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The Year That Labor Hung On By Its Fingertips

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/28/year-labor-hung-its-fingertips

An issue not brought up in the story, is the effect “no strike” clauses have on the membership and leaders of unions. This was true when they first became popular back in the 1980’s, members would fear for their jobs when leaders started talking about work stoppages. Agreeing to these clauses in any contract, your tying your members hands (and their heads). Union leaders need to understand they can be ignored in most labor actions, and in doing so, amnesty for your workers is the first item negotiated when your team goes back to the table.

The only place the democratic party is getting “dragged” is to the right.

A continued democratic vote means the death of the labor movement. What have they done for unions lately?? say since 1984?

And let’s be candid here. Based on this past year, the unions are already dead. Union power is based on the ability and threat of “strikes”. People won’t organize or strike if their healthcare is tied to their job. Unions folks have their healthcare so they won’t back medicare-for-all 'cause they got theirs.

The unions are still barely dancing around, but the music stopped decades ago.


well said and all to true … labor’s been dead in the us for 30+ years

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A good post, thanks for the labor update. I wonder if in addition to ruthless employers the weakness of organized labor is also due to labor leaders running a top-down movement that does not adequately involve rank and file (that was my experience), at least in RI, unions seems loath to engage in progressive coalitions with other organizations) the massive immigration levels of recent decades that have undermined unionization (notably in meatpacking, seafood processing) and the public desire for cheap services (such as Uber rides as in CA Proposition 22)