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The Wrong (aka Black) Body: City Says 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Guilty In His Own Death


The Wrong (aka Black) Body: City Says 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Guilty In His Own Death

In further proof U.S. cops are out of control - along with the LAPD's killing of a homeless man - comes Cleveland's mindboggling response to a lawsuit filed by the family of Tamir Rice, shot dead in a park for playing with a toy gun. His death, says the city, was "directly and proximately caused by (his) failure to exercise due care to avoid injury.” That is, he's to blame for his own murder - and for the grief of his family - because he didn't understand he was in the wrong body. The kind that gets shot - the black kind.


I’ve spent the last twenty minutes playing that film over and over, a frame at a time. I could see no threat in Tamir. He stood up and was walking toward the edge of that kiosk. It actually looks like he had his hands in his pockets. That cop car pulled up, the guy on the right side jumped out of the car, behind the car door and fired. Tamir went down. About two seconds between the arrival of the cops and Tamir’s being shot.

  • Then the cops go through the whole charade, one hiding behind the car with drawn gun while the other circles around at a distance, gun drawn. Meanwhile, Tamir is lying, mortally wounded, a foot or so from the car door.
  • In the film (apparently about ten minutes was cut) he is not playing with kids, or menacing anyone, just playing as any kid would. After the film resumes, he is sitting alone in the kiosk, then stands up and walks toward the edge of the kiosk. He might have been walking toward the police car that was coming in. His pace was casual and it looked like he just had his hands in his pockets.
  • I think it was just another protected murder by the US equivalent of Hitler’s SA. In Germany, the SA could go into homes, drag people out in the street and kill them “trying to escape.” They could kill or beat anyone they saw on the street and were fully protected by Nazi law.
  • Here, the Brownshirts are dressed in blue, but beyond that, I see little difference.


A worthy article and not to be pedantic but I believe the police are in complete control. They even get to judge their own conduct, albeit, they are doing their own “investigation”. And, yes, the police, from the perspective of American citizens, are completely outside the rule of laws that “We the people…” abide by. Police trump any law they like. They can be as abusive as they want without fear or retribution. Their trump card is to humiliate you and refusing to comply is their justification to kill you.

In these very lawless times it is important to remember that police are the paramilitary forces of governments. From the small town constable to the violent New York Police force. Politicians permit violent police conduct.


This seems to be a “shotgun” approach to defense, as in, fire enough nonsense pellets and something might actually work. I can just see those attorneys sitting around the table trying to decide which accusation will deflect responsibility from the adults who murdered the child.


“{N}othing will change in this country - there will be neither justice nor peace - until cops are made to do substantially better.”: We will need to do more than that of course but it’s a start. Since injustice, racism and inequality,are systemic problems the system needs to be turned on its proverbial head.


While my heart breaks for this child’s family, I did watch the video when it first came out, which by the way is alot longer than 2 minutes… and this child was waving the gun around. Menacing or not, this is a fact, and given the size of this child, I personally would have been intimidated, Not because he was black, but because he had a gun, which from any distance looked very realistic. I think everyone involved in this owns some of the responsibilty for the senseless loss of this child, upto and including his parents, the police, and the caller to 911.

Further to this… in my humble opnidon… if one of my own children were the victim here, and not Tamir Rice, I would feel exactly the same. Given the situation in it’s entirety, blame does not lie at the feet of the police alone.


What is so wrong in this country? It seems that racism is running wild. Having much pigment in the skin is presumed as being a criminal in the white eyes. It is pathetic and sad. This incident doesn’t bring any excuse in support of this uncivilized action. These officers should be punished accordingly. What is this nonsense. The nation is seriously running backward. Corruption, poverty, racism all these vices are swiping all over country and they are totally uncontrolled. It is definitely needed to be stopped.