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The Year of the Child (in Trouble): We-Are-Not-Them Exceptionalism


The Year of the Child (in Trouble): We-Are-Not-Them Exceptionalism

Karen Greenberg

Halfway through 2018, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski hurled a mother-to-mother dagger at Ivanka Trump. How, during the very weeks when the headlines were filled with grim news of child separations and suffering at the U.S.-Mexico border, she asked, could the first daughter and presidential adviser be so tone-deaf as to show herself hugging her two-year-old son?



Truly brave Americans yearn for the truth. I suggest starting with Howard Zinn’s _A People’s History Of The United States (http://www.historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html).

Only through self reflection can one begin to understand those things larger than oneself.



I remember watching a special about Zinn- a truly remarkable man.



I love Howard Zinn too----the most honest history book ever. Sadly I look at what passes for news, and wonder why the Mika Brzezinski person even brought up Ivanka… easy target–BUT what about all the other presidents, you know, like Obama, certainly Bush and Cheney, and of course, either of the Clintons------- and as we go back through presidents and their children------------no one who ever starts war is ever innocent. How many children died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and hey how about the last 70 years in Palestine?

So Mika, I don’t think much of Ivanka, but I don’t think much of any of the presidents who keep warring and warring, and how many KIDS did America kill in the Korean War? Or Dresden, Or Vietnam, or-----anywhere in South America?
America has become such a sad place. I am sure that when America has gone broke, it will take its Praetorian Guard and like Erik Prince-- America will be mercenaries for the world----or for what’s left of it. I bet climate change could really be changed for the good too, if we weren’t bombing the planet constantly. True we are not THEM-I think we’re worse. :frowning:



I ate my 100% durum wheat semolina spaghetti #12 with graded cheese and butter. Then I drew from my tap a cool refreshing glass of water. But I am not sure. Have I died and gone to hell. I’m sure this is what hell would look like. Bless the beast and the children for in this world they have no choice, no voice. Could we do more than prey? Could we do more than pray?