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The Worst View In the World: Banksy Builds The Walled-Off Hotel Smack Dab At the Apartheid Wall, Because Banksy


The Worst View In the World: Banksy Builds The Walled-Off Hotel Smack Dab At the Apartheid Wall, Because Banksy

Citing his vision of “a three-storey cure for fanaticism, with limited car parking,” the ever-brilliant Banksy has unveiled a 10-room, colonially-themed Walled-Off Hotel hard by the Apartheid Wall in the occupied West Bank's Bethlehem aimed at both sparking dialogue and boosting the Palestinian economy. Full of new Banksy works - gas-mask-wearing cherubs, shot-up Palestinian water tanks, a sniper-targeted Jesus under drones - the hotel features a museum documenting the wall's history, a gallery showcasing Palestinian art, and a live-action signing of the Balfour Declaration to mark when Britain "started re-arranging the furniture - with chaotic results.”


Brilliant! It would be worth a trip out there this summer. But I assume getting a visa from Israel is pretty damn unlikely as the Zionist spies probably knows a thing or two about me from past AIPAC protests - not to mention my long commenting and pro-Palestine up-voting record on the internet - including what I am typing right now (Thanks Google!).

Yes, I know; Bethlehem isn't in Israel, the Israelis sure think it is.

Fuck the Zionists.


Practical 3-dimensional live-in graffitti .

Now how about one on Cuba, next the Guantanomo torture camp?

And soon there will be the Great Wall of Trumplandia.


And ya gotta say something about that Zionist apartheid wall - you certainly can't mistake it for any other fascist-racist wall in the world, that's for sure! That precast, tilt-up, unfinished concrete design, with those distinctive crane-hoisting holes, sure is distinctive. No doubt that Trump will copy it along the US southern border...


If the vice president of the New Israel Fund was detained at the Ben Guiron airport, you probably don't stand a chance of getting in:

New Israel Fund vice president detained at Ben-Gurion airport

"It was humiliating and emotionally scarring to find that, although I am a Jew and a Zionist, I might not be allowed into the country because I do not adhere to the government's ultra right-wing ideology," Gorowitz said. "I was truly shocked that this place I love so much would turn me away at its gates."


I would love to go there but, as Yunzer said, there's no way my 50+ years of opposition to Israeli policies is going to let me get in through Israel and I wouldn't go that way anyway. But there is the Allenby Bridge through Jordan.

The local news had a story and showed us the hotel this evening. You can tell I'm not living in the USA.


Yes, amazing enough for a such a totalitarian country, entry into Israel for most western countries (except Venezuela and Bolivia, 'natch) is visa free. But expect a major grilling, and a likely very short half-day overseas holiday to the inside of Ben Gurion Airport, if you tell them you are going to the other side of The Wall - and fugaddaboudit if you call it "Palestine".

Also, if even Canadians were refused entry to the US on Jan 20-21 if they mentioned "woman's march" to the CBP goon, then I suspect that anyone mentioning "Banksy" will be refused entry to Israel/Palestine. I will be immediately suspect because of my clean and empty passport (only used for going between home and Toronto) and telling them I am making a pilgrimage to the Church of the Nativity won't sound very convincing - no doubt they already know about my religion or lack thereof among my politics and everything else. I''m a terrible liar anyway.


Doesn't Israel even control the Allenby Bridge? Noam Chomsky tried to get in that way a few years ago and was turned back.


Boycott Divest Sanction for the ntyahoos

Medal for Banksy

Peace for the Palistinians


Brilliant idea "the Walled-Off Hotel" I urge our western government executive to stay one or two night in this hotel and get a view from their rooms to the Apartheid Wall
They surely will change politics and impose sanctions to Apartheid Israel for its
ongoing crimes against humanity and war crimes in the occupied territories and in besieged Gaza. Thank's Banksy for this highly symbolic and peaceful action.


Humanity brought all this upon itself for not acknowledging that conservatives can't govern because they are governed by fear and no one is as dangerous as a coward. Reactionary chickenshits like our ruling class, superpatriotic conservative draft dodger rich. We should never have let them rule:

Online Direct Democratic Party of Tor.