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The Worst Thing About Sessions? Everything We Already Knew


The Worst Thing About Sessions? Everything We Already Knew.

Karen Dolan, Peter Certo

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in hot water following revelations that he met twice with Russia’s U.S. ambassador when he was a surrogate for the Trump campaign — and then lied about it to Congress. Many of his critics are now calling for his resignation.


With apologies to serious thinkers, I simply could not resist: SNL Gump Sessions


Someone could just play Neil Young’s “Alabama” in front of the Justice Dept. every day. Too bad that song was basically banned from radio.


Why don’t Democrats go after criminal Sessions like Republicans go after Democrats for less? All we get from Democrats is lame bs.

Also, while very little is said about Republican’s stalling for months on Obama’s pick for Supreme Court, a lot is heard about Democrat’s stalling on approving some of Trump’s atrocious picks.

BTW, why were we not able to comment on Gary Olson’s important article, “The Deep State vs Donald Trump”?

Online Direct Democratic Party


AG Sessions hasn’t recused himself from all manner of the 3 ongoing Congressional & Alphabet investigations. Only 1, the direct election interference by Russian and Trumpster campaign advisers, etc.
Sessions is creepy and horribly compromised, to be sure. But as the article points out, he’s been both for over 4 decades. Animal Control Officer seems about the right fit as long as he’s always under supervision.


It was? I sure recall listening to it on the radio (and far more radical stuff - like Lennon’s “Imagine” and later Bruce Cockburn’s “If I had a Rocket Launcher”) back in the day.

At any rate, Niel Young has always been a typical Canadian political ignoramus - his “Let’s Roll” in 2001 being proof of that…


Nor are we allowed to comment on Ray McGovern’s article about Snowden.


Neil Young simply honors Woody Guthrie’s admonition that “a folk singer’s job is to comfort disturbed people and disturb comfortable people”, Comments on this thread confirm that Young fullfilled that mission.

Leonard Skynard’s Sweet Home Alabama provided a rebuttal to Young and receives far more mainstream air play than any of Young’s songs ever have.


It’s Neil and you can’t say he started the Iraq War II. Musicians, comedians like Maher and SNL are cultural and aesthetic warriors. That’s cool but they’ve never signed one of my paychecks.
Many are union members and we’ve seen how loyal those people are to many progressive values, like equality and living wage, et al. So many are typically American; getting there’s, and the hindmost be damned.


Was the Lynyrd Skynyrd (“and I hope Neil Young will remember, southern man don’t need him around, anyhow”) reply- "Sweet Home Alabam’ also banned?


Contact your federal legislators and demand that they call for the immediate resignation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.




I’ve heard the term, ‘by any means necessary,’ for a long time but somehow I never considered that to mean anti-Russian, xenophobic scare tactics which this article seems to be endorsing. I want Sessions gone and I don’t want it at the expense of encouraging this anti-Russian phobia.


Notice how everytime he lies, he smiles?

Must think he’s being cute.