our names.

Oh it doesn’t matter
no one can afford college anymore
and the schools in greater Detroit or anywhere else?
They are being sold to the lowest bidder
and our children
still learn whatever they learn that has nothing to do with books
and no music no plays no art no shop no languages or songs
the other people speak
no debate.

I got in Dick’s white 1960 Cadillac
and rode through the night streets
smoking whatever we were smoking
listening to “Ramble On”
when we should have been studying
and talked about Hermann Hesse.
The basketball games devolved into fistfights and knives
but we came back to that building every day.

The greatest violence we can commit
against our children
may have something to do with books
or no books, laptops and Ipads
but without violins and marching band?
without play?
without the wild-haired art teacher
who traveled places we would never dream of going
until we sat before her with our brushes
and our clay?
Without the colors we could invent with each other from the day?

Which seed of whose soul do we murder
before it even sprouts?

Which future do we test and test and test
until it gets tested away?