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The Writing On the Wall: Hillary Et Al See One Thing, #StillSanders Another


The Writing On the Wall: Hillary Et Al See One Thing, #StillSanders Another

The discrepancies mount. As an ever-pandering Hillary gives perhaps her most hawkish speech to AIPAC, Bernie skips the Zionist confab to draw many thousands in Washington - where Hillary plans a small pricey fundraiser - many millions in donations, and once-unthinkable support in Utah. Yet oblivious pols and pundits are calling louder than ever for Bernie to go. His supporters' response: #StillSanders.


My letter to the Democratic Party Leaders:

It’s time to start thinking about the candidate the people overwhelmingly want. You will not be able to shove your candidate down their throats. You are an institution that will shoot itself in the foot in order to coronate a candidate mistrusted by everyone but a few myopic elites. I for one, will abandon my political affiliation for the first time in my 42 years of voting. I’m tired of a party that ignores the voice of so many. I’m done with cronyism politics that serve only for power and control. I will not be silent as our country continues to devolve into a consolidation of power, wealth and influence. I am one of hundreds of thousands who feel what I feel.
The current political system is rigged, corrupt and its leaders or deaf to the voices of the American People, who have risen up to end the status quo that has done nothing to fix the problems of our country. You either listen to us or go down in the flames of obscurity. UPDATE: One more thing. If the DNC and Bernie’s opponent had engaged in honest politics, instead of rigging the system, campaigning violations, dishonesty, she may have had a chance to save party, and honestly win the nomination, and inspite of my support for Bernie, I would have voted for her if she won the Nomination. But when I saw the level of deceit, flagrant polling violations and abuses at polling and causus sites by her and her husband and their campaign, purchasing superdelegates, and taking millions in corporate donations, she lost my potential vote. Now all I see is a woman with no integrity, no vision, no conscience. She just wants to win at the expense of the American people’s right to chose. I’ve will change my party affiliation at the end of the convention, unless Bernie is the nominee, as will thousands and thousands, and thousands of Dems who believe in justice, authentic democracy, morality and fairness.


Slight note here: Bernie did offer to address AIPAC on video, something other candidates have done in the past as noted somewhere else (sorry, don’t have the link). They turned him down. I guess you have to really bow down, kiss their hands and shine their shoes, all on their demand, in person now (or at least for Bernie who must be brought down and humbled, in the AIPAC calculus).


Stay the course, Bernie, stay the course!


WOW! An outstanding letter! Would you be so kind as to allow me to paraphrase this in my local newspaper? I’ve been wanting to write an opinion, but couldn’t say it ALL so clearly and organized.


Great letter; great thinking. Thanks.


My guess is that America is lurching towards a presidential election with 4 candidates. Trump & Sanders may end up running as independents, with ? & Clinton running for their respective parties. The anger of the people, fueled by a GOP brokered convention, and the DNC’s superdelegates and dirty politics will propel this implausible scenario forward. Trump will win in the states which traditionally vote GOP (and where HRC has the great majority of her current victories). Sanders will continue to gain momentum in a coalition of dissatisfied/educated democrats and independents. THEY will win the traditionally Democratic states. While I don’t even thing Trump could offer any insight regarding the results of him being elected, I would bet on a Sanders win. This result will have a profound and dramatic impact on how politics are done in the USA. The DNC could head this off, but are far too tied up by cronyism to fight their way free enough to save themselves. JMHO.


Keep up the pressure, Bernie. You are in it for the long haul. But…should the Hillaryites prevail at the convention and…this is crucial…should Trumf go 3rd party when he is not nominated, why not go fourth party, Bernie? Then, I should think, the numbers would be on your side. By having four horses in the race would certainly further the revolution by breaking the stranglehold of the two in one republicrat parties.

One more thought. Should Clinton prevail and should Trumpf actually remain the repub nominee, while Bernie bows out, one has the choice to not vote for president or hold one’s nose and vote for Clillary. If the latter scenario is the decision of some Bernie supporters, then why not write in Clinton rather than pull the lever for her? In this way her vote is still registered, but as a write in - which would signify that she is not being voted for but is being settled for.


Noam Chomsky also lived on a kibbutz. It was a socialist thing.


A specter haunts America: Marx’s prediction that the US would prove fertile ground for a robust socialism may finally be coming true.


A four way contest. Interesting and without precedent, but highly unlikely.


I would not vote for Hillary - ever! It’s Bernie or Bust for me. It will be the first time in my 60 years that I could vote in a presidential race with an absolute clear conscience and a lot of excitement. Hillary will never allow me that.


Please note, folks, that there already is a third party; namely, the Green Party (GP.org). Jill Stein is their candidate for President.


I already changed last year… TO GREEN… what will you change to?..


Like your comment, but, don’t know about writing Hillary in… I’d rather write in my own Green Candidate…


No surprises. The media are the gutless bootlicking greaseballs of the creeps behind Trump and Shillary alike.


I’ve been a registered Independent since the second presidential election I voted in as I’ve always voted for the candidate instead of the party. In 2012 I wrote in Jill Stein; now what would happen if we all wrote-in Sanders if he does not become the nominee? Also, what if we all wrote the DNC and told them it doesn’t matter if he’s not the nominee as we will be voting for him anyway?


My one suggestion for change: replace that “hundreds of thousands” with “tens of millions”


Jill Stein is unelectable but a likely protest vote will probably soar if Hillary is nominated for the Democrats.


Thanks, CallyHouck. I changed my registration from Republican to Democrat thirty years ago when the Republicans were perfecting their southern strategy and driving out moderate and centrist candidates and officials.

Now, as DWS, Clinton and the DNC are driving out progressive, moderate and even center-left candidates and officials, they are driving millions of others and me out of the party as well. I do not want to be associated with a party that will continue the never-ending wars, race-baiting and demeaning assumptions about people of color, and a continuation of the failed war on drugs.

That is not a threat any more than the “Bernie or Bust” decision to write-in Bernie if Clinton is thrust upon us as the Democratic candidate is a threat. It is just a statement of where I will be politically if Hillary is nominated.