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The 'Year of the Woman' Forced Us to Take A Step Back for Every Step Forward. That Isn't Real Progress.


The 'Year of the Woman' Forced Us to Take A Step Back for Every Step Forward. That Isn't Real Progress.

Sabrina Hersi Issa

After the midterm elections, 2018 was increasingly hailed as "The Year of The Woman."


Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in definitely the"Woman of the Year."

She showed all women, and men, what real courage looks like.

The mere fact that the wealthy elites in Washington DC appear to have won the battle to dismiss her charges of sexual assault against their Golden Boy Brett Kavanaugh is just an illusion.

All of the Senators that enabled this travesty of true justice to happen, as well as Brett Kavanaugh himself, have sealed their fates for all time.

Any woman with an open mind, knows this.

Dr. Ford is an American Hero to all women.


I was with you until you mentioned Pelosi. To claim that the calls for her to step down are all based on misogyny and not in response to her resistance to the progressive movement or her weakness in countering Trump or W before him, is insulting to those of us who really do criticize her for being a conservative.

But then I see this story is owned by NBC news, so it’s likely one more disguised attempt to change the conversation about progressive values because you can’t convince people with an honest argument.


That Pelosi should step down has nothing to do with her being a woman. She is a middle of the road- conservative democrat who turned her back on the movement for a Green New Deal. She wanted to institute “Pay as You Go” to democratic budget proposals, which idea would certainly kill and major initiative like medicare for all or free college tuition.


If men do not stop thinking with their genitals and start using their brains, our society will crumble. If Patriarchy rules, we will be lost!


Men have always used their brains. There has been no shortage of brain power, just an excess of brainpower applied toward devious results.

Had this author applied a little more brain power she would not be defending Pelosi. She WOULD be identifying Pelosi as part of “the structure” that she alleges needs to change.


Agree –

And don’t see how that didn’t happen – i.e., Christine Blasey Ford “Woman of the Year”!!

Logical place was Time Mag - but she should have been everywhere at
the end of the year – and isn’t happening.

Just as reminders: GOP is still refusing to renew the “Violence Against Women Act” –
in other words they understand that if they want to continue to hold power that violence
against women needs to be reactivated.

PLUS – Why aren’t Pelosi and other women coming up in Congress talking about the ERA?
We could run an international campaign for its support – because we need to seriously
have females in the US in a position to help other women around the world.
(As with the US campaign by AA’s, the biggest fear was what eventually happened with
overturning of Apartheid. Women internationally do most of the work of the world – the hard work.)

Here in US, we could have a campaign run by let’s say RBG – this is the time for her to do it –
to speak out for it –

Sponsors at $5 per female to BUY the ERA?

Btw, there’s a TV documentary called “RBG” coming up on PBS … think it’s next Sunday?

Maybe send RBG a “Get well” card and ask her to support the ERA?

BTW, too —
Watched an interesting documentary on Jane Fonda the other night –
Didn’t know that she had produced “The China Syndrome” –
And that “9 to 5” was also her project –
Same for the movie “Coming Home” –
It’s a kind of insanity that some Americans still criticize her for her visit to Vietnam; yet
you very rarely hear Americans talking about the entire betrayal of the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”
and lies. American leaders knew the war was unwinnable – unless of course they dropped tons
of nuclear weapons on Vietnam. The entire war is a disgrace to America.


I don’t think most progressives consider gender equality to be a hot-button issue anymore. I look at the horrific female political leaders: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Betsy DeVos, Hillary Clinton…the list goes on, and I want them out regardless of gender. Probably gender equality is being pushed by establishment Dems right now because Hillary is using it as an excuse for her losing to the Donald.


But she’s a woman! This is the problem with identity politics. The real unbalance is income inequality, between rich and poor. What we’ve seen with Ford is a privileged women going after an even more privileged man. Same is true with #MeToo: Rich women going after even richer men. Non of this speaks to the daily lives of working class women (or men).


Article in Common dreams says Times Up movement has raised $22 M, most of that going to help low income women with legal issues for harrasment.

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Jane walked right past my dormitory at the University of Maryland in the spring of 1970.

You have many good ideas Greenwich.

Keep spreading them around.


Pony –

There are just as many dishonest females are there are dishonest males - sadly.
And, those women were selected because party owners knew that the public wants
more females and environmentally concerned candidates.

Is the DP “pushing gender equality” – not sure. I miss a lot of things.

But here’s an interesting article from CounterPunch - by Nick Pemberton
and some quotes –

“… like the Democrat and Republican leaders before them are operating under an economic incentive to keep Central America in disarray, women be damned.”

“Say what you will about the liberal Democrats, but when it comes to foreign policy they are always supporting conservative forces. They are always looking for governments that keep other countries poor, violent and dependent.”

Actually, here’s the article – !!

July 20, 2018
The Bipartisan War on Central and South American Women

Some highlights –

"But when it comes to actually creating this violence in the region, a bipartisan mission has been necessary. Both by liberal feminist Democrats and conservative misogynist Republicans.

Take for example our latest Democratic President. Was he for bringing stability or chaos to the region? Fernando Lugo of Paraguay gone in a CIA directed coup of 2012. Manuel Zelaya of Honduras overthrown in the middle of the night. An attempted overthrow of Ecuador’s Rafael Correa in 2010. Extreme sanctions on Venezuela. Then there was the undermining of an independent economy in El Salvador in 2014, creating a very negative trade balance. The list goes on. Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. The allegiance with Wall St. backed Mauricio Macri in Argentina. The continuation of Plan Colombia which helped to escalate the drug war.

Say what you will about the liberal Democrats, but when it comes to foreign policy they are always supporting conservative forces. They are always looking for governments that keep other countries poor, violent and dependent…

We should be past the idea that the cultural divide between Democrats and Republicans will necessarily dictate their policies when push comes to shove. Mr. Obama may be a good father but he has ensured that millions of women and children in South and Central America will struggle for basic human rights. He has undermined safety nets within these countries and replaced them with right wing gangs. It will become very easy to blame the condition of these women on culture, which will inevitably turn into a racist discussion pretty quickly. We should not discount the fact that the desire for economic supremacy by the United States is a key factor in forming all of these conditions.

So it seemed queer when Barack Obama warned us of strong man politics in his recent speech in South Africa. Wasn’t it Mr. Obama’s administration that promoted strong man politics in South and Central American countries, much like his predecessors? Wasn’t it Mr. Obama who continued George W. Bush’s wars in the Middle East? Wasn’t it Mr. Obama who escalated the war on Africa? Who is more of a strong man, Obama who interferes in hundreds of countries, or Vladimir Putin who rules in one?"