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The WTO Just Ruled Against India’s Booming Solar Program


The WTO Just Ruled Against India’s Booming Solar Program

Ilana Solomon, Ben Beachy

On the heels of the recent global summit in Paris to tackle climate disruption, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled against an important piece of the climate solution puzzle: India’s ambitious program to create homegrown solar energy. The ruling shows that decades-old, over-reaching trade rules are out of sync with the global challenge to transition to 100 percent clean energy.


Who in the USA initiated the complaint to the WTO? The article implies that it might have been solar panel manufacturers in the USA but never says that specifically. It just says that it was the USA who brought the complaint in the WTO. The WTO's own report never says who either. It just says the USA.

We hear of the Koch brothers and Exxon et al doing their best to delay and detour the surging divestment and changeover from fossil fuels to renewables and the one thing most noticeable in the article was that in a very few years that India would become the unquestioned success test case for implementing a national solar installation program.

In very short order India would become the example of just how much can be done in a very short period of time to switch from renewables. A very successful example that would make the argument that swift change to renewables simply can't be done.

Who initiated or instigated to have the USA (who in the USA for that matter as well) bring the complaint in the WTO?


That's what I want to know, Who exactly instigated this shit-storm of stupidity.
Its too bad that anything resembling real journalism is going going gone.


You might be right about journalism. We read about it on CD but ...?
In any case the possible connection of anti solar forces who would be happy to pit (American) solar manufacturers against those in India, might be investigated. It is already public knowledge that the Koch brothers are spending a fortune (to spite the world) to delay the switch from fossil fuels that you just have to wonder.

I seriously am wondering if India's program was becoming too successful in the view of the anti renewable forces?


India should just withdraw from WTO and form regional trade alliances, and work to strengthen BRICS.

Down with trade imperialism!



Apart from the various water systems now rendered toxic from everything from poor city management to fracking, the example of the WTO thwarting India's progress in the realm of Solar Energy is demonstrative of what TIPP and TPP would look like.

How dare they?

How dare a relative handful of inordinately rich individuals consign so many to poverty, global warming sea level rises, and ultimate despair?

There is NOTHING remotely Democratic about the models of management now being tossed over humanity like invisible law enforcement drift-nets.

Who do these so-called trade agreements cum laws serve?

The fear is that any localized forms of energy will knock the Big Energy moguls out of their ivory towers.

They want CONTROL... apparently at the COST of all else!


Unlike the TPP, suits filed under WTO regs are member country against another member country. See: Obama.


The US is the tail that wags the WTO and World Bank...SOS, different day. Imperialist and hegemonic US chooses to protect the plutocratic oligarchy's profits and corporate best interests regardless of the costs to people, the planet, and environment.


Sooo frustrating.

BTW, has Sierra Club divested from mutual funds that include fossil fuel corpses?


Okay, so what happens if India sticks a finger in the air and tells the WTO to have a seat and rotate? I mean is Santa Claus going to give out buckets of coal to the Indians this year or what? Is the U.S. going to invade and take out the energy terrorists? I am at a place where the difference between rules and law seems very blurred. Rules are made to be broken. India should break a few rules and continue with their renewable program.


We need to stop using the term "ask Congress" and use the term "demand that Congress" ... These people work for us....government of, by and for the people.


Congress should view this ruling as further confirmation that a vote against the TPP is a vote for green jobs and climate action. You can take action now to protect job-creating clean energy programs by asking your member of Congress to vote no on the toxic TPP.

Here is where asking your member of Congress not to destroy the planet is going to get you:


This is just an example of the effect of big money in politics. Corporations are attempting to use a profit motive (for the 1%) to dictate national policy within sovereign nations. This well funded group is far more dangerous that those we call terrorist organizations. No I don't ignore their danger, but their acts of violence have been limited in scope - affecting dozens to thousands of lives in a single act, while the impact of these corporations impacts millions or billions of people in many nations. The posturing of American politics and our fascination with hot button social issues has us ripe of serious damage by these corporations. This is in reality what both GOP and Dem's realize - GOP rallying behind Trump - while the DNC pushes Hillary. It's a win - win path for the corporations. Sanders with a long uphill battle offers a reasoned alternative. A difficult road ahead even if elected, it is time for Americans to quit the political posturing and make intelligent decisions that matter. Corporations are not people - they are not above the law - they must not be allowed to write or nullify a nations laws or force them into world courts.